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George Bush, and the shape shifting lizard people

A while ago a friend, in all candor, told me they had heard that prominent political leaders were really shape shiftersreptile people who pretending to be human, enjoyed themselves and ruled our planet, and in order to maintain their shape they scared little kids and then ate them.

Had I ever heard this? Did I know anything about this?

Unfortunately we were interrupted before I could reply, and the topic was not pursued. But I would have replied, “No, I have not heard this. Yes, I know it is true.”


Sure , I know that it is true.

Whether it is real or an allegory, the facts fit the story.

Look at the analogy: Politicians change their shape to fit the moment. They do whatever they believe will promote their re-election. Orwell was right. War is Peace. Slavery is Freedom. Ignorance is Strength.

Politicians are lizards. Reptiles with a hunger for prey. Cold blooded, self-serving, ruthlessly pursuing their own power and consuming ever increasing chunks of your life as you swap labor in exchange for earnings.

And to maintain their appearance and power they use fear. Just like manipulating children, they ramp up your fear whenever needed, and you hand them your liberties and your life in exchange for promised security. Fear consumes you. Fear empowers them.

In the end you are consumed.

So, believe or don’t believe. The facts fit the story. And it really doesn’t matter whether it is true or allegory. You are ruled by reptiles.

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