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American Foreign Policy very un-American

The idea of America according to the founders and to most Americans today is to mind one's own business, make the best of what one has, and be the best one can be. One wonders then about the very un-American foreign policy being implemented by the American government.

After almost four years of war that was never formally constitutionally declared by congress, approaching a trillion dollars of expense, and more than three thousand American lives, the only thing the current administration can show for its efforts is the death of Sadamm Hussein.

The explanation for going into Iraq and Afghanistan in the first place was to eliminate weapons of mass destruction. When those could not be found, the reason was to liberate the Iraqi people from dictatorship. Now that the dictator is dead, the Iraqi people are still not liberated. The reason currently given by the administration for American military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan is if the American military does not fight terrorism over there, it will have to fight it here on American soil.

However, the lives of all Americans are at risk as a result of the war on terror. In fact, the war on terror has emboldened others to become furious and lash out causing more fear and criminal activity laying the groundwork for another similar September 11attack. The war on terror has also increased the fear in Americans of their own government with all of the government surveillance and illegal searches. This is what results when one antagonizes another. Winning the war on terror will only be won when terrorism no longer exists on the planet, an impossible task given the fact that there are and always will be individuals who thrive on criminal activity.

Now government officials want to send in more military personnel which will only stir up a bigger hornets nest and could very well expand the fighting even further in the Middle East. Fighting has already been expanded to Somalia.

The war in Iraq continues to go badly because there never was a focused purpose for initiating military force to begin with. The administration has been unable to find the supposed real culprit of the September 11 attacks, Osama bin Laden. Current American foreign policy is truly un-American.

John Quincy Adams said it best and reflected the founders' belief when he stated back in 1821, "America does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to freedom and independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own." The founders wanted America to be the beacon of liberty for which individuals to strive. America is to be the example where individuals are respected and their inalienable rights protected. It is the reason for which Lady Liberty stands tall in New York harbor.

The best way to fight the war on terror is the same way individuals fight the war on crime. Set an example of a crime free life for individuals to follow, but always be prepared to defend oneself in case terror or crime is initiated.

American government officials must follow the rules laid out for them in the Constitution for less violence, more peace, and more individual security to prevail. Congress has the power to control the executive by not providing the funds or authorizing the personnel for war. Congress as well must follow the Constitution and never again absolve itself from its constitutional duty of declaring war. It is the reason many individuals today are not really behind the war in Iraq or the government's foreign policy.

For American foreign policy to be truly American, government officials must follow the precepts of the founders as stated by John Quincy Adams, restrict themselves to the duties authorized by the Constitution, and leave individuals alone, both at home and abroad.

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