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By Frosty Wooldridge


The "Fort Dix Six" creates a catchy phrase to add to our lexicon.  The carnage that group planned proves anything but catchy. 


How about a national memory-refresher?


Do you remember Bobby Kennedy being shot to death in 1968?  Who is Sirhan Sirhan, the assassin ?  Where did he come from ?


How about the U.S. Marine Corps barracks blown up in Beirut in 1983?  Does anyone remember the London subway bombings?  How about the Madrid, Spain commuter-train bombings? 


What about those 1993 World Trade Center detonations?  Remember the U.S. embassies bombed in Kenya and Tanzania?  How about the 2005 fire-bombing of thousands of cars in the Paris, France riots.  How about relentless rapes by immigrants in Sweden and Norway


Who remembers Muhammed Atta on 9/11/2001? How about Malvo the car trunk sniper? 


How about Dutchman Theo Van Gogh's murder for making a 15 minute movie?  How about a death sentence on Dutch Somalian Hirsi Ali?   


The "information age" caught the average American citizen with his/her proverbial pants down.  The new paradigm demands the average voter work hard to stay abreast.   Most prove lazy.  Our nation's enemies hope apathy continues as our 'new paradigm.'   Ignorance breeds insurrection.


The " Fort Dix Six"


Last week, six Middle-Eastern men— two legal aliens, three illegal aliens and one naturalized U.S. citizen from Jordan prepared to kill hundreds of U.S. soldiers at Fort Dix , New Jersey.


What did they all have in common? 


Muslim terrorists; they all follow the violent concepts of Islam.  Its prime directive pretends "peace" as long as you submit to its precepts.  If you don't, Islam followers swear to kill all non-believers.  That belief reigns supreme in their Koran.  


The formation of the Muslim religion


Born in the 4th century by an illiterate thug named Muhammed, who beheaded his enemies, raped young girls and cut off hands of opponents— Islam adheres to mass illiteracy of its followers, violence, female subjugation, stoning of women, female genital mutilation, "honor" killings and a distinct vengeance on anyone who does not follow its teachings.  


While we in the U.S. tend to "blame" the Muslims for their "irrationality"— were you to have a serious chat with a sensible Muslim, you would hear of U.S. atrocities that we tend to forget and put aside.   Both sides tend to react against each other.


Every major terrorist act from the 1972 Munich Olympic killings, to Lockerbie, to airport shootings, to unrest and tension in Western societies leads to Muslim immigrants infiltrating host countries.  


The Muslim idea is simple; the violent overthrow of the infidels.


Muslims wish to live in free societies, but their "prime directive" advocates change toward Sharia Law, which is theocratic law.  In other words, Islam rules over reason.


Holland, France, England and Belgium— now in the clutches of millions of Islamic immigrants unwilling to assimilate— stand in the crosshairs of cultural suicide.


A recent Dutch study reported, "Western European and Muslim ways of life are irreconcilable."


Forty-six percent of Turkish Muslims and 37 percent of Moroccan Muslims, agree strongly that "Western European culture has nothing to contribute to Islam."


"Sadly, mainstream Muslims teach, accept and promote violence," said Tawfik Hamid, a former Muslim terrorist, in his Wall Street Journal piece, "The trouble with Islam ," April 3, 2007.  "Women are stoned to death and clitorectomies promoted."


With four million Muslims in America, their silence illustrates a deafening support for their barbaric atrocities.   What happens when America injects another 10 million, and then on to 20 million additional Muslims?  


Do we not see the cultural suicide of France, Holland, Britain and Belgium as a strong hint of our future?


Huge Muslim population growth in the U.S. -- What are we thinking ?


Look at Detroit, Michigan and the suburb of Dearborn.  Muslims transformed that city into their own beachhead in America.  They've displaced most American-citizens where they've enclaved.  The same slums that descended on Holland grow in Detroit.  Given enough time, more and more 'dedicated' Muslim groups— like the three Duka brothers at Fort Dix— will plan more new killing scenarios.


Are you aware that these three illegal aliens came to the U.S. through Brownsville, TX—illegally crossing the U.S. Mexican border more than twenty years ago?   Are you aware that the cops in New Jersey chose to look the other way while these aliens ran loose?


For any Americans dumb enough to think Islam maintains any kind of compatibility with our fragile Republic or culture— understand this: 


§         The word 'Islam' means "submission." 

§         The word Muslim means "one who submits to Allah." 


As long as they maintain minority status, they bide their time.  For Muslims, Allah supports them through the decades.  However, their quest remains resolute.  The Koran states:


SURAH (Chapter) 9:5

Those who reject Islam must be killed.  If they turn back (from Islam), take them and kill them wherever you find them.


                                                       SURAH 4:89

So, when you meet (in fight—jihad in Allah's Cause) those who disbelieve, smite (their) necks till when you have killed and wounded many of them, then bind a bond firmly.


SURAH 8:39

Take not the Jews and the Christians as Auliya (friends, protectors, helpers), they are but Auliya of each other. And if any amongst you takes them (as Auliya), then surely he is one of them.


SURAH 5:51

Muslims are commanded to force Christians and Jews to convert to Islam with very strong and direct words.


For those Americans who don't understand what we face as a nation and as a culture, I bring you to the three stages of jihad of Islam:


All countries with Muslim immigrants suffer one of the following stages of jihad.


Weakened Stage

This stage applies to Muslims that must submit to the law of the land they live in. They are a weak, small minority living in a non-Islamic society.


Preparation Stage

In this stage Muslims have become an influential minority. They will now make preparations to accumulate finances, recruit the young to commit to the next stage of jihad that will confront the enemy.

Let not the Unbelievers think that they can get the better (of the godly): they will never frustrate (them). Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies of Allah and your enemies, and others besides whom you may not know, but whom Allah knows.

SURAH 8:59


Jihad Stage

Influence and power marks this state of the Muslim minority.   It is now their duty to overturn the governments of the non-Muslim countries into establishing Islamic authority.


Fight and slay the Pagans wherever you find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war).


The six Fort Dix terrorists followed their progression of jihad on America.  They followed the tenets of fundamentalist Islam.  As their numbers grow in America , more fundamentalist Muslims force their way into every sector, every level and every aspect of American society.  Whether by legal means, or violent— they continue on a quest that may take decades. 


Muslims, if anything, prove clever.  Those now in the U.S. are aware that there is power in numbers (population), and also aware that they are "in competition" with the burgeoning Hispanic-Latino population.   Muslims, therefore, reproduce at a rate that is much higher than other groups in the U.S. 


Their methods in the U.S. -- use our Constitution to their advantage. 


Once they gain outright power, they intend to revert to Sharia Law. 


Fundamental to the obligations of every Muslim are the Five Pillars of Islam. 


The "Muslim Nation" is working the implementation of Sharia law in France at this moment— where the French have given up on whole city sections in Paris.  They're working it in Holland. They tried it in Australia, but officials rebuked them.  They will keep pressing until success.  


France elected their first non-socialist president in a long time.  The nation of France  prepares for an internal war— an insurrection.


More than three hundred thousand Muslims immigrate (legally and illegally) into the United States annually— brought to us by an "Open-Borders" Congress that stupidly supports the injection of jihad into this nation.  Most come as naturalized citizens, sponsored by relatives already here.   Meanwhile, each Muslim works double-time to increase the Muslim birth-rate in the U.S.


President Bush just signed a bill ("immigration waiver exception") to accept 25,000 Iraqi Sunni refugees into America.  I'll bet they're going to make a happy bunch of campers on American soil!  


Ignorance in the U.S. electorate is NOT bliss


No one stops them; precious few understand what is going on; no one speaks out.  Given enough time, every American faces jihad within his or her own community.


In 1908, President Teddy Roosevelt said,

"The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing as a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities."


It will prove interesting when the Muslims spreading from East to West across America meet the reconquista La Raza Mexicans spreading west to east.  Both groups maintain a mission of conquest.  Both sustain a resolve to make America their own.


The Fort Dix Six— signs of things to come.


How can we stop Islam's conquest of America


Simple: Stop all immigration from Middle Eastern and African countries immediately.  Anything less equals national suicide. 


TOTAL moratorium on all immigration for ten years 


On the other hand, if you are one of the tens of millions who are oblivious— trusting in the proverbial tooth-fairy— you invite national suicide— right along with the entire Open Borders mafia.


We rush toward an insurrection in the U.S. as the Muslim and Catholic (Hispanic-Latino) powers finalize their plans to annihilate one another.   My guess; this mess will explode in 2011, after the U.S. Congress district boundaries are thrown into chaos as a result of the 2010 census. 


What we choose not to know can hurt us— in fact, kill us. 


To turn this mess around, we need urgent and radical actions;


1.       Take total control of our borders, using the U.S.M.C. for seven years, and

2.       Construct a world-class PHYSICAL security-fence along our southern border, and

3.       Implement a total immigration moratorium, for ten years, and

4.       Investigate, prosecute, and punish the criminals who entice and employ foreign-nationals, and

5.       Investigate, prosecute, and punish the 630,000 criminal-aliens who have absconded, ignoring lawful Orders to submit to Deportation, and

6.       Investigate, prosecute, and punish the criminals who entice and employ foreign-nationals (the root-cause), and

7.       Temporarily double the size and staff of the U.S. District Courts, U.S. Immigration Courts, and the U.S Attorney Offices—and build temporary tent-city jails-prisons along our southern border, with built-in courtroom facilities, and

8.       Reinvent the DHS, and

9.       Put the U.S. Marshal Service and DOJ-FBI in charge of the DHS-ICE function in the interim, and

10.  Carefully and thoroughly (10-finger prints and iris scan) add each illegal alien to our NCIC-iAFIS date base as they voluntarily repatriate, and leave the U.S., and

11.  Put a benevolent dictator in the new post of U.S. Immigration Czar, and

12.  Author a world-class U.S. Immigration Strategic Plan, and

13.  Aggressively (this is a major, gigantic new-paradigm effort) train & educate U.S. children-- " grow-our-own"-- to work the high-tech, manufacturing, and agricultural jobs as we emerge from the current "immigration chaos."


Our nation stands in the cross hairs of cultural and national suicide.  If we continue on our current path, we're finished as a nation of laws, as a cohesive people, as a language and as a peaceful civilization.