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Helping Kids Learn Business

With the celebration of Labor Day just completed, it was nice to read an article published a week ago Sunday in the business section of The Sun about how the Young Entrepreneur Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), helps kids learn and understand the principles of business and free trade.  Like the nationwide Junior Achievement program, kids have the opportunity to learn and understand how and why free trade takes place.  They also learn the responsibility of borrowing money to establish a business and the principles of human relations so as to be successful. 
Heavily promoting programs like these by the media, in schools, and elsewhere help insure future generations understand the value of individual liberty and free trade, and how it is vastly superior to government controlled trade that exists today.  Through programs like these offered by the private sector through voluntary contributions, kids learn that business, retail, wholesale, farming, or any other, must make its own way in the world without subsidies and privileges from government at the expense of competitors and customers.  Through programs like these kids learn that competition, not the Interstate Commerce Commission, the Federal Trade Commission, or the Department of Energy is what keeps prices low. 
They also learn about interest rates and that they must be free from government control through the Federal Reserve System in order that the market can keep them as low as possible as well.  Kids learn that free trade, the unencumberment by government upon the individual to trade with another, is the greatest asset to any human being because it allows for the maximum number of individuals to realize their goals in life. 
With all of the promotion of government control that exists today, it is nice to know there are still many institutions and organizations around promoting the real American spirit that all individuals, not a select few, need to be free to trade with one another in order to become successful in life.  Those institutions and organizations need the support of everyone.  
The Freedom Library Education and Scholarship Program begins again Tuesday evening, September 18 at 6 PM at The Freedom Library.  For two hours every Tuesday evening for nine weeks, individuals participate in a concentrated study of the United States Constitution.  Upon completion of the class a paper is written applying the principles found in the Constitution to a current event.  Those writing the top four papers as determined by The Freedom Library scholarship committee will be awarded a $1,000 scholarship.  Go to to find out more about the scholarship.  Download the application form, complete it, and send it to The Freedom Library to register for the class.  Call 726-8050 with any questions.  All individuals from age 13 on up are eligible to participate in the program.  The scholarships will be awarded at The Freedom Library Constitution Seminar December 4 where Dr. Earl Taylor, President of the National Center for Constitutional Studies will discuss the applicability of the Constitution to many of today’s situations.
Also, mark your calendar for November 1 at 7 PM at the Booth Machinery conference hall as Ben Franklin provides an evening for the Yuma community to visit with the sage of America.

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