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Governor Napolitano moves AZ Presidential Preference Primary to Feb. 5

I changed this from an earlier editorial I published (see bottom), as my facts were in error.  I leave the link active with the following:
Governor Napolitano just moved Arizona's Presidential Preference Primary forward to Feb. 5, lumping it in with over a dozen other states who will be holding their primaries on that date.  She says this is the earliest she can make the date to avoid conflicting with the Democratic and Republican Party rules for holding primaries.

.... the rules are there.  Nobody is supposed to have their primary before New Hampshire. 

But Arizona's Presidential Preference Primary (PPP) is not a primary.  That is what Nappy knows.  .... It is a multi-million dollar beauty contest, that has brought the state some attention in the past.  But it is nothing more than a taxpayer funded straw poll.  ....
[Addendum:  I got up this morning and decided I should fact check my annoyance.  The 2008 PPP has the appearance of being more substantive than I have lead you to believe.  Both the Republican and Democratic Party of Arizona have voluntarily "committed" all or a majority of their 2008 delegates respectively to the candidate selected in the PPP.   It is confusing to say the least, but my assertions that this is nothing more than a beauty contest remain.  The earlier election dates nationwide will heavily favor the "mainstream" candidates as momentum for other candidates will not have the usual time to develop.]