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Treason Doth Never Prosper (Part 4): The Numbers Do Not Lie

 “Treason doth never prosper: What's the reason? Why if it prosper, none dare call it treason.” 
For once, Senator McCain may have actually been telling the truth when he told Lou Dobbs “But it (SB 1348) will also enhance interior enforcement and put employers on notice that the practice of hiring illegal workers will no longer be tolerated” (CNN Lou Dobbs, 5/19/2007). The Senator is correct. After all, if millions of illegal aliens would have been granted amnesty, and the guest worker visa programs were greatly expanded, employers would be hard pressed to find an illegal alien to hire. This would be like grounding your child after they have moved out of your house. Fortunately, SB 1348 stalled in the Senate on Thursday. 
Hip-hip hurray! The good guys have won……., at least for now! 
Under pressure from the American people, the Senate has tucked its tail and is scurrying for cover after refusing to act on SB 1348. The vote against cloture on SB 1348 failed by a vote of 45 to 50. For the first time, in a long time, mainstream America stood up to their elected officials, and with a unified voice, gave a resounding NO to amnesty. Even some of the most steadfast political, corporate servants who support total amnesty, such as Jon Kyl, have slithered into hiding in order to escape the tidal wave of political pressure which was generated by grassroots America. 
With the corporate power brokers and the leadership from both parties supporting amnesty, most political pundits thought it was unavoidable that SB 1348 would eventually pass and become law. The corporate-controlled establishment totally underestimated the nation’s collective anger. This is, indeed, a time to celebrate! But please keep in mind that this is only one battle in a long campaign for control over the sovereignty of America and the collective resources of the American middle class.   
All patriotic Americans need to be mindful that there is nothing to prevent the same treasonous senators (e.g., John McCain) from attempting to impose the will of their corporate benefactor’s amnesty plan on the American people at a later date. In fact, Senator, Harry Reid said we are finished with amnesty for the time being, but that he wants to revisit the issue at a “later time”. And despite being at the G8 Summit in Europe, President Bush has begun the process of reviving SB 1348 with a few well-placed phone calls to top GOP leaders on Friday. Subsequently, our victory could be very short-lived if we are not as Thomas Jefferson stated, “eternally vigilant”. 
No doubt the corporate propagandists are already at work crafting the next phase of rhetoric designed to lessen the frenetic opposition that SB 1348 endured. What form will the new version of amnesty take? Nobody can be certain. However, Section 413 of SB 1348 may provide a clue as it was obvious that important provisions connected with the implementation of the North American Union were concealed within this latest amnesty bill (see Section 413 of SB 1348). Along the same lines, I would suspect that major provisions of the amnesty bill may make their way into law through the amendment process as riders on proposed bills which have nothing to do with amnesty or immigration. Again, eternal vigilance needs to be the order of the day for every loyal American.   
Before we become privy to the corporate strategy which will underlie the new set of justifications used to grant amnesty, we should consider some very important data related to the issue of illegal immigration. The Washington Post reported (12/1/02) that over half of the new workers added to the American work force were largely illegal aliens. The article stopped short of explaining the impact that each and every illegal alien has on middle class economic interests.  As Paul Harvey would say, please let me tell "the rest of the story." 
Some who support immigration of any sort, including the illegal kind, say that it is not true that immigrants take jobs away from working Americans. Amnesty proponents maintain that immigrants work at back breaking jobs which are both dangerous and unpleasant which no self-respecting American would perform. According to the propaganda spewed by the apologists for amnesty, the laundry list of jobs that Americans will not engage in consists of agricultural labor, ditch digging and washing dishes. However, the true data tells a far different story.
The Pew Hispanic Center released a report in March, 2006, which estimated that illegal alien workers perform:

25% of all agricultural jobs
17% of all office and house cleaning positions
14% all construction jobs
12% of all food preparation jobs
However, the claim that illegals only take jobs that Americans will not perform is a myth when one considers the following:  
75% of agriculture jobs are filled by Americans
83% of house cleaning jobs are filled by Americans
86% of construction jobs are filled by Americans
88% of food preparation jobs are filled by Americans
So much for the corporate-media created myth that illegal aliens are performing work that we won’t perform. Slavery will never be legally reinstituted, but for the global corporations, these millions of illegal aliens are the next best thing to involuntary servitude: People on both sides of the border are victims to the greed of the global corporations. Illegal foreigners accept sweat shop, corporate-sponsored exploitation. Illegals don't complain about hazardous working conditions, will work for sub-living wages and they do not demand expensive medical coverage or life insurance benefits.
John Snipes is a union carpenter in the Atlanta area and posted his views and experience on job displacement on an Atlanta Journal-Constitution forum. Despite being a highly skilled laborer, he has lost work to illegals willing to work for less. The loss of jobs, such as John Snipes’, exacerbates the loss in tax revenue from aliens who claim enough deductions to have no withholding. And we already know who is making up the unfunded tax bill.
Many Americans believe that because they have a college degree, or even an advanced degree, and a white collar job, that they are safe from employment competition from foreign laborers. On the contrary, job losses to illegal immigration only constitutes a portion of the threat to American workers.
Consider the case of Larry Schenone, who was unemployed for more than a year even though he is a mechanical engineer and possesses a master's degree in business. When unemployment came for Larry, at age 47, he was not exactly past his working prime. Prior to his unemployment, Larry was making an annual salary of $100,000 working for a St. Louis defense contractor. But Scherone and thousands like him have been hit by the double whammy of massive outsourcing of American engineering jobs to cheap-wage refuges, like India, and the continued influx of foreign technical workers working legally in the United States on guest worker visas.
Consider the case of Gene Nelson who is a biophysicist, possesses a PhD and became unemployed because his corporation hired a cheaper, younger foreign worker who displaced this American through the use of the H-1B visa program. Do you really think it cannot happen to you or will happen to your children in the near future?  If not, please think again!
Harvard professor and Cuban immigrant, Jorge Borjas, as cited in his May 2007 study, Increasing the Supply of Labor Through Immigation, which was featured in The Center for Immigration Studies, found that by increasing the supply of labor through immigration, from the period 1960-2000, significantly lowered the earnings of native born workers. The Borjas study clearly indicates that immigration has indeed harmed the economic opportunities of American citizens. The effect of immigration on wages differs across education groups and racial groups. For example, the immigrant influx that entered the country between 1980 and 2000 lowered the wage by 7.4% for high school dropouts, by 3.6% for college graduates, and by 2% for both high school graduates and workers possessing some college. Of course, the impact is much larger for some specific experience groups within each educational category. Similarly, although this immigrant influx lowered the wages of Caucasian workers by 3.5%; it significantly lowered the wages of African Americans by 4.5%. Disturbingly, American born Hispanics wages saw a decrease in their wages by 5%. Dr. Borjas found the rate of decrease was the same whether the immigration was legal or illegal. Using a statistical technique referred to as multiple regression analysis, Borjas determined that a 10% increase in the number of workers in a particular skill group reduces the wage of the workers in that skill group by 3.5%.
Let’s do a quick mathematical analysis on SB 1348 and the general effect that its passage would have had on the average income of Americans by using the ratios derived from the Borjas formulas for calculating the economic impact of immigration. Assuming a linear relationship, an increase of 20 million illegal laborers would have the impact of lowering American wages by an average of 2%. However, one would assume that the 20 million has already had their impact on American wages since, according to the Borjas theorem, it does not matter if the immigration is legal or not. So, we will not count the first 20 million illegal aliens who would have received amnesty under SB 1348. But if we consider SB 1348’s “Friends and Family Plan” in which family members would be eligible to join illegals receiving amnesty, the impact would conservatively be placed at adding 80 million new people over the next twenty years. Using the Borjas formula, the passage of SB 1348 would result in the decline of American wages decline by a staggering 9.45%. And when considers that this group will largely be working at subsistence wages, the rest of the America, will also be paying a disproportionate share of the tax burden. This is an economic weight that the American middle class cannot bear.
Any elected official who supports this insanity, needs to removed from office. If a senator supported SB 1348 without realizing the full impact of the bill, they need to be recalled from office for incompetence. If a senator knowingly supported SB 1348 and was aware of the economic consequences, they need to be recalled for treasonous behavior against the people of the United States. It is time to place the blame where it belongs, namely, on the global corporations and their political servants (e.g., John McCain and Jon Kyl).
Fellow Constitution Party member, Michelle Dallacroce, founder of Mothers Against Illegal Aliens, has initiated a recall effort against Jon Kyl and John McCain for their role in perpetrating the attempted giveaway of American sovereignty under SB1348. In my position as Arizona State Party Chairman of the Constitution Party, I am urging every American who is desirous of preserving the future of our great country to support Ms. Dallacroce’s sponsored recall of John McCain and Jon Kyl for their treasonous support of amnesty and SB 1348.
On the surface a recall of both Arizona senators may seem radical. However, when one considers the breakneck speed in which the global takeover of America is taking place, we cannot afford to wait for the next general election. All  of the following are parts of the same plan; CAFTA, NAFTA, the NAU and amnesty for illegal aliens. These sovereignty snatching programs are at, or near, completion. We must act NOW if we are to preserve the country.
I would like to invite everyone who wants to take this country back to a part of the solution. Therefore, if you would like to help with the recall of Kyl and McCain please send an email message to Michelle Dallacroce, with your contact information, to recallkylmccain@yahoo.com
The future of our children rises and falls on what we do today. Doing nothing is tantamount to letting this treason continue to prosper.
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Dave Hodges is a former Republican who left the party in 2003. Dave has appeared on several radio shows and has written for several web sites across the country. Dave Hodges is not aligned with the political right or the political left. He is a constitutionalist and believes that the answer to our country’s problems lies in following the wisdom of the Founding Fathers and following the United States Constitution. Dave Hodges is currently the spokesperson for the Arizona Coalition to Protect Personal Property Rights which is a grass roots organization which is tasked with the responsibility in assisting Arizonans in the defense of their personal property rights. Dave Hodges is also the Chairperson of the Constitution Party of Arizona. Nationally, the Constitution Party is the fastest growing party in the country and the party now stands as the third largest party. Presently in Arizona, a ballot eligibility drive is underway and will be completed by the fall of 2007. To find out more about the Constitution Party, please visit the web site at www.constitutionparty.org. If you would like Dave Hodges to speak to your group, or organization, he can be contacted at azconstitutionparty@yahoo.com

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