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"You don't know my people—the squalor, superstitions, the fatalistic sloth that they've wallowed in for generations. You don't know what you're in for if that fleet of brutes ever lands in your lap. Everything will change in this country of yours. They will swallow you up." Jean Raspail, "Camp of the Saints"

The author served notice to his beloved France 30 years ago with that incisive novel. The French didn't listen. The United States isn't listening, either!

After the past dozen terror attacks around the world such as 9/11, Madrid train bombings, London bombings, nightclub bombings and Theo Van Gogh stabbed in the streets of Amsterdam—in December 2005, Paris, France burned. Their 'fatalistic sloth' rose up with Molotov cocktails that torched over 10,000 cars.

America's own suicide stands SO self-evident through Raspail's words when he talks about Europe proceeding toward its own peril when it allowed the rate of immigration to exceed the rate of assimilation. They swallowed the deadliest scorpion in the Middle Eastern desert by inviting a stone-age culture and religion into their advanced European culture.

Raspail said the immigrants were, "righteous in their loathing of anything and everything that smacked of present-day Western society, and boundless in their love of whatever might destroy it."

His tale speaks of a million Third Worlders from India bound for Europe to save themselves from what they created in their own nation—utter misery and failure of their society. Failed societies lack law, morals, sustainability and civilized behavior. Raspail described the ragtag immigrant convoy, "Everywhere, rivers of sperm. Streaming over bodies, oozing between breasts, and buttocks, and thighs, and lips, and fingers … a welter of dung and debauchery."

Does anyone catch the parallel with present day Mexico and Central America? Can you glimpse Vicente Fox's failed government and wretchedly miserable society procreating endless millions tramping across America's borders in a desert armada exceeding Raspail's novel? How about Africa and Asia's starving millions? According to March 14, 2005 Time Magazine, eight million people starve to death worldwide annually.

In a sobering rendition of Raspail's novel, an immigrant horde pours into American from Mexico. To be exact, America suffers over 10 million illegal alien Mexicans thus far with more streaming over the gunnels of the USS United States. In the past century, Mexico increased from 50 million to 104 million. It's expected to hit 300 million in this century. Does anyone understand that Mexico cannot care for its 104 million today?

In his novel, Raspail said the French had given up their souls to multiculturalism and the façade that it 'might' work. Instead, he said the French had become nothing more than millions of sheep. If you look at the parallels, Americans have been duped into multiculturalism's living nightmare now manifesting in Holland, Britain, Belgium, Norway, Spain, Italy and Germany.

"Man never has really loved humanity all of a piece," he wrote. "It's inherent that we like some more than others—and some not at all."

Most in the U.S. realize what is happening in Los Angeles, Miami, Detroit, Atlanta, Houston, Chicago and most other enclaves of this 21st century illegal horde. However, Bush ignores it, distains action and lets go the dogs of war in other countries while our own country suffers invasion.

The fact remains that nations survive only if they unite around common emblems of nationhood. We're giving our nation away today to legal and illegal immigrants whose governments and societies failed them. They arrive in massive armadas to sink our society.

Raspail gut wrenchingly tosses a dart-in-the-center with his depiction of the systemic guilt-tripping that has afflicted America. We're embarrassed into celebrating horribly incompatible 'diversity' and unworkable 'multiculturalism' being knifed down our throats while we either gag or die in our own quiet futility.

Who takes advantage of our pathetically unguarded borders? Vicente Fox's daily demographic invasion recaptures much of America for Mexico. While we battle in Iraq, Middle Eastern immigrants grab significant chunks of Detroit and other cities where they build mosques at breakneck speed.

The irony of America's demise stems from our inability to stand for our own beloved country, much like France. We watch Paris, France become Los Angeles, California—within a matter of months or years—yet most citizens won't move a finger as their country heads into the Raspail's social toilet.

From this journalist's viewpoint having seen it in my travels in Asia and elsewhere in the Third World, it's sickening to watch as it advances into our country at our government's behest and our citizens' disinterest. Why? We're a nation of immigrants and most of us, like the French, think these massive hordes will finally come to their senses and "become Americans." One look at our cities illustrates that they "ain't becoming Americans." Push '1' for Spanish and '2' for English and '3' for Arabic….

France suffers unemployed Muslim youths with no citizenship in their home country, and no loyalty to their new digs, but America suffers 20 million illegal aliens from God knows where. It's not 'if' our street riots will begin, but when.

With massive population onslaught from overloaded locations in Africa and Asia-- France, as well as Europe, represents moribund countries as the gates of their borders suffer an endless invasion of out-of-control fecund societies.

Becoming frightened, Australia, last year, arrested a dozen Muslim-Australian citizen men involved in a terror-bombing conspiracy. They told a group of Muslim clerics if they wanted Sharia Law, they needed to "move back from where they came…we intend to keep democratic law in Australia." The clerics quieted down but nodded knowing that their numbers will increase given enough time so they will prevail to force Sharia Law on their host country.

Will America escape this massive horde in Raspail's novel? It's possible if we call for a 10 year immigration moratorium. It's possible when we force those overloaded and failed nations to deal with their own masses. It's possible if all Americans step up to be heard at the local, state and national level. It's possible if every state develops another D.A. King, Terry Anderson, Roy Beck, T.J. Bonner, Ray Haynes, William Gheen, Dr. Bill Herron, Jan Herron, Terry Graham, Chris Simcox, Bob Copely, Mike McGarry, Barbara Coe, Governor Richard Lamm, Peter Gadiel, Andy Ramirez, Barbara March, Bonnie Eggle, Dr. Madeleine Cosman, Glenn Spencer, Garrett Chamberlain, Buddy Bishop, Rob Luton, Tim Bueler, Ezola Foster, Brenda Walker, Don Collins, Peter Brimelow, Dan Stein, Dr. John Tanton, John Rohe, Jim Gilchrist, Lupe Moreno, Angie Morfin, Luca Zanna, Robert Vasquez, and Tom Tancredo. Patriots and statesmen will stand up for their country. Politicians pitiably will not.

It's possible if the pundits and radio talk show hosts become the "21st Century Paul Reveres." They need to write more and talk faster. They must create a 'consciousness shift' that creates 'counter critical mass' that forces our national leaders to change our Titanic-like course.

Will Mexico or any of the rest of the Third World such as China, India, Africa, the Middle East and Bangladesh all of a sudden develop stable, sustainable societies? Not a chance! They drown in hurricane accelerating Katrina human numbers increasing so fast—they can't solve their problems. Their citizens flee to First World countries by any means possible.

Will unending millions be able to keep coming to the United States for a better life? Will our society survive their onslaught?

The grinding reality is: NO!

What's to stop them? Our presidents, except Eisenhower in 1954, succumb to the dollar or their own faltering characters. For a chilling treatise on the fall of once vibrant civilizations, I leave you with the sobering research by Pulitzer Prize winner Jared Diamond's latest book, "COLLAPSE."

You can change the future by your actions today. If we don't stop them—do we give up this nation as easily as France and most of Europe? Like cattle to the slaughter house, do we offer our country onto the butchering block of national suicide?

If we do, your phone choices in the future will be: Press '1' for English; '2' for Spanish; '3' for Swahili, '4' for Arabic, '5' for Hmong, '6' for Chinese or others crashing across our borders.