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Why Bush is in a hurry to start a war with Iran and Syria?

The conquest of the Middle East has been planned since at least 1991.

When an obscure governor from Arkansas beat Daddy Bush’s re-election, PNAC’s (the Neocon’s) plans of Empire were forced on hold. Even when they tried to pressure Clinton into launching their plans, he at most responded with a few cruise missiles — after a false flag operation orchestrated by the Kuwaiti Secret Police and our CIA (with PNAC prodding?) claimed Saddam Hussein had tried to assassinate the former President Bush. PNAC at least had a Republican controlled Congress to work with.

But now once again they face many years of both a Democratically controlled Congress and after 2008 a Democratically controlled White House. Even though the Neocons were instrumental in getting many of their supporters in place and elected as Democrats in this new Congress, escalating the war has proven so unpopular that even their puppets are now resisting overt support of expanding the war. So what’s an oligarchy to do?

Get the Iran war started before Bush leaves office, so no Democratic President will want to be the one to either ‘cut and run’, or be known as having lost the war.

War empowers the oligarchy to seize an ever greater share of your labor, and increase their power to suppress dissent from their policies of theft and conquest. War sure is good for a lot of interests, except the American taxpayer and those who lose their lives, limbs or senses, or at the very least waste the most economically productive portions of their lives destroying people and things.

So now you understand why there must be war NOW ... because this is their last chance for a while.

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Comment by Ernest Hancock
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Why Not? Who/What's going to stop them?

Whatever does will be totally unexpected and uncontrolable.