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The NAU and the Treasonous Subversion of American Sovereignty (Part 1)

Chinese slave laborers complete the manufacture of a cheap product at the behest of Wal-Mart or Costco. The finished product is loaded onto a Chinese cargo container ship which makes its way to a deep water sea port located on the Mexican Baja where is it offloaded by low-wage Mexican workers. The product is then transported by a Mexican trucker, which is more than likely operating an unsafe triple wide trailer, as the product continues its journey for the United States. Upon reaching a multimodal transloading facility near the United States border, the product is then shipped via NASCO or the CANAMEX highway system to the Mexican port of entry located in Kansas City. Again, the product is transferred to another form of transportation where it is ultimately sent on its way to the final destination.

Many Americans have expressed a high level of fear regarding national security concerns in relation to global commerce crossing America's borders because of the absence of the requisite precautions from terrorist attacks. If global commerce bound for America is to be inspected for nuclear material, the inspection will be performed by the communist Chinese in the form of Hutchinson Port Authority. In actuality, these products will never be inspected because to do so would result in a monumental log jam of cargo container ships, railroad cars and large trucks. A log jam is something that the global corporations will not accept because of the disruption to the timeliness of product delivery and the subsequent impact on profit margins (Sweeny, 2007).

The North American Union (NAU), the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), the North American Super Corridor (NASCO) and the CANAMEX highway system are all interconnected subplots of the same New World Order (NWO) agenda which is in the process of creating a corporate-friendly environment from which America's resources can continue to be plundered by global corporations at an alarming pace while in route to a globalized economy and government (Corsi, 2006). Meanwhile, terrorist concerns and public welfare be damned!

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) permit the global corporations to freely ship products, jobs and people from one country to another without regard to national borders and without paying tariffs which have historically protected the security of American jobs. NAFTA and CAFTA regulations have permitted and encouraged the wholesale loss of American industries and jobs in favor of foreign slave labor markets.

CAFTA's and NAFTA's transportation arms, CANAMEX and NASCO, will serve as the nearly private corporate transportation corridors which will speedily transport foreign products to Americn markets. In the new global economy, time is money and American taxpayers are doing their part in helping the global corporations maximize their profits through the construction of the 80+ transportation corridors which will soon comprise a substantial portion of the global network of commerce. However, these massive corridors come with a very steep price tag.

Soon, American motorists will be paying tribute to the NAU in the form of toll charges in order for the "privilege" to travel on American tax supported interstate highways. The tolls, which will be charged to American motorists, will, no doubt, be introduced in an incremental manner. For example, the Arizona Legislature is proposing single car operators be given the option to drive in the HOV lanes for a fee. This action is part of a conditioning process directed at American drivers which will culminate in the psychological acceptance of paying to drive on the nation's highways in order to fund the expansion of CANAMEX and NASCO. And not only will American citizens be double taxed for the "right" to use CANAMEX and NASCO, if Texan Senator John Cornyn (R) has his way, Americans, through Cornyn's sponsorship of SB 3622, will soon be funding the same projects in foreign countries. Under SB 3622, the new law would create the North American Investment Fund in Canada and Mexico for the express purpose of building foreign CANAMEX-type highways at American taxpayer expense.

The NAU is the governmental overlay which is attempting to bring a sense of order to the ever-changing political and economic upheaval which is currently underway in America. The NAU is a trilateral agreement which is designed to merge Canada, Mexico and the United States. The three heads of state forged the union without the approval of their respective national legislatures. In other words, President Bush unilaterally subverted the sovereignty of the United States and in the process, bypassed the will of the people which is constitutionally manifested in Congress.

Rest assured that the global planners will not be content with the mere regionalization of a relatively small number of nations. If all goes according to plan, the NAU will give way to the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) in which all nations in North and South American will merge into one organization as the United States of America disappears into the rear view mirror of history.

According to Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas), NAFTA, CAFTA, the NAU and the future FTAA have less to do with genuine free trade and much more to do with the "establishing an unelected (regional) mega-government"… this new government would be the regional arm of an even greater version with global jurisdiction" (Grigg, 2006).

The United States is entering an unprecedented period in our history as we are witnessing the widespread give-away of our culture, economic security including our property rights.

It is interesting that our school children are taught to vilify Benedict Arnold for his attempted giveaway of the fortifications at West Point to the British during the Revolutionary War. Arnold's actions, as treasonous as they were, pale in comparison to the proposals of NAU's chief architect, American University's Robert Pastor and its chief proponent, President George W. Bush. Nowhere is this treasonous drama being played out more dramatically than in Yuma, Arizona which will be the subject of part two of this series.


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