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Visited Los Angeles lately?  How about Miami?  What about New York City?  How Houston, Texas?  Notice anything?  Millions upon millions of people from foreign lands reside illegally in our communities. 


A Chicago reader echoed a growing crisis in America where Americans by the millions must step aside for people who broke into our country.


“As a native of the Chicago area I have been aware of immigration my entire life--as a youngster in the 60s we had many Central and Eastern Europeans in our community and they and their children learned English as soon as possible-- and how the "melting pot" worked so well until 1965,” Terry said. “Although aware, I was not overly concerned until May 1, 2006. I was stunned to see all the Mexican flags, pictures of Che Guevara, and nasty slogans in Spanish by the hundreds of thousands of marchers in Chicago.”


Terry continued, “Much more disturbing is all the disinformation coming out of the Chicago Tribune, Sun-Times and the various Suburban daily newspapers. The editorial pages have been fair, giving both sides space in the letters to the editor section, but the reporting and the columnists have been very one-sided in their support of illegal immigrants. Almost every story is pro-immigration, feel good immigration stories or stories about how deportation will "break-up" families.  Stories about the Latin Kings or illegal alien drunk driving accidents would make Geraldo Rivera proud. Those are only gang banger or drunk driving "incidents" not illegal immigration issues.


“To make a long story short and to keep these comments from becoming a rant, I contacted both Grassfire.org and NumbersUSA.com to air their videos and PSA's on my cable-TV channel (www.tv17outdoors.com). I really believe people need to see the other side of the story, especially the population statistics put forth by NumbersUSA. The sprawl in the Chicago area has become overwhelming as Native Americans are pushed further and further out, the result of cultural and ethnic cleansing of neighborhoods. Today there are four Spanish Language TV Stations, 17 Spanish language Radio stations and numerous Spanish language publications, church services, street signs, box store signage, as well as government documents in Spanish.  My son's former grade school has hired three teachers to educate children in SPANISH! Even though Chicago is over one-thousand miles from the Mexican border, the Hispanic population in the area is now approaching two million! In 1965 it was less than 100,000 and they were mostly citizens (Puerto Ricans).”


There you have it!  A snap shot of ‘ethnic cleansing’ in our American cities by a Chicago native.  While illegal alien migrants chant ‘racism’, they methodically take over American neighborhoods and create their own enclaves filled with more of their own. 


Take one look at Miami for ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Americans by Cubans.  Travel to Houston to see Mexicans ‘ethnically cleansing’ Americans out of neighborhood after neighborhood.  The same holds true in Atlanta, New York City, Dallas, Raleigh, North Carolina and any American city with major illegal alien overload.


If Black America thinks ‘racism’ overpowered it for most of the last two centuries, ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Black housing areas accelerates as Mexicans overwhelm neighborhoods in city after city.  In Denver, where I live, Mexicans chase American Blacks out as fast as more relatives move in from Mexico.


Whether Senators Hillary Clinton, Kennedy, Specter, McCain, Reid, Hagel, Martinez, malcontent Cheney and others think ‘multiculturalism’ warms America’s heart—they stand dead wrong.  Multiculturalism rips at America’s core.  It destroys our cohesive society.  It destroys our single language.  It wreaks havoc in our schools.  It shreds the American Dream.  It forces Americans into a showdown with 20 million people illegally living in and ‘ethnically cleansing’ us out of our own country.


As it worsens from Bush not enforcing our immigration laws and Congress twiddling it thumbs, ‘ethnic cleansing’ of we Americans out of our communities creates tension, anger, failing schools and frustration that boils into violence.


At some point, Americans will stand their ground.  When they do, look for heated violence on small and large scales in communities across America.  If they don’t—look for major ghettoes forming by million of illiterate, foreign language speaking, non-citizens creating their own version of the Third World right here in America.






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No one to blame but themselves, if they don't have the guts to resist.