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9/11 is all about Government Control over the Individual

The reason given for the murders of September 11, 2001 has been that the murderers hate Americans for their freedoms.  However, human beings of all nationalities have a natural tendency to desire freedom, not hate it.  If one observes any child from any part of the world, the child’s natural tendency is to be free of parental control. 
The reasons for the attacks are probably many and complicated, but current American foreign policy and not following the United States Constitution only exacerbate the current killing and destruction.  Abiding by the United States Constitution and implementing a foreign policy conducive to it may not bring about world peace, but it would substantially reduce the warlike attitudes ingrained in individuals today and reduce the hatred fomented by current American government officials’ actions. 
The founders warned that involving one-self in another’s business risks death and destruction and that America ought not to entangle itself in alliances with other countries nor involve itself in another country’s domestic affairs, very similar to an individual not involving himself in another person’s life unless requested.  By doing so individual liberty gets lost and antagonism generated. 
The actions of American government officials’ reaction to that dreadful day six years ago has resulted in:  1)  the suspected culprit is still on the loose making videos, 2)  almost 4,000 additional Americans have died, 3)  hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis have died or suffered greatly, 4) Americans have suffered further erosion of their individual liberty, the very liberty that American government officials say for which terrorists hate Americans, 5)  the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, and other legislation passed by congress allow warrantless searches and deprive individuals of habeas corpus, 6) the legislation also empowers government officials to snoop into anyone’s bank account, calls for a national ID card, and created a Department of Homeland Security with all of its search and inspection checkpoints, 7)  American government officials continue to support dictatorships that fund terrorist activities, and 8) American government officials maintain a foreign policy whereby through funding by the American taxpayer, America involves itself in regime change resulting in more terrorists hating America thereby putting Americans at a higher risk of being attacked again. 
American government officials must follow the United States Constitution if America and the rest of the world truly want to increase peace in the world.  By abiding by the Constitution congress can authorize letters of Marque to go after the culprit(s) of 9/11 without resorting to all out war against individual innocent people.  By abiding by the Constitution congress, not the president declares war. 
The more American government officials ignore the Constitution, the more government control and the less individual freedom exists. 
The founders did not establish the United States of America to be the policeman of the world nor to invade other countries at the whim of the president.  They understood war to be the scourge of the earth and they wanted no part of it.  The military was established to defend America, not to invade other countries.  With all of the invading the American military has been ordered to do over the past decades it is not any wonder why individuals around the world are upset with American government officials and the American people for supporting them. 
John Quincy Adams succinctly stated the foreign policy of America when he said, “America does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy, but rather she is the well-wisher to the freedom and independence of all and the champion and vindicator only of her own.”   Both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson reflected the sentiments of the founders when they said, “Peace, commerce, and trade with all nations, entangling alliances with none.” 
John Pugsley, chairman of the Sovereign Society, states, “Any country that pursues the path of foreign intervention risks losing its finest young men and women in other people’s wars, ends up losing more power than if it had never embarked on empire, and ultimately bankrupts itself.”  America will accomplish that feat if American leadership does not change its perspective of the world. 
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Comment by William Shaw
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With due respect, This government is no longer ours ! It has not been a Republic from the time of the so called Federalist founders. Patrick Henry realized this,(anti Federalist) who insisted on Bill of Rights. All Federalists wanted a strong central government.. They wanted Washington as King.
Remember, the victors write history. Real truth is
written by the real patriots. Federalist papers prove
this statement.
Nothing has changed from then to present. A slow 200 + yrs. of deceit, and the people have not woke to the fact, We have never been free !
The world governments have been manipulated
from the time of Napoleon through the Rothschild
extreme wealth.
A quote : I care not, who rules, as long as I control the money ! They have financed both sides of every conflict, thus determine the outcome and
control of the loosing nation, creating more wealth in the process. They are the NEW WORLD ORDER.

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