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Bush's annual excuse for his failure in his war

So tonight we will hear from President Bush on how his war is going in Iraq. The one thing we can count on is we will not hear the truth, because the truth – as always when dealing with a politician’s lips – is inconvenient. Iraqi oil will pay for ALL the costs of the war. Iraq is a clear and present threat to the United States. Our troops will be welcomed as liberators, with cheering mobs of flower throwing people lining the streets. Victory in Iraq. Mission accomplished. Cessation of hostilities. There are weapons of mass destruction. Iraq is a safe haven for terrorists bent on attacking the United States. Al-Qaeda was present in Iraq at the time of invasion (they sure are now). Iraq was responsible for Sept. 11, 2001. We have trained nine Iraqi divisions to support the Iraq government. We have trained legions of Iraqi policemen to enforce the laws of the Iraq government. Abu Ghurayb was just a few National Guardsmen getting carried away. We have seen to the fair election of a democratic autonomous government in Iraq. There will be accountability for every last dollar spent in Iraq. No one could have forseen such a strong resistance to our occupation.

From the numerous press leaks over the past two months hyped up by an ever slavering mainstream media, foisted upon us to test the waters, we know that our Conmander in Chief has settled on requesting 20,000 additional troops be sent to occupy Iraq.

Requesting is too soft a word. He will be informing us that he has decided to order 20,000 more troops to Iraq to forestall our impending defeat until after his reign ends. Of course, sending even more troops beyond this 20,000 over the next two years as the war gets worse, not better, is not just possible, but based upon its annual occurrence over the past four years, almost assured.

What response from our newly empowered other Party that now controls CONgress can we expect tonight? What counter speech shall we hear? I would not be counting on your newly elected legiscritters to bring your troops home.

Senator Kennedy announced he would introduce legislation merely blocking any increase in troop number without Bush asking CONgress first. The Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, within hours announced he would introduce a non-binding resolution requesting Mr. Bush to seek CONgressional advise before increasing the troop number in Iraq. He did this not to force Bush into seeking CONgress’ approval before increasing troop number, but to thwart Sen. Kennedy’s attempt to block such an troop increase through legislation.

So after 12 years of Republican control in the legislature, during which time the budget has been busted, the dollar has been rendered worthless, our freedom’s have been dismissed and our children’s blood and future earnings have been sent to die on battlefields around the globe, we replaced them with . . . Democrats who seek not to change course, but rather to add into the expenditures of our lives, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Go figure. Still voting?

So what remains? The Democrats are intent on paying off their support groups, as the Republicans took care of theirs. But the Democrats are running into a problem right now. Some of their supporters actually place their principles ahead of their Party. So, I expect several Party faithful will be donating their time and money, and working their way up such anti-war organizations hierarchy so that such public dissent – such as occurred to poor defenseless Rep. Rahm Emanuel when showcasing the Democrat’s ethics rules for the sycophantic press, was shouted down – will not be repeated. The nerve of these protestors interrupting Pelosi’s triumph over some future troops and Iraqis who will be injured or killed because the Democrats now in power won’t do anything other than support Bush’s war.

The real question that should be asked tonight will be how much blood and money must flow for Democrats to be assured the Presidency in 2008? Because only then will they act to end Bush’s war in Iraq. I am guessing that like Nixon, the war won’t end until the second year of the second term of a Democrat President. And then only after spending more and more blood and money on what was Bush's war.