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Bush's war with the world

Following his triumph in Iraq – shhh, nobody wants to tell him – our Conmander in Chief has launched an overt war in Somalia and two wars in Syria and Iran this past week.

For years we had our proxies in Somalia, backing some of the most worthless trash ever to crawl out from under a rock (“warlords”) in a textbook CIA operation that finally pissed off the entire population of Somalia to where they welcomed an extremist Muslim takeover of their nation, and the implementation of Sharia law.

Now I personally don’t get the satisfaction that men in certain parts of the world get in allowing their society to compel under penalty of death, their wives, daughters, mothers, sisters ... to cover themselves from head to toe, not be allowed to drive a car, attend school, get a job, leave their home unescorted, etc. Bottling up half the population because they can. Not dissimilar to the majority of our history I might add, but still, obviously stupid to me. But also, not my business, unless I choose to make it such. Nor our government’s business under ANY circumstances.

Apparently, our CIA orchestrated the Ethiopian coup that swept through Somalia, providing advice, satellite intelligence and air support. Of course, like all of Mr. Bush’s forays, the invasion becomes “Mission Accomplished” in a matter of days, and no forethought is given, or allowed, as to the post-invasion occupation.

Which leads to a question. Is this because the Pentagon or CIA is stupid, or is destroying a nation’s infrastructure at all levels, and leaving them in malnourished anarchy deliberate? They aren’t stupid. So that begs the next question of who’s interests are served in destroying people’s lives in the name of “liberating” them?

It is a funny kind of liberation as well. No jobs without a permit. No businesses without a permit. No trades without a permit. No permits. Worthless currency. No financial institutions allowed to form. Natural resources stolen. Puppet government installed. House to house searches. Roving police gangs (death squads) in the dead of night [we have those in the U.S. as well]. Foreign troops and bureaucrats running around ordering this and that, who are to be obeyed without question or protest, or risk death.

Why? In the case of Iraq, clearly it has been about the oil, and setting up permanent military bases to terrorize the Middle East.. In the case of Somalia? I find it interesting that Somalia has known Uranium deposits, and is suspected of much more mineral wealth. But I suspect Somalia is more of interest for its location. Long coastal areas (approx. 1,900 miles) and flat desert. Perfect for bases, and especially the re-supply of bases. Perfect location for delivering air power quickly to Africa, South Asia and the Middle East, and in many cases without violating other nation’s airspace.

Beyond the rhetoric we have as fact that the Bush Administration, with Neocon prodding, has seized and blocked Iranian financial institution’s assets and ability to move assets, sent a second aircraft carrier group to lie off Iran’s coast for “war games,” and has started covert operations designed to harass and overthrow the present democratically elected government.

This coincides with an interesting phenomenon that Americans choose to ignore. Directly after 9/11 rallies occurred throughout the world in support of the U.S. and those people literally from almost everywhere around the planet who lost their lives in the twin towers, and on the four flights. Bush had an incredible diplomatic prize dropped in his lap. And he quickly discarded it along with our Constitution, because he wanted to conquer Iraq and brutally suppress any dissent to his plans within our own nation.

In Iran, over one million people held candlelight vigils. Mostly the young, who did not remember our overthrowing their then democratically elected government and installing our puppet brutal dictator, the Shah. In 2001, it was looking bleak for the hard liners, the fundamentalist theocracy that ruled Iran, as the Shah had, with an iron fist. Gathering this many people humbled even the most ruthless thug employed by the People’s Revolutionary Guard. Bullies cower against numbers too high to menace. But Bush came to the rescue by invading Iraq, not the nation responsible for 9/11, but rather the nation Bush wanted to conquer. All that good will, evaporated. And the theocracy was saved ... to the benefit of the Bush Administration. The powerbrokers in the U.S. were looking for a boogeyman to keep the serfs willingly feeding the military industrial complex, and willingly giving up their liberties for the promise of security from the boogeyman. And they found it in vilifying their pony Saddam Hussein, and now Iran and Syria. They use al-Qaeda too, but since al-Qaeda has no oil to plunder attacking Afghanistan where they were holed up was just a token for show.

Recently, elections in Iran occurred in which the ruling radical theocrats suffered big losses, signaling a shift in power toward moderate governance. The Iranian President Ahmadinejad, looks to be wearing thin among the populace with his own taunting antics he overtly displayed throughout his Presidency. The people were starting to get rid of him and his cronies. But Bush’s clear and present threats to attack Iran have reversed this, to the detriment of the US, but the benefit of Ahmadinejad, the Iranian government, and Bush and his need for a boogeyman.

‘There has not been an attack in this nation since 9/11, attesting to the effectiveness of our tyranny,’ crows the Bush Administration. Of course if such an incident is needed to get you to surrender even more of your freedom and earnings it will happen. Nothing rewards government more than failure. And Iraq is no longer a useful boogeyman – it is our bitch.

So Iran and Syria are now targeted. Interesting. Two very different nations (though I doubt W knows the difference). One Persian, one Arab. One Shia, one Sunni. Iran on the side of Iraq with a Shia populace, Syria on the other side of Iraq with a Sunni populace. The obvious alliances with the people of Iraq, and the obvious divisions when Iraq falls apart. But for the mean time ...

There are an estimated 27 million people living in Iraq whose median age in 20 years old. There are 140,000 U.S. troops in Iraq (soon to be brought up to nearer 170,000). That means there are 193 Iraqis for every American soldier. Even if you figure half are under the age of 15, that still leaves almost 100, mostly in their prime of youth, for every American soldier. All of them well armed and many, many quite knowledgeable in warfare. That means we occupy Iraq only by their sufferance.

There is no way, even with all our technology and training, that 140,000, or even 170,000 soldiers can forcefully occupy 27 million people if they choose not to let themselves be occupied. So far, our playing the Shia, Sunnis and the other major group of people, the Kurds, off each other has resulted in a tolerance, where our soldiers are picked off piecemeal. But throw the last straw onto the camel’s back and you might see a spontaneous uprising leading to the whole U.S. Army & Marines deployed in Iraq being wiped off the face of the earth!

Now lest you think I am kidding, remember that Baghdad, where our troops are mostly hunkered down, is land locked, several hundred miles at the least, from any outside support or evacuation. Right now the Shia, which are the majority of the population tolerates us, because they believe we will hand them Iraq without having to risk their blood and fortunes for that control.

The Sunnis, do not rebel in mass mainly because they fear if they do it will drive us into the Shia arms, and end in their complete subjugation or annihilation.

The Kurds mainly sit by and enjoy the show, confident that they will be able to consolidate control of their region by letting the Sunni and Shia slug it out with the U.S. standing in between. [But even they don’t forget it was the U.S. who threw them to suppression and eradication at Saddam Hussein’s hands and our supplied weapons and weapons of mass destruction.] The past few days our troops have been operating in their territory, grabbing Iranians, in what is an obvious CIA directed operations. Now one might ask why the Kurds are helping the Iranians? The CIA has set up a Kurdish resistance group, that is currently carrying out bombings, sabotage and assassinations in Iran. A terror cell. I don’t know, but I suspect, it is the same group that is also operating a similar cell on the Iraq – Turkey border. [Presumably without CIA help, but you never know what the CIA is up to, or why.] Turkey has just announced its “right” to invade Iraq to suppress Kurdish terrorist groups. The Kurds probably see the same thing with Iran they see with the Turks: A homeland in the making if they get support from these two bordering nations when the time is right.

Syria is a Sunni state. It is also the last safe haven for Christians, Jews, and other non-Shia religious groups (“pagans”) that are persecuted throughout the Middle East. [Iraq was the other such state under Hussein, but no more.] Syria is a secular state. It is also a brutal dictatorship. Syria has desperately been trying to make diplomatic normalization overtures to the US since before 9/11. Heck, after 9/11 they were instrumental in assisting us in hunting down al-Qaeda groups and Osama bin Forgotten, and took our renditions from us for torture. And yet these overtures are rebuffed on EVERY occasion, and ALWAYS in the most insulting manners imaginable.

Iran is a Shia state. A non-Arabic, theocracy, of brutally repressive laws and punishments. Yet, Iran has made numerous overtures to the US to normalize relations. Heck, after 9/11 they were instrumental in assisting us in hunting and dealing with the Taliban. And yet these overtures are also rebuffed on EVERY occasion, and ALWAYS in the most insulting manners imaginable.

Do I trust Syria? Do I trust Iran? No. But I would rather be talking with them than at them – or worse. Talk doesn’t shed blood or cost very much. War does. And speaking of costs, attack Iran and see how high your gasoline goes at the pumps. Good for George and his oil pal cronies, bad for you and the already terminal economy.

So what are we left with? A president who responded to an attack on our country by foisting a phony commission report onto the public, launching a war not on the group or nation responsible for the 9/11 attack, but rather a war on a nation he wished to attack, but couldn’t figure out how to go to war without the support of the public. 9/11 gave him that opportunity. Now we have won the war, but lost the occupation. Worse, he refuses to acknowledge that loss, and wants to escalate it. Even worse he wishes to expand the war by at a minimum assaulting two nations at once – Syria and Iran – while freezing their assets, sabotaging their economies, promoting terror groups to carry out attacks within their borders ... heck I could go on. But the weird thing is, will Bush be known as not just a bad President, but literally the WORST President this nation has ever spawned?? I believe he will.

What one or two paragraphs will he receive in the history books for 8 years in office?

Reading “My Pet Goat,” while America attacked. Launching unprovoked invasion of Iraq, using unrelated 9/11 attack as pretext. Disastrous occupation of Iraq that destroyed hundreds of thousands of lives, infrastructure and secularity of Iraq. Build half trillion dollar permanent military bases and embassy in Iraq that had to be abandoned. Normalized relations with Libya. Cast single veto in first six years. Lost of over 100,000 US troops, and over 100,000 US and foreign civilians in great Iraqi uprising after launching unprovoked air strikes on Iran (or Israel launched attacks). Bankrupted nation when US currency becomes worthless over a one week period. Announced the North American Union. Introduced the Amero as the mandated replacement currency of federal reserve notes. Ushered in the Grand Depression of 2008. Extradited in 2011, where he wets pants to delight of mob before his head rolls across the sands of Saudi Arabia in highest rated broadcast execution ever.

There is only one way to stop Bush from furthering war in the Middle East and that is to impeach Cheney and Bush simultaneously. Cheney must be removed first, so his replacement can take over when Bush is driven from office, because the Republicans will never vote for impeachment if Pelosi stands next in line for the Presidency. And the Republicans will only vote for impeachment if they are shamed into it, and they have much to be shameful of, much under Bush’s insistence. The Democrats will only push for impeachment if they feel the threat of losing office either in the 2008 primary or general elections, and if they are not getting the campaign financing or support they expect. A nice protest at their fund raising events or press conferences. That means the time to hurt both parties is right NOW!

Bush’s only chance for altering his legacy: Presidential pardons (not likely to help), Executive orders (Carter did it), vetoes (likely, though how much praise that earns you in a history book is debatable) and treaties (god help us, he wants to be the Environmental President) ... Cuba has been making overtures, are you paying attention Mr. Bush? [Normalize relations with Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea ....]