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The Ron Paul Revolution

Although only polling four percent in the mainstream media, Ron Paul is taking the Internet by storm and is now given a 4 to 1 chance to win the presidency.  Through YouTube and MySpace, Ron Paul continues to accumulate a following of young and old, male and female, and every existing religious and ethnic background.  Many talk shows have hosted Ron Paul, and other television news sources are conducting interviews with the seemingly popular candidate for President of the United States.  In practically every straw poll he participates, Ron Paul places in the top three among the other republican candidates for president. 
With an eleven percent approval rating for congress and a twenty-nine percent approval rating for President Bush, Americans from all walks of life are hearing a message for the first time in a very long while that they all feel in their hearts; they like individual liberty, they want to be left alone, and they believe in the Constitution to restrain their government officials from interfering with both.  More and more Americans know that to get the train moving in that direction, Ron Paul must be elected President of the United States. 
They also realize Ron Paul means what he says.  For the last twenty years as a congressman from Texas, Ron Paul has never voted to raise taxes, he has never voted for an unbalanced budget, he has never voted for a federal restriction on gun ownership, he has never voted for a congressional pay raise, and he has never voted to increase the power of the executive branch of government. 
Ron Paul takes his duty as a congressman seriously, always voting for the United States Constitution.  Ron Paul wants Americans to keep their own money and spend it as they wish.  He wants an end to the Internal Revenue Service, he wants an end to the Federal Reserve System, and he wants to end America’s financial dependency on China, Saudi Arabia and other foreign governments. 
He wants to restore America’s independence and truly allow individuals to freely trade with one another on their own, not with government controlled trade through the United Nations, the North America Free Trade Agreement, the World Trade Organization, the Central American Free Trade Association, and the proposed North American Union. 
Ron Paul sees no need for a national identification card issued by government officials in a free society.  Because he advocates for the United States Constitution, under a Ron Paul presidency, both the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act would be abandoned.  The American military would be utilized for their constitutional purpose of defending America’s borders ending America’s stint as the self-proclaimed policeman of the world. 
A Ron Paul presidency would end government officials’ war mode by ending all of America’s existing wars, (i.e. the war on drugs, the war on poverty, the war on citizens through taxation and inflation), and re-orient government officials’ focus on peace through constitutional non-intervention foreign and domestic policy. 
Ron Paul has not raised the amounts of money for his campaign as have others, but he does not have to.  The Ron Paul revolution is truly a grassroots revolution with all the fervor of the people behind it.  Individuals literally volunteer because of the ideas Ron Paul represents, not because they are hired to do a job to get him elected. 
With a debt of $9 trillion and climbing by the second, the failed wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, threats to Iran and others throughout the world, and inflation out of control, it is not any wonder Americans everywhere find Ron Paul a true leader of their American ideals. 
As the 2008 presidential election nears the sounds of the Ron Paul revolution are heard louder all the time.  It is the kind of revolution the founders of America would be proud.
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