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Ignoring the Will of the People: Profound Ignorance (Part 2)

Nearly every morning I sit in amazement as I read in the local newspaper about the latest assault upon the middle class of this nation. Often, I read with great dismay that another automobile manufacturer has closed, yet, another American factory and is relocating to the third world in order to reap the benefits of cheap labor. However, I marvel at how our government will let these same corporations, who so willingly forsake American jobs, are still permitted to sell these foreign made products back to us at the Wal-Mart's and the Costco's in our neighborhoods.

I am baffled as to why the government thinks that taking a national ID card will somehow protect us from terrorism. Our government has proclaimed that if we fail to accept the ID card, we will not be able to fly, hold a job or maintain a bank account. If this is so good for us, then why does the government have to force Americans to accept the multitude of unconstitutional provisions being introduced by the present administration? More importantly, I am in awe at how America is acquiescing to every new government sponsored program when so much of what is being introduced is clearly violating over 200 years of constitutional protections set forth by our founding fathers. Why are we capitulating to an administration that clearly does not have the best interests of middle class Americans at heart?

As I noted in part one of this series, in order to achieve political success, every authoritarian institution requires a high level of voluntary cooperation from its citizenry. Many times governments harshly punish the few in order to intimidate the many. The IRS, a privately owned corporation endowed with extraordinary statutory power, works on this principle. However, this does not change the fact that ultimately; citizen cooperation is needed in order for a regime to carry out their agenda. And as I have previously stated, there are not enough law enforcement personnel to control a populace that would fail to comply with the edicts of the ruling elite. Therefore, I have concluded that if we do not like the direction that our country is heading, then we must make a conscious decision to seek a new course and cease being willing participants in our own demise. The problem lies with the country being able to make an informed and collective choice to change course in a unified manner. However, this would take knowledge and a high degree of class consciousness. Both are attributes are sadly lacking in our society.

Most people who read web sites such as www.freedomsphoenix.com are aware of the multitude of problems which are currently tearing at the fabric of this country. If the majority of America knew what the readers of this web site already know, there would be a revolution and a subsequent regime change tomorrow. If the average, uninformed American understood how their money was managed by the Federal Reserve System, and who and what the FED actually was, there would have been a revolution years ago. If every parent knew what you and I know about the globalist-promoting, socialist, ultra-liberal agenda of the National Education Association, no child would be attending public school. If every American would read Paul Oneill's and Kevin Stephenson's insider books about why this administration is REALLY in Iraq, then nobody would enlist in the military nor, would they report for duty in a future draft. If every American knew what we know about the creation of the IRS in order to support an illegal and unconstitutional Federal Reserve Board, people would stop paying taxes. If most people understood that Congress truly has the power to keep manufacturing and labor jobs in the U.S., through the use of tariffs, then there would be no CAFTA, NAFTA and the subsequent SHAFTA of the American people by politicians who purport to serve the public good. But unlike people who read this website, the lesson of how a tariff could prevent the loss of their job is lost somewhere between a Wal Mart China-bound container ship and their former high school U.S. History class where they failed to learn the lessons of history. If the average American understood how corporations used campaign donations to control the majority of congress, to the detriment of most Americans, the practice would be outlawed by sun down. The masses can only be led if they are ignorant enough to be deceived. And to date, the bulk of America is being greatly deceived because so many of our people, do indeed, suffer from such profound ignorance. Is American ignorance the result of being fat, happy and lazy? Quite the contrary, this generation of Americans is working harder than ever before.

Middle class Americans are experiencing a profound decline in our standard of living. Since 1979, real American wages, adjusted for inflation, have declined over 23%. Yet, since 1979, Americans are working over 20% longer per week. In a desperate attempt to maintain the American dream, Americans have assumed record levels of debt, to accompany the record number of hours that we work, in order to offset the loss of purchasing power. Individual savings is at an all-time low. Most economists acknowledge that most Americans are one to two paychecks from the street. Meanwhile, no job is safe as many white collar jobs (e.g., engineers) are being exported to countries like India. And of course, the extreme presence of illegal immigrant cheap labor, which undercuts our existing wage structure, continues unabated. In short, many Americans, too busy trying to desperately hang on to their lifestyle are just too darn busy to be able to take the time to be informed and then subsequently act on that information. Sure, some Americans will watch 10 minutes of their nightly news as they sit on the sofa in a state of exhaustion. But this is news which is presented as entertainment. Other than CNN's Lou Dobbs, or PBS's Bill Moyers, when have you seen a meaningful news story about CAFTA? The NAU? Internet Freedom? When has a newspaper, such as the Arizona Republic, featured an article in which the actual economic cost, to each American, was detailed regarding the continued flow of cheap labor to this country? When was the last time you watched a mainstream newscast which mentioned the implementation of CODEX and what it means to your health care choices? It takes real work to be informed in today's world of entertainment news and most Americans simply do not have the time or energy.

Please allow me to make some generalized assumptions regarding the people who read articles such as this one. I would venture to say that by virtue of the fact that you are able to take the time to read this editorial, you are probably much more well-informed than the masses. You probably have a higher-than-average IQ. You are probably very aware of the need for reform in our society. So based on my assumptions, what do you think we should do to (1) Wake up America; and, (2) Move America to some type of collective action which will result in recapturing the essence of what made America the greatest nation in the history of the planet?

Please email your suggestions to: azconstitutionparty@yahoo.com. In a later article, I will feature a compilation of your suggestions.

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