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City Councilman refuses to stand for pledge of allegiance

Tom Rawles is a lawyer, has served years as a County Supervisor of a county of over 3 million people, and is a city councilman on one of Arizona’s largest cities, Mesa (pop. est. 442,780 in 2005). He infuriated a lot of the political elite when he was the sole “no” vote on the Tourism & Sports Authority which approved initiating a tax to build a ballpark. He has lesser known incidents where he (and his fellow activist wife Linda) have battled government’s many tyrannies at their own expense... even occasionally producing a victory which are rare against the behemoth.

So I would not be surprised if he were against the Iraq war since there has been no declaration of war, Iraq had nothing to do with the September 11 attacks, and Iraq turned out not to have weapons of mass destruction (WMD). The Iraq war was won over three years ago, Saddam Hussein is dead and we are looking at an escalating war, going beyond any mandate given the president, with ever growing body counts, ever mounting hatred and fear of the United States throughout the globe. The display of Imperialism grows unmistakable. The stench of a rotting empire has the buzzards starting to circle.

To my delight I woke up to read that Tom Rawles chose to remain seated during the pledge of allegiance at the Mesa City Council meeting in protest over the war. Not only is this an attention getter, but it gives activists yet another weapon to visibly demonstrate their rejection of the war at government functions where they initiate the proceedings with the pledge.

I hope this act spreads like a plague across this nation amongst elected officials. ‘I will not rise for, nor recite, the pledge until every soldier comes home,’ should be the theme. We should pressure every elected official to follow suit until the soldiers come home.


NOTE: As to the morality of pledging allegiance to the flag to the United States of America, I will let Dr. Rex Curry be your guide.