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Importing Constant Competition Against Our Own Citizens: Stealing jobs from Americans


On my radio show, “Connecting the Dots” at www.republicbroadcasting.org on  Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00 p.m. Mountain Time, I interview leaders, followers and innovators across America concerning the plight of immigration and overpopulation.  A national audience calls in with stories, frustrations and anger at what’s happening to our country.


Last week, Henri from Connecticut asked, “Why is our Congress importing an endless line of cheap labor into our country to create unfair competition against our own citizens?”


That question stuck in my craw.  It ripped up my spine.  It sank into the pit of my stomach. 


Why would our own U.S. Senators stand around picking their noises while our country suffers an invasion of cheap, pliant, slave labor?  Why over one million H-1B,  H-2B, L-1 and other visas that displace Americans?  Why would that same Congress outsource, insource and offshore millions of American jobs?  What might cause them to make you and me pay our hard earned money to educate, medicate and feed millions of kids and mothers from other countries? 


After they haven’t secured our borders to let 20 million illegal migrants flood our labor markets, why would they try to ram a Dream Act down our throats so we’re forced to pay billions more to allow those alien kids a college education with our money?  Not only that, each one they would assist from a foreign country would take a college slot from our kids!


All the while, you and I pay billions for food and housing for a half million illegal alien convicted felons in our prisons!  They wouldn’t be there in the first place if our Congress fulfilled it job!


Why would our Congress allow illegal aliens and legal immigrants to send $80 billion cash transfers a year back to their home countries when they know it drains our economy?  And, our Congress does it knowing full well, as reported by the 2005 Bear-Stearns Report, that $401 billion annually goes uncollected in IRS income tax because illegals work off the books in the second largest underground economy in the world.


Why would they transfer all our manufacturing jobs to China, India and Mexico to leave over three million Americans gasping from job losses?  Why would they allow 1,000 jobs a week to leave Michigan’s manufacturing sector?


Just last week, President Bush signed a bill to raise our federal debt ceiling to nearly $10 trillion.  We already stand neck deep in $8.7 trillion debt!


So why flood us with the world’s poor?  Why eradicate our own working poor?  Why drive our tradesman, construction jobs, roofers, fast food and truck drivers into a spiraling financial cesspool?


Our cab drivers in the United States do not come from our country anymore.  They displace American cabbies with the gobble-de-gook of languages from 50 other countries.  Instead of making loans to African-Americans to buy motels nation-wide, our government gives loans to Asian-Indians that now dominate all our motel chains.  Once they establish one motel, they give it to their chain-migrated cousins and take another loan to buy another motel.  Our own government leaves our citizens in the lurch.


Are they incompetent?  Do men like Harry Reid, John McCain, Jon Kyle, Teddy Kennedy, Arlene Specter, Chris Cannon, Mel Martinez, Dick Durbin, Barrack Obama, Chris Dodd and the majority of senators understand their actions?  Their results? Do they care what happens to each of us Americans on a personal or collective level?


Sad answer: not a twit! 


Their actions speak long after their bombastic rhetoric.


What’s happening in the United States stems from a long term plan to downgrade our middle class into a new powerless and marginal class.  Everyone scrapes by in this New World Order!   The rich and privileged sit above it all.  These helmsmen with Titanic-like credentials drive our nation into a future wrought with the same kind of poverty manifested in Mexico.


Do you notice that poverty never changes in Mexico, Central and South America? 


Now we’re importing millions from those countries which allows them to establish more poverty in our country.  Without stopping mass immigration both legal and illegal, our middle class doesn’t stand a chance.


Did you notice Harry Reid vowed to bring the Dream Act back in November?  In other words, he will screw you again when he can!  Do you notice that if John McCain were president, he would create a permanent military force in Iraq until the end of time?  Did you notice that every single Democratic presidential candidate would support “Sanctuary Policy” for illegal aliens but never secure the borders?  Have noticed any of these candidates on the democratic or republican side stating that they would protect and secure our borders?  None!


Save Tom Tancredo, Duncan Hunter and Ron Paul—not a single front runners addresses anything about what’s happening in middle America.


What brought this methodical destruction of our laws, our constitution, our language, our culture and our way of life?   Sorry to say, but it stems from apathy across the American landscape.  Half of us don’t vote in national elections and 80 percent don’t vote in local elections.  That means money and power take over in a good-ole boy network that stops at nothing to gain even more money and power. 


Where will it end?  It’s going to get uglier and uglier.  Internal conflict! Racial tension between immigrants and Americans! Jam packed highways with millions of added immigrants totaling in excess of 70 million by 2040.  Higher prices for everything!  Rich get richer and a new poor class! Cities exploding with social and physical problems such as air pollution, gridlock, energy crisis and worse! Language breakdown! Balkanization! Financial systems can’t help but collapse.  Medical systems collapsing! Schools in chaos!


How can we change the future?  We must vote out every senator who refuses to abide by the U.S. Constitution.  We must participate in our Republic.  We must run for office with passion, integrity and relentless enthusiasm.


If we don’t, we’ll get more of Teddy Kennedy, John McCain, Arlene Specter, Mel Martinez, Jon Kyle, Hillary Clinton, Barbara Boxer, Carl Levin and all those old farts that got us into this mess.


The greatest mistake of our founding fathers stems from not establishing term limits of 12 years for all who serve in Congress!
Take action:  www.carryingcapacity.org ; www.numbersusa.com ; www.thesocialcontract.com ; www.fairus.org ; www.alipac.us ; www.firecoalition.com








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Comment by Cooltruth
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They need to raise the 'cost of doing business' for every employer who chooses to use immigrants to do jobs that unemployed Americans would do. Tax imports until Walmart's shelves are stocked with mostly American made items instead of what they imported from China. Get rid of the perceived advantage of 'outsourcing' & maybe we could get everybody in this country earning decent livings again. America could become great again instead of becoming just another 'third world' cesspool like the places all these immigrants left.

Comment by William Patriot
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Frosty, Don't blame others for what we lack to prevent !