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Message to the AntiWar Protesters

Surge is both the name of a cola, and a campaign designed to distract. Don’t drink. Keep your focus. You want the immediate withdrawal of all troops from Iraq. Instead the discussion has shifted to debating escalation. A Rovian triumph. By demanding the immediate withdrawal you also succeed in halting the escalation. By debating escalation, you fail at pulling the troops out of Iraq ... ever.

The Decidifier has no intention of pulling out of Iraq, much less not going through with ordering more troops to Iraq. He has already said so. His puppet master, Cheney, has said so. The only way you are going to get the U.S. out of Iraq is to make the Democrats believe they will not be re-elected. To make the Republicans believe they are not going to get re-elected. That is ALL that matters to individual legiscritters. It is their only motivation. To get them to get off their collective asses, you must put the fear of losing their privileges and perks into them.

But to stop Bush, you must get him working on saving himself from impeachment. To do that you need the Congress to get started on impeachment. This process starts with the promised congressional hearings, which sadly should have been already underway. The Democratic agenda may be nice — especially to those special interests getting your earnings transferred to themselves — but only these hearings matter to you. War in Iraq hearings: Where did the intelligence come from leading to weapons of mass deception claim? No-bid contracts to Bush’s friends, and massive disappearance of treasury – unaccounted. Renditions of U.S. citizens and non-citizens residing within this country. Burning a CIA agent’s cover for retribution. Failure to plan for the occupation leading to thousands of our troops killed. USA PATRIOT Act. Domestic spying, violation of congress' FISL laws. Secret massive databases and leaked information.

To stop Bush you must stop the man behind the throne, Dick Cheney. Impeach him immediately.

In order to successfully impeach both, you must have many Republicans behind the efforts. That means you have to offer them a situation where Nancy Pelosi is not going to be the next President. You must remove Cheney from office, and allow Bush to replace him, ala Spiro Agnew out, Gerald Ford in prior to booting Nixon.

With Cheney replaced with a vice president acceptable to the Republicans (probably a former or current Republican Congressman) you can then finish off Bush by impeachment and removal.

Only by tying these two men up with other things than war to occupy their time, will you peace demonstrators have a chance of getting what you want. Only by reassuring a pro-war Democratic Congress that you will cost them re-election unless they quickly toe the line are you going to get what you want.

Good protesting.

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Comment by Philly Dave
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Great points on focusing on Congress ... not nearly as much fun for our friends on the left now however.

Scott Ritter has an interesting piece pointing that Congress does have the neccessary purse power to hamstring the effort to broaden this to Iran which will happen long before any impeachment hearings IMO.