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“When will the fighting end?” Persaeus, niece of the king of Troy asked Achilles as they sat in their tent.

“It never ends!” the Greek warrior, played by Brad Pitt replied, in
TROY” the movie.

War wages throughout human history.  Tyrants come and go.  Great nations rise and fall.  As was said in the movie, soldiers die with no remembrance.  

Today, our soldiers die in Iraq for a country that does not want us in its land.  As Achilles said 3,200 years ago about war, “It never ends.”

Another kind of invasion ‘never ends’ by accelerating into the United States of America today.  It’s the Trojan Horse of immigration. While our soldiers give their lives in order to free a nation that smells more like the futility of Vietnam, we lose our freedom by the day via a pernicious invasion of unending humanity. 

Unrestricted illegal and unending legal immigration at 2.1 million annually inundates America with a betrayal that will prove more horrific than 9/11 and equally as devastating as the Vandals that overran Rome.   If S. 1348 passes, it means 100 million people added to America by 2040.

We possess the greatest army in the world, yet while our soldiers die 10,000 miles away, our borders buckle with enemy combatants more deliberate than “The Last Samurai.”  In the Washington Times, February 3, 2005, “Snipers Target U.S. Border Patrol Agents,” illustrates Mexican drug smugglers blasting away at our officers. 

“Douglas station agents in Arizona’s southeastern corner have been fired upon on six occasions,” writes Jerry Seper for the Times. “Border patrol officers have been assaulted 80 times, nine involving shootings.”

In the meantime, Mexico’s President Calderon injected 56 consulates (more Trojan Horses) into our top cities which serve 10.2 million illegal aliens from his country now residing in our nation.  Calderon, who runs one of the most mercenary governments in the Americas, implants his Third World corruption right up our nostrils.  How bought off is the Bush administration by corporations pulling the strings on our president as if he was another Pinocchio?  You be the judge.

Our danger is more imminent than Hector’s death by Achilles.  Our King Bush stands at the gates of the White House (Troy) oblivious that the Trojan Horse is unleashed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Our citizens are massacred by--losing their jobs, schools, medical facilities, language and communities.

Pareus, Hector’s brother, when seeing the Trojan Horse, said, “Burn it here on the beach.”  But their father, King of Troy, (played by Peter O’Toole) listened to his counsel who said, “Bring it into the city as a tribute to the gods.”   In present-day America, Karl Rove, Bush’s counsel, advises with similar arrogance.

Trojans pulled the wooden horse into the city.   Greeks jumped out of its bowels in the dead of night and opened the gates.  More Greeks entered.  They lit fires that burned Troy.  Karl Rove will prove the man who invited the burning of America. He advises Bush that mass immigration is good and Bush vacantly takes Rove’s advice.

If you examine America today, immigration proves our Trojan Horse.  It’s killing our country as surely as the Greeks burned Troy. Immigration will add 100 million people to this country in 33 years.   It will prove our undoing if allowed further countenance in our nation.

Just as Achilles brought more of his warriors into Troy--the more we bring people from the Middle East, China, India and Mexico--the more they enclave their own.  That is how Al-Qaeda thrust a sword into our World Trade Towers.  And, as you may know, they may have had help inside the U.S.  Where are they planning their next attack?  Be assured they are patient, very patient, and they have one prime directive, which they shall not abandon.  Does anyone realize that hundreds if not thousands of Middle Eastern Muslim Mosques have popped up all over our nation—built with Saudi Arabia’s oil money? If you think they are all benign, think again.

Below us, the opportunist Mexican government sends its own illiterate masses whom ‘colonize’ our country in ever increasing numbers.  More than 10.2 million Mexicans transplanted themselves into our country. They bleed us by sending back $ 20 billion to their mother country annually.  Illegals from South America and Asia send $40 more billion annually back to their home countries.  Does that sound like loyal American immigrants?  NO! They represent Trojan Horses!  This does not include the billions of dollars we spend to educate their young, housing assistance or medical services provided at our cost.

How fast are they colonizing us?  Mario Obledo, founding member of the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF), (the most anti-American group in the US today), and former California Secretary of Health/Welfare, speaking on the Tom Leikus radio talk show said, “We're going to take over all the political institutions in California.  In five years the Hispanics are going to be the majority population of this state." Caller: "You also made the statement that California is going to become a Hispanic state and if anyone doesn't like it they should leave - did you say that?" Obledo: "I did. They ought to go back to Europe."

He belongs to a growing group of Mexicans, Reconquista Aztlan (re-conquest), that demands California, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona be brought under Mexican rule.

At this critical juncture in history, will the Hector’s, Persaeus’ and King of Troy or even our own ‘King’ of the United States wake up in time to close the gates of Troy?  Will we stop the Trojan Horse of immigration from entering?  Will Bush’s main counsel, Karl Rove, wisely advise our vacant-eyed president before it’s too late?  Will Americans wave flags for our boys in Iraq while our own country burns in chaos and becomes yet more kindling on the ash heap of history with this immigration invasion?  Will we capture Osama bin Laden (Achilles) and his band of Al-Qaeda agents before he torches us?

The people of Troy made their worst mistake by giving blind faith to their king and leaders trusting they would protect and save them.  They were wrong.  They died and Troy was lost. 

So far, Bush can’t see what’s happening from his Temple of Apollo (White House) and his trusted advisor, Karl Rove, lacks the mental acuity of a prairie dog as to history and the current reality invading America.  Our Congress stands at the portals of time as defiantly out of touch as was the Council of Troy.  So what will save this country from the Trojan Horse of immigration?

You, fellow American! Not your inaction.  Your action.  Not your complaining.  Your planning.  Not going it alone.  Your banding together.  Not your mumbling.  Your raised voice collectively.  Not your remote.  Your finger on the telephone buttons.  Not idle wishing.  Your action on the Internet!  Without your response, this country and your children’s future are as surely lost as the residents of Troy 3,200 years ago.




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