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Letter to AP: Ron Paul Life and Liberty celebration

Gentlemen and Ladies,
This evening I read the following story: one of your AP staff "writers" Amy Lorentzen slopped together on the Rally being put on by the Ron Paul Campaign in Des Monies near where another debate that Ron Paul wasn’t invited to is also going on.  I find it UPSETTING, REVOLTING and just plain SICKENING that your supposed “NEWS WIRE” puts such a derogatory slant on such an important piece of news.  Here is the AP article as posted by your “news channel” and also carried by WSPA channel 7 and on the Boston Herald with a nasty little headline:   Amy Lorentzen of the AP writes: 'Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul will add party crashing to his campaign tactics this weekend.'
I have been following the story in Iowa since the news broke on www.freedomsphoenix.com on June 20th 2007.  Your supposed “News Wire” has not published any story whatsoever regarding Ron Paul’s exclusion from this PRESIDENTIAL candidates’ debate.  What makes this story even more significant is that groups sponsoring the debate are: Iowans for Tax Relief and Iowa Christian Alliance.  Now if your organization and staff writer Lorentzen did any research at all, you would find that Ron Paul is unanimously considered the taxpayers best friend and Ron Paul is a Pro life Republican Candidate.  Certainly his credentials would make him a likely  candidate to invite and not exclude, unless of course the names of the sponsors are not what they are about!
I find it remarkable that not only your “news” company but no other “news” company except The Des Monies Register mentioned anything about Ron Paul’s exclusion from this debate.  I am sure the reason the Des Monies Register ran the story at all is because a Iowa talk show host Jan Michelson of WHO radio did a interviewed the Ron Paul Campaign manager Kent Snyder and the now infamous Ed Failor of Iowans for Tax Relief.  Jan asked Mr. Failor why he couldn’t just invite Ron Paul.  Mr. Failor said that they couldn’t change the format to their debate.  Anyone who heard the interview would agree with Jan and Kent that Ed’s excuse was “weak”.  I would say his excuse was “LAME” but then again Mr. Failor is a consultant on John McCain’s campaign, and there couldn’t possibly be a conflict of interest there.

In the Radio Interview Mr. Failor mentioned that
"Paul didn't meet the criteria the groups drew up last winter," which Ed Failor Jr., executive vice president of Iowans for Tax Relief said "included having an established exploratory committee and garnering at least 1 percent in a national poll." The groups sent out invitations in March to all "credible" candidates of both parties; all the Democrats declined to attend.
Yet Tom Tancredo was invited to the debate  and he had not announced  his presidential exploratory committee till  4/2/07!
Mr. Failor  said in his interview he never lies.  It looks like the INCOMPETENT media that is to LAZY to EXPOSE the FASCISTS for what they really are!

On June 23rd 2007 the Ron Paul Campaign made a press release indicating that Ron Paul was going to Des Monies even if he is not invited and put on a Rally NEAR where the supposed “debate” is going on at.  Gentlemen, this is a perfectly good way to expose Iowans who are going to the debate to get a chance to listen to a 10 term republican congressman and legitimate presidential candidate on issues that matter to them.  Reducing Taxes by reducing spending, getting out of Iraq immediately, securing the borders of the united States of America, bringing all our troops home from the 135 countries they now occupy, enforcing the CONSTITUTION and Proper Role of government.  The proper role of government is NOT spying on Americans!
Further 6/27/07 Tom Tancredo (another presidential Candidate in case you didn’t know) issued a had a press release saying
“While I don’t see eye-to-eye with Rep. Paul on all issues, he is a respected Congressman, a former presidential candidate, and a man with strong convictions and the courage to express them,” Tancredo said, “The Republican party is better because he is one of us and he has earned the right to be in all presidential forums and debates.” Tancredo concluded, “I hope the organizers of this forum will reconsider and extend him an invitation.”

This is a great story however because of your ineptitude and biasedness you had turned it into a worthless piece of GARBAGE.   In conclusion I find it remarkable people still buy your TRASH that your company churns out  your story is UNTIMELY, SLANTED, WEAK and INCOMPLETE.  I also am shocked that WSPA and the Boston Herald are so worthless they just regurgitate your excrement!

Thomas Mario of the family Costanzo
>; GOP's Paul to Crash Iowa Forum

News Channel 7 - SC,USA

By AMY LORENTZEN AP Writer DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) -- Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul will add party crashing to his campaign tactics this weekend.

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These people are just marking themselves as stupid,irrelevant,trash,that will be taken to the dump in the process of cleaning up America.
"Use to be`s don`t count anymore,they just lay on the floor until one sweeps them away".