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Democracy proves a delicate form of government.  It may shatter without proper care by its citizenry.  A Republic is the highest form of democracy. It allows the greatest good throughout a nation.


Why do so many countries suffer from dictatorships? Corruption at the highest levels? Why do so many citizens struggle with starvation in their own lands?  Why is there so much misery in the world?


Short answer: lack of education.


The single most important aspect for running a viable and functioning First World society is the requirement that all citizens maintain minimum standards of literacy.  To maintain an operative society—four factors must sustain throughout the population.


A First World functioning society must be well educated.  From its inception, the founding fathers of United States of America created the finest school system K-12 the world had ever known.  Ben Franklin founded the Post Office and Library system.  He knew the importance of reading, writing and mathematics.  He realized that a functioning society must communicate with itself in order to sustain a vibrant well being.


Second, a functioning society also needs a population that shares a similar moral and ethical code of conduct or standard of behavior.  It is imperative that citizens respect and treat each other in a civil manner stemming from a moral baseline.  It needs to be a moral baseline adhered to because it addresses the majority population’s wishes.


Third, a viable society requires a population that speaks a single language in order to communicate with itself.  Especially in a multi-ethnic society, without a single language, separation and antagonisms occur quickly throughout the general population.


As former Colorado Governor Lamm said, “A nation is much more. It is a state of mind, a shared vision, and a recognition that we are all in this together.  A nation needs a common language as it needs a common currency.”


As Immanuel Kant said, “Language and religion are dividers.”


The scholar Seymour Martin Lipset said, “The histories of bilingual and bicultural societies that do not assimilate are histories of turmoil, tension and tragedy.”


Examples abound in Belgium, Malaysia, Lebanon, Pakistan and Cyprus.  France, Holland and Denmark are in the midst of internal catastrophes of their own making. Immigrants are not assimilating or learning their hosts’ language. America is fast joining that group.


As to the need for an educated society, recent reports show one-half the working age population of Los Angeles county cannot read a bus schedule and cannot fill out a job application.  In the LA area, 53 percent of workers aged 16 and older are deemed functionally illiterate. Time Magazine, in its recent report on illegal immigration, 9/12/04, “Who Left The Door Open?” reported the addition of three million uneducated illegal immigrants added annually was, “A ticking time bomb and our leaders, top to bottom, are inclined to do nothing about it.”


A study by the United Way of Los Angeles classified 3.8 million residents as “low-illiterate.” The communication barrier creates a price tag: The National Right to Read Foundation, referring to functional illiteracy, reports the cost nationally to U.S. taxpayers at $224 billion.


In Denver, Colorado, in June 2005, 67 percent of the Denver Public Schools entire senior class flunked or dropped out. It repeated again in 2006.  No First World society can long survive a lack of an educated population.


America faces a dilemma in its similarity of moral and ethical standards. In Miami, Third World immigrants practice ‘Santeria’ which is a animal sacrifice ritual where sheep, foul and other animals suffer beheadings and bleedings to appease the gods. Mexican Charros chase horses into a full gallop around rodeo corrals before tripping them with lariats.  The results are broken necks, legs, teeth, shoulders and internal injuries that become a death sentence.  In the southwest, dog fighting and cock fighting grow in numbers and crowds as Third World immigrants bring their brutal practices to this country.  As the Middle Eastern immigrants grow into greater numbers, they bring their ‘female genital mutilation’ practices with them.


Does America want such an incursion of immoral and unethical actions of Third World practices manifested in our country?


As it stands now, a pathetic 50 percent of eligible Americans vote in national elections. Even worse, 80 percent of Americans do not vote in local elections.  These are the kinds of figures that promote an ‘elite’ class of politicians that do not represent Americans, but do represent corporations, money and power.


Can America withstand an illiterate and hostile sub-class? Can it survive the ravages of illiteracy estimated at over 35 million at this time?  Can it survive financially as more and more uneducated citizens and non-citizens siphon off the welfare rolls with babies and dependents?  Can we accept animal sacrifices?  Can we deal with cock fighting, horse tripping, clitorectomies and other Third World rituals?  How about one, two, ten or fifty languages?  Can we sustain a viable society with so much communication confusion?  Can we add five million people annually (three million illegals, one million legal immigrants, one million growth by Americans) to our population with the realization that the immigration line never ends?  Can we sustain our country for future generations?

Can we maintain our quality of life?  Our standard of living? 


In a nutshell: NO!  It’s called Third World Momentum. It’s overwhelming America.


So, what are you going to do about it?



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