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Ernesto del Fuego Rides Again

"It is never to be expected in a revolution that every man is to change his opinion at the same moment. There never yet was any truth or any principle so irresistibly obvious that all men believed it at once. Time and reason must cooperate with each other to the final establishment of any principle; and therefore those who may happen to be first convinced have not a right to persecute others, on whom conviction operates more slowly. The moral principle of revolutions is to instruct, not to destroy.”  – Thomas Paine

 For several weeks I have been watching with envy the exploits of Ernie Hancock as he simultaneously leads (by example) and reports on the progress of the Ron Paul campaign. We should all have the fortitude to strike out and act in support of our beliefs as he has and will continue to do for as long as it is necessary. I am truly humbled.

 I was particularly taken by his latest, rambling (as only Ernie can ramble) update upon his return home to Phoenix. Throughout the last weeks it has been heartening to see the spontaneous growth of support for Ron Paul throughout the country. From Maui to the Ahwatukee Post Office his message is being heard despite the obvious efforts to suppress it. This support is mostly the natural result of people who know of and admire Ron Paul being inspired to become active in supporting his campaign. To know him is truly to admire him and the principles he has stood for in Congress for decades.

 That said; props are in order for Ernie and the r3VOLution he has worked so hard to ignite. Without it I fear that the Ron Paul campaign would be a necessary part of the 2008 election, but sadly, doomed to come up short. With it, on the other hand, a Ron Paul win is more than just imaginable; it’s possible and even likely. I don’t think it would be possible without the r3VOLutionary aspect. Call it the ‘magic’ if you will. What I mean to do here is to try and explain that ‘magic’ and why it will be an essential part of Ron Paul’s success.

 First I want to address and dispense with a couple of minor, even humorous, aspects that have been evident so far. These are things that might be of concern to a supporter with less experience in the world of unconventional politics, but not to me and certainly not to Ernie.

 One is the truly comical article of faith by the lamestream media that the Ron Paul campaign can’t succeed. Whether Fox News is selling it, even in the face of their own text polling, or CNN tries to sell it as it accidentally interviews one of those non-existent Ron Paul supporters, I absolutely love it.

 Step right up! Get your obsolete paradigm right here!

 This is nothing more than a case of the establishment, via its mouthpieces in the lamestream media, whistling past the graveyard. The tax-funded gravy train that one way or another keeps the media rolling (think advertising dollars from corporations propped up by tax dollars or government regulation) will grind to a halt once Ron Paul takes the oath of office (and actually meaning he’ll defend the Constitution). It should be fun to hear this whistling rise to a fevered pitch as the campaign wears on. I’m almost tempted to turn on my TV. Not!

 The second aspect is that which sparked Ernie to write his latest report. That is, the ‘Weak-kneed Willies’ who make up a tiny part of the Ron Paul campaign that are afraid of being associated with the r3EVOlution. While I find this humorous as well, I have to admit that my experience includes far too much in-fighting with the more determined, and surprisingly well-funded of these types. Indeed they’ve all but eviscerated the Libertarian Party because they are afraid of actually being linked with an actual libertarian platform plank.

 A wise man by the name of L.Neil Smith once said:

"It is moral weakness, rather than villainy, that accounts for most of the evil in the universe and feeble-hearted allies, far rather than your most powerful enemies, who are likeliest to do you an injury you cannot recover from.”

 Sadly, in my opinion this has proven to be true with the Libertarian Party. Though it may yet see its error and reverse its course. Probably because the ‘Weak-kneed Willies’ will tire of attending meetings that lead to no useful action. Or at least they will be harmlessly shunted to ground if they don’t. Not to worry though; the real movers have moved on and all is well. They’ve also been joined by lots of other movers from across the political spectrum. Including more than a few who never knew themselves to be movers until now. Hence, the r3VOLution.

 It’s magic!

 Is this waffling from the ‘Week-Kneed Willies’ something for r3VOLutionaries to worry about. Hardly. As Ernie likes to say:

 The r3VOLution will be “YouTubed.”

 Indeed it will. Go ahead and YouTube Ron Paul (15,700 videos). Or Google Ron Paul (59.5 million hits). Or Yahoo! Ron Paul (142 million hits!). The Information Revolution that was born in 1989 thanks to Tim Berners Lee is quite naturally being joined in 2007 by its new sibling the Political Revolution thanks to Ron Paul. Imagine all those links to and videos about a man the paid pundits of the establishment daily assure us has no chance of winning. How did they get there?

 It’s magic!

 And you can bet we’ll witness a lot more magic in the coming months. Meanwhile both the Lamestream Idiot Media Pundits (LIMPs™) and the Weak-Kneed Willies will be busy whining and wetting their pants, but they won’t be able to do anything to slow the r3VOLution because…

 …the r3VOLution won’t be organized.

 “Huh?” I pretend to hear you say.

 That’s right, the r3VOLution won’t be organized – as in centrally-planned. It won’t have a headquarters or a hierarchy that can be captured or destroyed by the opposition nor subverted by incompetent or cowardly allies. It will be a textbook proof of Chaos Theory that will take the establishment by storm long before they are ever aware of what hit them. It will have as its battle cry Thomas Paine’s admonition to “lead, follow or get out of the way.” It won’t seek permission. It won’t take orders from any authority. It won’t snivel or whimper.

 It won’t fail.

 It will succeed through the efforts of countless friendly and  peaceful insurgents exercising their rights to effect positive change. We are all free to act individually or in concert with others as we see fit with a fixed, achievable goal firmly in mind; the swearing in of Ron Paul in January 2009. (While we savor the priceless look on the face of John Roberts!)
The key to achieving this goal is simple. Inform as many others as possible about Ron Paul and the principles he represents. Do so in whatever fashion you can or will. Talk to your friends. Make and hang banners and signs. Link to the campaign on your website or email. Or use your imagination to come up with some other creative means of getting the word out. Make it your own r3VOLution in your own way. Encourage and instruct others to do the same.

 Inform, encourage, instruct.

 "Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.” – George Patton

 Not long ago the r3EVOLution was a mere smoldering in that small patch of dry grass that Ernie calls his hair. Soon it burst into flame alongside Rudy Giuliani. Now the winds of change are picking up and it’s really starting to burn in straw polls from coast to coast. Soon it will completely engulf and melt the rusted steel trusses that support the structure of our rotten-to-the-core political establishment. Finally, in November 2008, it should all come crashing down at freefall speed onto its own footprint.

 Like magic!