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Thank God For Lou Dobbs

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Over the years, I have been as outspoken a critic of the mainstream press as anyone. For one thing, the vast majority of mainstream media celebrities seem infatuated with liberal politicians. For example, popular news hosts are going gaga in the way they cover the presidential campaign of Senator Barak Obama. Of course, this is standard operating procedure for the majority of the mainstream media. Is it any wonder that so many people across America have serious disdain for America's major news makers?
Furthermore, if CNN is the "Clinton News Network," FOX News is the "Bush News Network." For instance, Sean Hannity is nothing more than a shill for Republicans in general and George W. Bush in particular. The same is true for Rush Limbaugh and countless other media dignitaries.
Genuinely objective reporting is almost nonexistent in today's mainstream media. They all seem to be little more than lap dogs for big-government media moguls, distracting the American public with incessant "news" coverage of Anna Nicole Smith and Britney Spears, while providing almost no coverage of the really important issues impacting America's future survival. Thank God, there is one exception: CNN's Lou Dobbs.
Day in and day out, Lou Dobbs dares to address the truly salient issues that most newsmen are either too ignorant or too afraid to address. For example, Dobbs is the one member of the mainstream press that is willing to not only address the subjects of illegal immigration, the erasure of our national borders, the loss of our national sovereignty, and the burgeoning North American Union, but he courageously tells the truth about it all.
Furthermore, among the national mainstream media, it has been Lou Dobbs, and only Lou Dobbs, that has been willing to challenge the Bush administration's pathetic capitulation to the Mexican government in prosecuting and imprisoning Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean, while at the same time giving a confessed Mexican drug dealer amnesty so that he might testify against the agents. 
I'm not sure how Lou Dobbs became the courageous champion that he is, or how it is that CNN lets him speak out as freely and forthrightly as he does, but I am sure glad he is on the air. His is a lone but powerful voice for truth amidst a cacophony of phony-baloney "news" reporting and downright propaganda.
If you want to get the "straight scoop" on the issues that are currently threatening America's national sovereignty and independence, Lou Dobbs is your man. Personally, I thank God for Lou Dobbs.