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Root Cause; Mental Disease, Early Childhood Abuse, Too Many Drugs, Poor Nutrition or Trauma ?


Violence thrives in America!

That transition does not happen overnight.

Conventional wisdom; find and 'fix' the problem;

·         What causes a Virginia Tech brand of violence? 

·         Why did Cho Seung-Hui, 23, an alien from Korea with a permanent legal alien card, do what he did?

·         Why did Columbine occur?  What motivated Klebold & Harris?

·         Are guns at fault here?

·         Why the senselessness of 9/11? 

·         Why the carnage in Oklahoma City?

·         Why do 16 teenagers commit suicide daily? 

·         Why did immigrant Chai Vang in Minnesota blast seven people to death with a deer rifle two years ago?

·         Why more killing in Iraq? 

Is there a common connection— a root-cause?

Short answer: violence thrives in America. 

We have played Russian Roulette with our children. 

We are blatantly setting a horrible cultural example.

We have 'forgotten' how appropriate parenting works.

Learning Tools are everywhere

Walk into any video arcade across America.  Which games will you see being played by the kids?  The most violent where the player becomes the murderer-shooter!

Which movies garner the greatest audiences? 

Of course, the most violent!  How much gratuitous violence in "The Departed" or "Blackhawk Down" can a human mind take?   Look for future movies to become even more violent!  

The very soul of America erodes

In a nation that believes in instant gratification, any time we are squeezed, in illusion or in fact, we frantically grasp for instant solutions.  

Meanwhile, the 'body of evidence' is available for all to see; examples abound.

Which country killed 655,000 Iraqi citizens in the past four years, according to the Johns Hopkins Report on the Iraq War?  You guessed it, the United States. 

Which Nation has learned to practice Imperialism with a straight face?  The U.S.

All for what ? 

According to experts, such as Dr. Janet Woititz and the Enneagram expert, Eli Jaxon-Bear, the U.S. behaves as an addict-victim.

How the heck did that behavior manifest here?

Here's a hint; A lie of WMD— "Willful Mass Deception," by George W. Bush! 

Brace yourself; each and every U.S. President advocates Imperialism, and most have acted-out that horrible approach.   Because George W. Bush is the president today, let's focus upon him— to make the overall point.

How long will Bush keep killing people?  For as long as the U.S. public keeps munching dinner in front of the news without taking action to do the diligent study required to stay abreast of what YOUR politicians are doing, every day.  

The symptoms are obvious, yet we deny

We love the word "accident;" because nobody is responsible.

Get it?

What country allows 22,000 deaths via ugly traffic crashes by drunken drivers year after year— with little to no meaningful action to stop it? 

You're correct again— the good ole U.S. of A.

Meanwhile, we gather together to bemoan and grieve the "accidents."

What about warfare, and tools to wage wars

What country manufactures and sells the most deadly arms around the world, by the hundreds of billions of dollars annually during "war years."  Again, the USA!

What country spins faster and faster on a technological wheel of speed beyond human physical and spiritual capacity?   

What nation rushes to everything and everywhere all the time day in and day out?  

Which citizens in the world pop the most pills and take the most tranquillizers to calm down or go to sleep?  Which country possesses the most shrinks, life-coaches and valium prescriptions?  Take a look at America!

Ritalin to "calm children?"  Give me a break.   Read about the Feingold diet, and PREVENT those behaviors.

Which Nation has the highest percentage of children now in trouble?

Are WE addicted, really ?

What country annually forces incompatible cultures and people down its own throat— as if nothing consequential might occur? 

What is the third fastest growing country in the world via immigration? 

Which country suffers the most deaths to its citizens caused by legal and illegal immigrants?  Short answer: the USA.  

Who was the Virginia Tech killer?  An obviously disgruntled "legal alien"— lost in an urban wilderness; far from his own nation of Korea, out of his culture, out of his balance— and out of his mind. 

Soon we will learn of his childhood, and discover what made him tick.

Lassiez-faire Liberalism and Socialism are fatally flawed

The socialist approach to life stands fatally flawed in the reality mirror, as is multiculturalism and unrelenting mass immigration. 

Our insanity lies in our inability to understand that we cannot expand our nation out of its cultural norms.  Without a cohesive glue of purpose, investment and loyalty to one's country, any kind of anger may surface for expression.

Runaway increases in population are dangerous.  

This author can hear the voices of the critics already;

Name some of our addictions— I dare you;

  • Instant gratification, Conventional wisdom, Rage, Anger, Money, Relationships, Pills, Sex, Food, Chocolate, Sugar, Caffeine, Encephalon's, Endorphins, Fast cars, Fast women, Abusive relationships, Obsessions,       Controlling others, Manipulation, Abusing children, Multiculturalism, Illegal Aliens.

 The United States was, not long ago, a Nation steeped in law-and-order.

What happened?

It started small.  As an example, we decided that certain laws (properly enacted) can be broken.   Which ones ?

v      Speeding laws,   Tax laws,  Zoning laws,  Petty theft,   Bigotry and bias,   Physical abuse

Yeah but, why do "they" do those things ?

Pogo (Walt Kelly) told us, during the Vietnam Conflict;

"We have met the enemy, and he— is us."

Walt Kelly first used the quote "We Have Met The Enemy and He Is Us" on a poster for Earth Day in 1970, thirty-seven years ago.  The poster is shown above.

If anything, Pogo is brilliant. 

He predicted what is happening today. 

Pollution starts in the hearts and minds of your countrymen.

A law-breaking attitude— anarchy, is the worst of pollution.

Speeding is law-breaking.

Reckless and blatant population growth is law-breaking pollution. 

Open-borders and Multiculturalism are ticking time-bombs

Everything has its season; all things in moderation.

The days of rampant multiculturalism are ripe with foolish impacts; this is NOT about bias and bigotry.   Rather it is about common sense.  NOW is the time to return to practices and process proven to work well in the U.S.

We all MUST use the common language; English.  We must not exceed the gentle assimilation rate; 1% population growth per year is the upper limit.  

Until we restore the highest ethics and integrity, and put an end to anarchy and episodes such as the Va-Tech massacre, we must place a moratorium on all immigration.   We must take control of our international borders, totally and completely.  

While dancing and singing Kumbaya seemed useful in the 1970s, where the rubber meets the road today is simple; hard work, ethical behaviors, high integrity, respect for authority, nutritious diet and massive treatment of mental health.

Raising children is hard work, as is setting the appropriate example for those kids. 

As with our grand-parents before us, we must return to total dedication and respect to/for our kids; 

  • Each time we ignore and/or discount a child, we plant the seed of violence.  
  • Each time we exploit a child, we plant a seed of violence.
  • Each time we misbehave personally, we plant a seed of violence-crime.
  • Each time we tolerate serious misbehavior by a child, we plant a seed of violence-crime.
  • Each time we lie, by commission or omission, we plant a seed of violence-crime.
  • Each time we teach a child to lie (especially so-called "white-lies"), we plant a seed of violence-crime.
  • Each time we allow children to fight needlessly, or scream and yell, we plant a seed of violence-crime.

The list is long, and seems "silly" to the oblivious.

WE have work to do.

Blaming others is not on our work-list.  It's NOT about "them," out there.  

It's all about you, inside, your family, your country.