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Meet the New Boss; Same as the Old Boss

Congratulations to incumbent Phoenix Mayor, Phil Gordon, on his successful re-election bid.
The election of Phil Gordon reminded me of Abraham Lincoln as he stated “You can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” However, Phil “Cash” Gordon is proof positive that you can actually fool 78% of the people all the time as evidenced by his landslide victory over challenger, Steven Lory, by a margin of 78-22%. 
The citizens of Phoenix are the antithetical example of the old saying that “What you don’t know can’t hurt you.” What in the world were you Phoenicians thinking when you cast your vote for Phil Gordon? Were too many of you suffering from heat stroke? Did the good citizens of Phoenix get to close to their newly imported Chinese toys? What could the good people of Phoenix have been thinking?
In case the law-abiding, tax paying, gainfully employed citizens of Phoenix have not heard, Phoenix Mayor, Phil Gordon, does not represent your interests, unless of course you are a beneficiary of the corporate welfare state, an illegal alien or a terrorist lurking waiting for an opportunity to wreak mayhem at Sky Harbor International Airport. .
Mayor Phil promised his fellow Phoenicians that he would protect them from the ravages of terrorism. Yet, a two year Channel 15 investigation recently found that Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport is woefully unsafe from a possible terrorist attack. This prompted the Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, Randy Pullen, to state “Who knew the greatest security threat to western civilization was not Osama bin-Laden, but Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon?” 
Take the 15 largest cities in the United States; they all have ethics commissions, except for one. That one city which does not have an ethics commission would be the city of Phoenix. And it is a darn good thing that Phoenix does not have an ethics code because if it did, Mayor Phil would have to find other means to repay his corporate benefactors who have gleefully supported his re-election bid.
Mayor Phil claims to be a good steward of the public’s trust.  Yet, the undisputable facts support the notion that he is the quintessential poster child for the corporate welfare state. Under Mayor Phil’s leadership: the Phoenix City Council recently agreed to give two large real estate developers a total of $222,000,000 in taxpayer giveaways. 
When Mayor Phil was elected to a first term, he promised to be tough on crime. But under Mayor Phil, violent crime has increased each year for the past four years that Gordon has been in office. Not only has Mayor Phil failed to deliver on his promise to lower crime, he has proven to be a criminal himself. Mayor Phil Gordon has declared Phoenix to be a sanctuary city to illegal aliens which places this “privileged group” outside the purview and jurisdiction of local law enforcement. In other words, the good mayor is aiding and abetting a felony by illegally harboring felonious trespassers.  Mayor Phil’s sanctuary policy has largely contributed to Phoenix’s dubious status in becoming the primary gateway for illegal entry into the nation formerly known as the United States of America. Meanwhile Mayor Phil’s corporate friends are grinning ear to ear at the endless of supply of cheap, undocumented labor as well as the astronomical tax payer supported corporate giveaways. Mayor Phil has got it all figured out; corporate welfare on the front end while the cheap labor comes through the backdoor. Mayor Phil knows which side of the bread to place the taxpayer’s butter. Meanwhile, the ignorant Phoenix taxpayers continue to pay through the nose for Mayor Phil’s liberal ways as evidenced by the higher taxes needed to cover the billions of wasted American tax dollars associated with the price of illegal immigration in the areas of education, health care and corrections. However, there is a silver lining to every cloud. Don’t you think that Mayor Phil will make a terrific big city mayor in the new North American Union? Mayor Phil has all the earmarks of being a successful globalist. Mayor Phil is a man on the move, only his mobility is coming at the expense of the common person that he purports to serve.
Ironically, Mayor Phil supported the recent proposed increase in sales taxes which will be used to fight crime in Phoenix. Gee, if Mayor Phil would stop making private gifts of public funds, perhaps the citizens of Phoenix would avoid an unnecessary increase in taxes needed to fight their rising crime rate.
Instead of turning to Mayor Phil for leadership, it is apparent that the good voters of Phoenix should have turned to Dr. Phil for some much needed counseling.
Meet the new boss; same as the old boss. You just got fooled again!!!

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