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Gerald Ford is finally in the ground

Well, today marks the end of a tour of America: Decompositionfest 2007. From California to Washington D.C., to the heartland, Michigan, where ex-President and second coming, Gerald Ford was finally laid to rest apparently after someone chipped in for a shovel and dug a hole. I thought that guy was never getting buried. After witnessing the daily report on this funeral service or that memorial for a ‘really great President’ that nobody had much to say about until he was dead, I was ready to donate the shovel and dig the hole myself. Anything to make this ‘news’ story get buried.

Gerry Ford was an incompetent Congressman. He was on the Kennedy assassination investigation committee ... need I say more? He became a prominent Congressman – the House Minority Leader – not because of his smarts, but because of the ease of his being manipulated. Why be king when you can be the man behind the king?

As an un-elected President, he pardoned Nixon of any rapes, murders or other unspecified events Tricky Dick may have had a hand in. He promoted two rather incompetent staff members into positions of real damage: Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney. He kept Kissinger hanging around.

Years of war, Democrats and LBJ & Nixon left the economy in shambles, and Gerry, in his sweater had a fireside chat [we had an energy shortage] to give us WIN (Whip Inflation NOW!) buttons to assure the public we were going to get hyperinflation under control if we all sacrificed.

He may go down as one of the better Presidents mainly because he was only in office a little over two years and because of the anti-Republican mood of the nation, had little power beyond proposing treaties and using the veto pen. And because the Presidents all suck.

So here he lies, entombed in an edifice rivaling the pyramids of the Pharoses of Egypt: They are called Presidential Libraries now [separate from the Presidential Museum of course], which will contain the Presidential Memorial.

Several more to go.

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