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Will the United States Sink Like the Titanic?

What if you were a passenger on the Titanic?  What different choices would you have made if you knew what was going to happen to you? To your children? Would you have approached the captain insisting he change course?  What if he ignored you?  Would you have enlisted a hundred fellow passengers to support your demand to change course, slow down or steam toward warmer waters?  If he still refused, would you have given up and suffered your destiny?  Would you have been relentless and gathered 1000 passengers behind you to insist that the captain change course?  Conviction without action is worthless.

Much like the Titanic that sank on April 15, 1912, the Unites States stands at a critical juncture in the history of our nation. Few realize it, but, like the Titanic, this nation smashed into a piece of legislation in 1965 that was never asked for or approved by the American public. Our 'Captain' Lyndon B. Johnson along with helmsman Senator Teddy Kennedy drove America into an 'iceberg' of massive, unrestricted immigration that opened up the flood gates with the “IMMIGRATION REFORM ACT.” At first, the flow of one million immigrants annually wasn't noticed. We showed benevolence. We enjoyed a big country. We featured plenty of room and resources.

However, the massive flow of humanity from that ‘hit’ still pours into our country 42 years later and few seem to notice--much like the party-goers and dancing on the Titanic that kept up for hours after hitting the iceberg in the North Atlantic. However, even the invincible Titanic could not survive the onslaught from the constant flow of incoming water--slowly, methodically stealing its ability to stay afloat.

Today in the United States, 104 million people later and growing at 3.1 million annually--our nation shudders from San Francisco to New York and from Chicago to Miami. We rose from 196 million to 300 million in four decades. What was once a benefit to our country is now a full-scale overpopulation and societal crisis. From stem to stern, our English language reels under assault and our schools drown in ethnic violence, rapes, drugs and gang warfare. In California, Texas, Florida and Arizona, our hospitals suffer bankruptcies from non-paid services for 350,000 annual “anchor babies.” Twenty million illegal aliens displace jobs from America's working poor and depress wages for many others at a cost of $133 billion annually in lost jobs. Leprosy, tuberculosis, Chagas disease, hepatitis and other diseases 'pour' into our country within the bodies of illegal immigrants who avoid health screening before coming on board the United States. Even worse, clashing cultures with religions that celebrate 'female genital mutilation' and subjugation of women are growing in enclaves around our country. As Lincoln said, "A house divided against itself can not stand."

On the environmental front, our nation explodes toward an added 100 million people by 2040. We create an 'irreversible crisis' with 'unsolvable problems.’ California expects 20 million in 30 years. Colorado will add five million by mid century. Arizona will add four million. They already don't have enough water. Texas adds12 million by 2025. New York shudders with its population problems. Air pollution poisons what we breathe and massive sprawl devours our once lauded spaciousness. Species extinction accelerates as we add numbers. Much like the Titanic, our standard of living drops and our quality of life sinks with the influx of unrestricted immigration. It’s called the ‘Tragedy of the Commons’ which I will address in a later commentary.

On the employment front, our leaders insource, outsource and offshore our jobs to Third World countries while they import the Third World into our country. Our Congress created H-1B, H-2B and L-1 visas that have displaced one million high tech American workers in the past decade.  America's middle class is being driven into the unemployment lines. Our schools are becoming dysfunctional towers of Babel with over 100 languages. We can not stay afloat with this kind of linguistic chaos.

Yes, we have compassion for immigrants, but it's our country and our children. Their leaders need to take care of them in their countries. Unfortunately, Congress and the leadership of this nation refuse to step below the water line to see how fast we are sinking. We're $8.5 trillion in debt. We suffer $2 trillion consumer debt and the average credit card shows an $9,149.00 balance! Twenty languages graced California’s recall ballot. Whose country is this anyway? Our leaders are standing in the wheelhouse totally insulated and isolated from those of us who shovel the coal, build houses, repair cars, teach our kids, drive school busses and plow roads.

We cannot save the world, but we can destroy our country if we fail to act.

Like the Titanic that cracked in half before plunging to the depths because no one stopped the incoming water, the United States, like all great nations before us, could sink. Dreadful signs manifest all around our country. If you look about you, we're shuddering from bow to aft—from the stacks to the rudder. Who is steering our nation and why are they heading toward more icebergs instead of changing course? What can you do? You are just as much an American patriot as Paul Revere, Betsy Ross, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, Susan B. Anthony, Lincoln and the soldiers from Valley Forge to the Jungles of Vietnam and deserts of Iraq. It's time to start riding, stitching, writing, charging, demonstrating and fighting for our country within our country. We must employ a 10 year moratorium on all immigration.

Since our leaders won't stop this invasion of an 'unarmed army' of legal and illegal immigrants, it's up to you.  Our children face a dangerous future if we fail to take action.  It wasn't George Washington who beat the British army. It was every militiaman who shot from fence lines and trees. It wasn't Ike who won WWII. It was every GI who slung a rifle over his soldier. Susan B. Anthony marched and Dr. Martin Luther King spoke. They, in their time, paid the price for defending America so we could enjoy our freedom. This is your time. 

The worst decision you can make is to think you can do so little that you do nothing at all.  Be the snowflake that joins with millions of other Americans that creates an avalanche of public protest against this invasion.  We must change course and you must relentlessly demand it from our leaders.  Remember: By our actions, WE WIN!
www.numbersusa.com ;  www.thesocialcontract.com  ; www.fairus.org ; www.alipac.us ; www.firecoalition.com ; www.carryingcapacity.org

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Comment by William Patriot
Entered on:
Frosty, Well done !
May I interject a thought ? We have become advisors of band aid policy. We continue to be focused upon what to do about immediat crisis which are thrown in our face one after another. This is the ploy to keep us too buisy to focus on the source of the problems.
We could easily absorbe continued immigration IF
we educate those who come to this country to the facts, they have been duped by lies to cause chaos instead of unity for the benefit of all.
They, through our efforts , will become aware of the ploy of this government, to cause conflict between races,religeons,cultural,and political beliefs. When they and citizens of this country unite and understand what is really the dictitorial
agenda to make us all bow to them, and no one will be free to follow their hopes and asperations.
Each and every one of us must inform those who are ignorant to this reality. A grape vine of truth must be established to counter the controlled news media.
IF this occurs, even the illegal aliens will see the light and join a true revolution,that will cause this governments' plan to backfire in their attempts at a new world order.
We have no alternative but to expose this and create a unity which will confuse the evil surrounding us.
Although there are many illegals from around the world intering the USA, The ones who come in hopes of a better life, should be granted it,If they join the effort I have suggested.
Naturally at the same time, it is up to us, with their aid, to reject the non desirables who are sent here to interject chaos and to be parasites through the welfare system or crime. The aid of those who are familiar with these undesirables will be most desirable in this quest.
We must counter all forms of propaganda and unite ! It can and must be accomplished for the iceberg has done it's damage, there is no stopping the flow, therefore we must turn it to our advantage.
This influx of people can become patriots of freedom when they realize they have been had.

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