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Nothing New Under the Sun

There appears to be no new ideas coming forth from either major political party. Democratic presidential candidate and former senator from North Carolina, John Edwards, stated on Sunday's NBC's Meet the Press that he would raise taxes, primarily on the wealthy, in order for government to provide healthcare coverage to 47 million uninsured Americans and expand Medicaid, the state-federal health insurance program for the needy. To quote John Edwards, "We'll have to raise taxes. The only way you can pay for a healthcare plan that costs anywhere from $90 to $120 billion is there has to be a revenue source."

It is extremely sad that in the United States of America, a land founded upon the principles of individual liberty, socialistic ideas spew forth like lava from a volcano. Increased taxes and/or increased government spending are one in the same. One cannot have increased government spending without increased taxation nor is there any reduction in government spending when tax revenue is increased. The idea of Karl Marx, forcing individuals to pay for others, never dies.

It is even more bizarre to realize that a former United States senator and other politicians have no understanding of the United States Constitution, the very document which they all swear to uphold. Congress has no constitutional authority to provide healthcare for anyone. Congress is not allowed to raise taxes for such activities. Congress has already put the American taxpayer into such monstrous debt paying for all of the unconstitutional activities in which it engages. The total destruction of the value of the currency appears to be the only way to pay for such debt. Former Senator Edwards and members of congress ought to realize all this.

Not only does he and others in congress not understand their duty under the Constitution, but they do not even appear to understand basic economics. Presidential hopeful Edwards also stated that raising taxes to pay for the healthcare plan he wants government to implement would also reduce healthcare costs. When economic goods and services are made "free" through government subsidies, demand for those goods and services increases, which puts an upward, not a downward pressure on prices.

Government is the antithesis of private business. The more revenue government receives the less choice for the individual. Taxes are forced payments. The more revenue private business receives means the individual has made his choice. Individuals decide to whom they want to give their hard earned dollars. Government redistributes income. Private business, through private individual choice, creates wealth. This is why it is the job of private individuals to provide healthcare, not government's.
Mr. Edwards finally stated that government needs to do a better job in collecting the taxes already owed, specifically the large amounts of unpaid capital gains taxes. Taxing capital gains deters savings. Savings is the engine of economic growth. Economic growth is desired so that the very people John Edwards and others like him purport to help, namely individuals in the lower income brackets, will be able to share in the greater economic pie. There cannot be any greater economic pie to share without savings.

Government does not foster competition, nor does it assist in lowering prices of goods and services, and in the end does not help the poor. Government regulation and taxation restrict individuals from being successful thereby restricting economic growth causing prices to rise and keeps the poor poorer and the rich wealthier.

Mr. Edwards and others who have declared their candidacy for president want a restoration of U.S. world leadership and an end to poverty. If they truly want that to happen, Mr. Edwards and others would like to be president as well as all members of congress, democrat or republican, better begin by reading and understanding their duties under the United States Constitution and learn and understand basic economics.

The ideas of socialism are not new and have never been successful in fulfilling the dream of helping others and eliminating poverty.

The People for the USA Yuma group will host Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas tomorrow, February 8 at 7 PM at the Yuma Community Food Bank conference room located at 2325 S. Engler Avenue.