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Who Will Save America? Rudolph Giuliani: CPR for the GOP?

      Did you ever experience some perverse sense of pleasure from watching your older siblings get punished by your parents? That is precisely the feeling that I get when I watch the present happenings of the Republican Party. The present GOP, in Arizona, is sinking faster than the Titanic and the subsequent infighting of Arizona Republicans is symbolic of what is happening to Republicans across the country.
     There is no greater act of betrayal than selling out those who you promised to serve and protect. There are many Republicans who are good, honest American-loving public servants. Congratulations to the few in the Republican Party who are waking up to the plundering of our country by the global corporations and their multitude of political minions. Standing in opposition to the global corporate agenda, Arizona State Senators Karen Johnson and Jack Harper as well as Arizona State Representative Russell Pearce have spoken repeatedly against the North American Union, voter fraud and the scourge of illegal immigration, respectively. Although it is true that some Republicans, not enough, are recognizing the profound sense of betrayal being heaped upon the American people by the present two-party system via its immigration policies and free trade agreements. However, it is a case of too little, too late.
     Consider the recent case of Arizona State GOP Chair, Randy Pullen, who appeared to break ranks with the very powerful Arizona Senators John McCain and Jon Kyl, as evidenced by his sharp and very public rebuke of the Senators’ support for the greatest act of treason since Benedict Arnold attempted to give away West Point to the British during the Revolutionary War. I am referring to SB 1348 which promises to “de-culturize” and bankrupt America through the sheer number of the millions of Mexicans which will flood through our soon-to-be former borders. Many are predicting that America, through the impending passage of the covert amnesty legislation, SB 1348, will eventually lead to an increase of 300 million people in our children’s lifetime at a cost of nearly 3 trillion dollars. Your children and grandchildren will soon be pressing two for English because of the actions of Republicans like Kyl and McCain. Ask yourself, where will we get the money to build the infrastructure that will be needed to support the massive immigration that is coming? Where will the money come from to build the needed schools and train the massive amount of bilingual teachers that will be needed? McCain for President?
     For a brief shining moment, Pullen had appeared to be the person who might single handedly derail the presidential aspirations of CAFTA’s co-sponsor, John McCain, and expose the globalist immigration agenda for what it is. Yet, as it is turning out, enough pressure has been brought to bear on Pullen, by the Republican Party, that Mr. Pullen has been reigned back into the fold and we will not likely hear much more about his disdain for the immigration stances of Kyl and McCain and their aiding and abetting America’s suicide by illegal immigration so long as he is the Arizona State GOP Chair. I believe Randy Pullen to be a good man who has yet to realize that the Leopard, that is the Republican Party, cannot changes its spots. Pardon the pun, but this man, who I believe is filled with good intentions, is Pullen for the wrong party.
     Despite the kissing and making up that will soon take place among Arizona GOP members, the damage has been done. The Republican Party is imploding right before our eyes, both on a State and a national level. In addition, McCain has sabotaged his own presidential run with his crude use of the “F Bomb”, his inane support for the Iraq War and his overt and treasonous support for open borders and the loss of American sovereignty. In short, presidential contender, John McCain, is giving Middle America the middle finger and the cost will be his life long dream of becoming president. But McCain’s exposure as a seditious, anti-American force will not be enough to save the Republican Party.  
     Mainstream America is slowly waking up to the betrayal of the American wage earner by the Republican Party. To satisfy the rising political awareness of the American middle class, one has to wonder where American voters will turn in the 2008 election cycle in order to correct these overt acts of treason. Specifically, with the McCain presidential run hanging on for dear life, where will the GOP turn to salvage its 2008 aspirations?
     Enter Rudolph Giuliani, who has quietly been waiting in the wings to ride in as the savior of the GOP; The hero of the post-911 New York City terrorist attack, former mayor, Rudolph Giuliani, to the rescue. This is possibly true so long as the dealings of his law firm, Bracewell & Giuliani, remain obscured from the view of mainstream America.
     The Giuliani law firm has ties to Hugo Chavez, a strident critic of American-style capitalism. Giuliani's Houston based law firm has lobbied for years on behalf of an oil company controlled by the Hugo Chavez, Venezuelan president. Further, his law firm handles lobbying in the Texas statehouse for Citgo Petroleum Corporation of Houston. Citgo is the American subsidiary of Petroleos de Venezuela, the state-owned oil company that Chavez controls (Buettner, 03/15/2007, New York Times News Service). As if this was not bad enough, somebody should ask Giuliani about the Spanish investment consortium firm, Cintra, and the legal representation that Bracewell & Giuliani does for this firm. Giuliani’s law firm has successfully brokered a $1.3 billion deal with TxDOT, on behalf of Cintra, to build the remaining 40 miles of State Highway 130 as a NAFTA superhighway (NASCO) toll road. This superhighway, which will displace an estimated one million Texans from their homes and place of work, is being built in support of NAFTA/CAFTA and the North American Union. An American road built with American funds, a 75 year lease given at a bargain basement price to a Spanish firm so they can in turn charge a toll to American citizens who have already paid for the road (Jerome Corsi, World Net Daily, 2007). For those self-aware Americans who are familiar with the potentially devastating impact of the North American Union, no further explanation is necessary for patriots to realize the Giuliani is a traitor to American sovereignty on the same level as McCain and Kyl. And we are going to seriously consider Rudolph as a serious candidate for President?
     To add insult to injury, more anti-American activities have been linked to Giuliani. For example, Michelle Malkin (09/24/2002, Capitalism Magazine, End Sanctuary for Illegal Immigrants) documented that Giuliani provided New York as a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants. So, please tell me how any loyal, patriotic American could seriously entertain the thought of a Giuliani presidency?        
     If the duplicitous agenda of Giuliani ever reaches mainstream America, one would expect history to repeat itself and the political pendulum will swing back toward the Democrats with a “damned if you do, and damned if you don’t” result.
     Who from the Democrats will be the savior of the American people in their role as the President? Will it be Hillary Clinton who is more socialist than Ted “World without borders” Kennedy? Who can forget about Hillary’s attempt at getting America to accept her brand of socialist national health care shortly after becoming the First Lady? Who can forget Hillary’s flip flopping on the Iraq War as American public opinion turned against the war? Who can forget her explicit support of open borders? Hillary has been well-rewarded for her support of the globalist corporate agenda and I refer the reader to her vast treasure chest of campaign donations as the proof.
     If America is disenchanted with Hillary, what about Obama, can’t he save America? Unfortunately, America has never seriously asked the question “Who is Obama and what does he represent?” How can one describe Obama’s meteoric rise to power in such a short time unless, of course, he was handpicked and bankrolled by the corporations to provide the American people with a “Trojan Horse” corporately controlled choice in case the other, more experienced candidates implode in the public’s eye (e.g., McCain)? Ask yourself, if Obama was not in the hip pocket of the major corporations, how else could he have raised the kind of money it takes to be a serious player in the 2008 election with such a short, undistinguished political career at point in time when he has only the equivalent of a learners permit with regard to his political experience?
     It will cost an estimated one billion dollars in campaign contributions in order to secure the office of the President in 2008. Are you able to make the kind of a political contribution that will get the President to sit up and take notice of your needs and wants? I don’t think so. What we have is government by and for the global corporations. I, and many others have said it before, we have two branches of the same party. And that party does not represent you and I.
Isn’t it time for a change?

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