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Libertarian View of Government

When the founders called the federal government into existence through the development of the United States Constitution, they understood the libertarian view of government as monopolized coercive force.  This is the reason they assigned very few and explicit responsibilities to government officials.  The founders knew that it was unethical and immoral to force anyone to do anything they did not voluntarily desire to do.  They understood that the only justified use of coercive force was to defend against any initiation of force, hence, the reason for community and state police and a national military as well as the Second Amendment. 



Understanding the meaning of government is also the reason there is not to be any government-private partnerships in the construction of baseball and football stadiums, convention centers, hotels, or even ice hockey rinks as currently being proposed for Yuma.  All of these facilities are well and good and can be and are assets to most communities.  However, it is wrong to coercively force individuals to pay for or participate in something they would not do voluntarily.  Make no mistake, when government funds any activity it is through the coercive force of taxation.  No one has a choice when it comes to paying taxes. 



The founders understood that individuals were to be free to do as they chose so long as there was no initiation of force such as murder, rape, fraud, theft, and the like.  It is not the government official’s responsibility to make people or objects illegal.  It is only their job to be sure members of any society maintain a peaceful manner in their dealings. 



Using the coercive force of government to make individuals illegal creates antagonism and results in warlike activities.  Individuals have a right to move around where ever they want and make agreements and contract with whomever they want, so long as they do not inflict harm upon another and respect another’s property.  Government’s job is to keep the peace and penalize those who use force upon another, in other words, to be the defensive mechanism for society. 



Likewise, penalizing individuals for hiring others who are considered “illegal” not only does not solve the immigration issue, it detracts from the production of needed goods and services lowering the standard of living for all and all the while creating tensions among the populace. 



Each individual thinks and decides for himself.  Even when someone acts on the decisions of others, the individual still decides whose decisions he will act on.  Because individuals think for themselves rules, regulations, and laws imposed by the coercive force of government upon individuals do not work properly.  Force can change an individual’s action in the short term, but it cannot change the minds of individuals.  Therefore, most individuals look for ways to get around regulations and taxes they do not like.  These are the unintended consequences of seat belt and helmet laws making criminals out of innocent individuals.  It is also the unintended consequence of the immigration situation and why more individuals try to sneak across the border rather than go through the very arduous task of petitioning the government for permission to come across. 



Because each individual thinks for himself, the individual will not accept as his own values the values imposed upon him by force of law passed by elected officials, hence, the First Amendment. 



The government that governs least governs best is what the founders bequeathed the current generation of Americans.  The founders were not utopians nor were they dreamers or idealists.  They just recognized that people are different with different value systems who think for themselves and handed down to 21st century Americans a form of government that allows for a vast diversity of individuals to live together peacefully, if but only the restriction of government power listed in the Constitution were observed.  By demanding more of government officials the use of coercive force gets out of hand as currently witnessed with the proposed draconian employer sanctions connected with immigration, the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, and many other laws. 



Individual liberty and personal responsibility is what created the beauty of America.  Today, though, government officials pass laws that take practically half of every dollar earned by all Americans substantially reducing personal responsibility and individual liberty.  By eliminating the income tax, making people and drugs legal again, keeping government officials out of the individual’s bank account, workplace, home, property, and life constitutional law has a greater chance to be restored allowing individuals to regain their personal responsibility and individual liberty. 



The current crises in health care, drugs, inflation, employment, immigration, and other areas all have the common denominator of government being involved where it has no business.  Individuals eventually find ways to solve social problems without inflicting force on one another.  If they do utilize force, then government force is justified to rectify the situation. 



The founders created the United States Constitution to control the ominous coercive force of government in order that individuals could keep and maintain their life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.



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