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Last week, NBC's Tom Brokaw presented a one-hour television special on ILLegal immigration, "In the Shadow of the American Dream." During the program, this great American soft-pedaled ILLegals' impact on Vail, Aspen, Carbondale, Glenwood Springs, Colorado and the Roaring Fork Valley.

Brokaw used platitudes to describe a growing attitude of anarchy— as if it were okay to break our laws. He presented an entire extended-family of ILLegal aliens on national television. Only one of the sixteen who resided in that house warranted American citizenship— a two year old anchor baby. Instead of being arrested and deported, the adults reported for work as you read this column today. Meanwhile, Colorado citizens lose foreclosed homes, stand in unemployment lines and join the welfare ranks. What is wrong with this picture?

Brokaw reported that Gould Construction Corporation in Glenwood Springs shrugged as they accepted high-quality, forged documents and hired ILLegal aliens at $14.00 an hour. Aspen restaurants, motels, fast food, construction firms and retail outlets look the other way and 'knowingly' break laws by hiring ILLegals in the Roaring Fork Valley. State demographers report the ILLegals population in that area exceeds 20,000, to include all family members. The local public schools service a plethora of children of ILLegal aliens— 80 percent of the student body in Carbondale. Colorado taxpayers paid $564.1 million in 2005 to educate the children of ILLegals across the state. The Mexican ILLegal population grows at an incredible 17 percent per year.

What would happen if the tables turned ?

If you move to Mexico unlawfully, and are caught breaking a law, you go to prison for two years. Are foreign-nationals unlawfully in the U.S. subject to our laws? In the Brokaw show, police stopped many who broke Colorado laws, but when Mexican drivers showed a forged driver's license or no driver's license-- our police gave them traffic-tickets, which they never pay, or more often, they let ILLegals go with a "warning." With fraudulent-ID, the next time police stop the errant driver, the computer can't flag him/her as a repeat offender. It's an example of "sanctuary policy" and two-tiered justice.

What about zoning laws?

Brokaw showed four Mexican families living in a single family dwelling. Brokaw watched as nearby ILLegals criminally produced forged Green Cards and Social Security cards-- without questioning the blatant identity-theft from American citizens. He showed how most ILLegals did not file income taxes. Mexican ILLegals send $20 billion U.S. dollars (same experts say it is MUCH more) back to their "home-country" annually— thus bleeding away our nation's money.

What did Brokaw "forget" to mention?

He never reported Colorado's new tuberculosis cases, nor did he detail the growing crime rate in the Roaring Fork Valley. He "forgot" to mention how the presence of the tens of thousands of ILLegals has driven local wages down. Brokaw didn't address Colorado's $38 million costs paying for medical services and children born here to ILLegals; anchor babies. He didn't mention that Colorado taxpayers fork over $219 million per year to house 7,300 convicted ILLegal aliens in local, county, state and federal prisons. How do I know? I reside in Colorado.

Here is "the rest of the story" that I would have given if I were Tom Brokaw. Here's the report you didn't hear because NBC won't tell the real story. NBC is not alone! ABC, CBS and FOX prefer biased fluff stories instead of fair, fully informed reporting concerning ILLegal migration into the United States. Why do they do it? Follow the money! With unending growth, 21st century Robber Barons enjoy accelerating profits. The rest of us live the harsh realities of an invasion by foreign countries; mostly Mexico.

Here's what Brokaw didn't report about ILLegal aliens in Colorado:

FRAUDULENT MORTGAGE DOCUMENTS: Thousands of fraudulent loans and mortgages have been given to ILLegals. When they default on their payment, which happens in most cases-- taxpayers pay.

DISEASE: Last fall, a Fort Morgan, Colorado child contracted tuberculosis from an ILLegal alien child who had not been screened at the border because his parents, also carrying TB, avoided health checks. The school student body suffered testing and quarantine.

IDENTITY THEFT, FORGED DOCUMENTS: Social Security and Green Cards have become an art form for illegals in Colorado. Honest citizens become unwitting victims.

HOSPITALS FAILING FINANCIALLY: Over 30,000 ILLegals and their family members reside in Boulder County. In 2005, The Community Hospital in Longmont, Colorado suffered $24 million in non payments for services-- ILLegals using their hospital for anchor babies and medical treatment they didn't pay for. The Community Hospital in Boulder, Colorado suffered $32 million in losses; fired 108 workers in an attempt to balance their budget. The costs to Denver Health and Medical Center, Swedish Hospital and other Denver clinics soared into the millions. Who pays? We Colorado taxpayers pay the difference.

CRIME INCREASED: In the fall of 2006, one single-parent "anchor-baby" teen-mother, Tania Bustillo, speeding and driving recklessly, ran a stop sign in Greeley, Colorado-- killing her two siblings and her infant child.

MORE CRIME: Another ILLegal alien, a mother of three without driver's license and living for 20 years in Boulder, ran over and killed a 28 year old man riding his bike as he prepared to turn at an intersection. The accident report tells us that she had been drinking.

HEINOUS MURDERS: In a south-Denver suburb, an ILLegal named Hernandez placed a noose around his girlfriend's neck and dragged her alive along the road behind his pickup-truck until she was pulp, no longer recognizable. Officer Don Young was executed in Denver last year by ILLegal Gomez.

HANDGUN JUSTICE: One ILLegal alien shot another ILLegal alien at a construction job site in Aurora, Colorado that same week. ILLegals purchase weapons with impunity here.

PUBLIC SCHOOLS FALLING APART: The Denver Public School System suffers a 67 percent drop-out-- flunk-out rate, with 30,000 children of ILLegal aliens speaking 40 different languages. One in five teachers quits or transfers out of the system every nine month cycle.

RAPE: Eight ILLegals raped eight Boulder women, and seven escaped back to Mexico. One sits in jail, costing taxpayers $65.00 a day for 20 years.

VEHICULAR MANSLAUGHTER: My neighbor, Dale Englerth, in Lafayette, was run down and killed by an ILLegal named Francisco Montero last fall. Montero, in the U.S. ILLegally for 20 years and driving although his illegal license was revoked from three DUI stops, featured a 11 convictions rap-sheet. The cops on the scene let Montero go home. When local citizens raised heck, Montero was immediately deported, didn't serve time for vehicle homicide and is probably back in Colorado under another name.

VEHICULAR HIT-AND-RUN: Greeley, Colorado, the capital of ILLegal alien hiring in Colorado, suffered 270 hit and run accidents last year, illustrating a growing trend for lawlessness. Greeley is located in Weld County, where 35 percent of the residents are ILLegal aliens and their family members. Think Swift Meatpacking Plant. Think crowded schools with failing students. Think inundated hospitals. Think cops, drug gangs, courts, and jails with their hands-full. Think rising taxes.

Denver is the epicenter for drugs and people smuggling in the West.

There's more; much more. I am reporting the tip of the iceberg as to what is NOW happening to Colorado with more than half-a-million ILLegal aliens and their kids residing here. Brokaw, once great NBC anchorman, didn't even begin to report on the deadly realities we face every day here in Colorado. He doesn't live here. His grandkids don't attend school here. He doesn't have to wait in line behind the thousands of ILLegals overwhelming our hospitals and schools, using other social-services, crowding our highways, and dozens of other consequences to living in Colorado. Brokaw, much like all elites, doesn't have to step in the cow dung of ILLegal alien migration. He lives above and away from it.

In Colorado, we can't escape it. Given enough time, no one single American will escape our accelerating consequences.

What YOU can do for a better future for your country:

YOU can make a difference, really!

The United States is a fragile Republic. A republican form of government is not a spectator sport. It means you must jump in, roll up you sleeves and take personal and collective action. Of course, there are other options; you could let a dictator take over and do everything for you, but that path would give you Cuba, China, North Korea and other unsavory examples.

Get smart. To stop this invasion locally and nationally: join www.numbersusa.com for free and you can join www.fairus.org and www.thesocialcontract.com

To stop Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid from giving a blanket amnesty to 30 million law-breakers, we MUST take action. Call for a full 10 year moratorium on ALL immigration. We need time to secure our borders (build attractive, tall-humane physical fences, PLUS virtual fences) and to get our house in order. THIS IS URGENT ! During the most recent 12-month period, we were joined by nearly 2 million legal immigrants PLUS more than 3 to as many as 6 million illegal aliens. The "official" numbers are grossly, intentionally understated by the Department of Commerce (Census Bureau)… to fool you.

Washington, DC - (202) 225-4965
San Francisco, CA - (415) 556-4862

EMAIL NANCY PELOSI sf.nancy@mail.house.gov
EMAIL FORM FOR NANCY PELOSI www.house.gov/pelosi/contact/contact.html

Senator Harry Reid
202-224-3121 in Washington DC
775-686-5750 in Reno, NV

George Bush
1600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20500
Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard for live listener: 202 456 1414
Fax: 202-456-2461

We must 'sour the milk.' Bring out your points in the call:

1. America cannot support another 100 million people added to our country in 34 years, i.e., water crisis, resource depletion, air pollution, gridlock, loss of quality of life, etc.

2. America cannot support lawbreakers being given citizenship.

3. America must maintain our English language as primary, period.

4. America wants only legal immigrants who play by the rules, and speak English.

5. America's working poor deserve a chance at jobs taken by illegals.

6. America already has too many people. I support a 10 year moratorium on all immigration.

7. Americans must maintain our high-quality public schools for our children.

8. We can no longer tolerate 350,000 or more expensive birthright citizens (anchor babies) annually, that subtract from our own citizens.

9. Voluntary repatriation is a great thing; Attrition through enforcement by stopping their ability to wire money home, obtain rental housing and jobs will encourage early departure.

10. An amnesty failed in 1986 (gave more than 3 million carte blanc citizenship), and it will only be worse today (as proposed, SB-2611 will give citizenship to 30 million). We're being displaced out of our jobs and out of our own country.

Call your elected leaders with relentless and never-give-up passion.


To stop illegal aliens in your community, you may follow the course of action taken by Mayor Louis Barletta of Hazelton, PA. He offers a bomb-proof ordinance that takes business licenses away from those who hire illegals. He legally halts landlords from renting to illegals. Without work and without housing, illegals cannot stay in your community. Check out his web site for instructions: SmallTownDefenders.com

To bring yourself up speed as to our danger: "In Mortal Danger" by Tom Tancredo; "State of Emergency" by Patrick Buchanan; "Alien Nation" by Peter Brimelow

Americans call for a 10 year moratorium on all immigration. We must get our house in order. We must care for our citizens, our culture, our language, our civilization.

To report employer who hire illegal aliens in all 50 states: 1 866 347 2523.

Visit D.A. King at the www.thedustininmansociety.org to see how Georgia created the most effective laws to stop illegals at the state level.

Please check out William Gheen at www.alipac.us. He's a mover and shaker. He will direct you to specific actions that make you more powerful and impactful.

Frosty Wooldridge presents a 45 minute program to colleges, high schools, civic clubs, church groups and political clubs across America titled: "COMING POPULATION CRISIS IN AMERICA: WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT." Go to his website for further information on booking the program. www.frostywooldridge.com

Would you like to support the PRR? Send donations to: 21st Century Paul Revere Ride at POB 207, Louisville, CO 80027. www.21stCenturyPaulRevereRide.us;

Check out www.populationmedia.org for an exciting method for creating overpopulation awareness in Third World countries. Their prime directive works with the media in order to educate and activate leaders and women worldwide.

Whether we like it or not, global warming is upon us. We can take action to correct it. Please join www.stopglobalwarming.org for up to the minute information and action items.

Awareness Campaign web site, www.mcs-global.org, which is purely to help save and protect human health and environmental health globally. Diana Buckland is founder and global coordinator at diana@mcs-global.org or dbucklan@bigpond.net.au. Diana makes impact all over the world by alerting everyone about chemical sensitivities caused by poisons sprayed, injected and applied to our crops and elsewhere.

From Part 5 of this series, "Destroying our oceans", if you would like to become involved please refer to www.savetheoceans.org for a first rate lesson on how to take action in order to cleanse our oceans, restock our fish population, move toward recycling and cleanup of our world's most important living resource. Watch shows on PBS that expose where we threw two million tires into the waters off the East Coast and all the damage those tires are doing to marine life. You'll find out what you can do to have them raised from the deep. Additionally, check out www.greenpeace.org for actions at the national and international levels.

You're invited: I invite you to participate at our March for America National Rally. March for America National Rally will be held June 14th, 15th and 16th 2007,over Flag Day weekend. Key location will be at our Nations capital in Washington D.C., as well as State Capitals nationwide. This event is part of a truly grassroots nationwide movement of the American people known as Let Freedom Ring America. Sincerely, Melissa Gardner, March for America co chair 916-339-3167 jimneycrkit@sbcglobal.net

To make visual impact: Additionally, we have 300 remaining Paul Revere Ride T-shirts left that feature: "Stop Illegal Immigration" on the front and the very cool "21st Century Paul Revere Ride" logo on the back with web sites. State your size. $15.00 per shirt includes shipping. PRR, POB 207, Louisiville, CO 80027

You can also learn from and assist like-minded folks;




Check out www.alipac.us 1-866-329 3999;

















On April 1, 2007, the Paul Revere Riders will again ride to stop the illegal invasion and accompany Arizona long haul truckers and motorcyclists in a freedom border ride to block illegal aliens from crossing our borders. We invite all veterans, truckers and bikers to join us. Contact Rusty Childress at www.immigrationbuzz.com and www.americanfreedomriders.com for further information. Please write with your ideas on what to name the ride.

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