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Americans Not Wild About Harry Reid: Dream Act Down in Flames


Ever hear of the show, "Wild about Harry"?  Do you remember the toe-tapping, clapping and singing?  After seeing the show, you danced into the street and celebrated being alive!  It proved thoroughly American.  

Ever hear of U.S. Senator Harry Reid of Nevada?  

He became Senate Majority Leader in the last election.  Do you remember his advocacy of the bogus Immigration Reform Bill that flamed down faster than the Hindenburg in June?

He stood in front of the C-Span cameras along with Senators Charles Schumer of New York and Teddy Kennedy of Massachusetts – after Americans, We-the-People, handed those traitors their lunch bags full of defeat.  Reid looked beside himself, and whined, while the porcine Kennedy licked his wounds off to the side.  

Some see Harry Reid as "un-American"

As with all Reid's sagacious actions as senate leader, he undermines the U.S. Constitution with every slight-of-hand in his bag of tricks.  He reintroduced the spurious Dream Act S.2205 again after Americans said no four times in the past.  He used Rule 14 to keep it from being debated – which would have exposed its insidious contents.

This week, most Americans are not wild about Harry! 

They're none to happy with this Icabod Crane of a man – who lost his mind, lost his head and lost his leadership to the will of the American electorate.  The dogs of truth gnaw at his heels.  The sails of freedom block his skullduggery.  Reason trumped his fraud.   To say that he is an anachronism is an understatement.  What has happened to ethics and integrity in U.S. leadership ?

Why do our own elected senators screw us at every turn? 

Why would Reid, Kennedy, McCain, Schumer, Specter, Hagel, Martinez, Hatch, Kyle and the rest of the senate works so hard for open-borders – and to leave our borders unguarded for the past 20 years?  And then, rubbing salt in a festering wound – try to screw us by giving illegal, unlawful aliens and their kids a free pass?  At our taxpayer expense!   Why would Reid try to shove this amnesty down our throats for a fifth time?

We don't want to give a single one of them amnesty, Harry ! 

Harry, we're sick and tired of you allowing this invasion of our sovereign nation.  We cannot afford the fringe-benefits; increased crime and $400 BIL/yr in bennies.   Senator Reid, your con-jobs are wearing thin.  Harry – we're sick and tired of your ineptitude, incompetence and downright dirty tactics.  Why do you lie to us, over and over again ?

We're NOT stupid, and we're not mushrooms.

We know the government hides the numbers of illegal aliens in this country to keep us in the dark.   Bear-Stearns estimated 20 million in Sep 2004.  James Walsh, former Associate General Counsel of the INS, wrote a piece in , Summer 2007 issue, that shows up to 38 million illegals now reside in our country – PLUS their kids, and grand-kids.  Harry Reid and George Bush tell us 12 million illegals live here.  

Who do you think you're kidding ?

Harry, you and fifty-one of your 'friends' voted FOR Cloture – hoping to slide the most recent incarnation of the Dream Act down our throats on Wednesday.   When the gimmick failed, you whined – as did Sen. Dick Durbin.  What is the matter with you guys?  Why in the world do you think that more than three million granted amnesty is a good idea?

If the Dream Act passed, our taxpayer price tag would have reached the moon!  But even at the minimum, our funds costs for amnesty run into the billions.  Harry, you and Durbin and your fifty friends missed a golden opportunity; you could have directed the billions of dollars toward helping the hundreds of thousands of Californians who are in the middle of an inferno.    You could have been a hero,

Harry, what are you thinking ?

The U.S. is facing catastrophic budgetary issues, and you break out the crying towel for the poor, pitiful "immigrants."   Senator Reid, there are three BILLION nice folks who want to come to the U.S. to enJoy the "good life."  When you advocate favoring those already here who have broken our laws and flaunted their unlawful situation – you are discriminating against those others who behaved themselves and did not break our laws.  

How do we explain your thinking to our children, who also want to go to college ?

Harry, our kids have figured out your pattern of lies, and they are angry. 

Dream Act impacts; new analysis by the Center for Immigration Studies

According to a new analysis by the Center for Immigration Studies; 2007 Census Bureau data shows millions of potential beneficiaries for the slick scam "Dream Act;"

In a VERY conservative estimate, an estimated 800,000 illegal immigrants under age 17 have been here long enough to qualify for legalization under the DREAM Act.  There are more than 1.7 million illegal aliens estimated to be under age 18. There are an estimated 900,000 (could be hundreds of thousands more) parents of illegal aliens under age 18 who qualify for the Dream Act Amnesty.   It is unclear whether the government would deport these parents. The DREAM Act is also unclear as to what will happen to the siblings of legalized illegals who are themselves illegal, but do not meet the Act's requirements.  There are an estimated 500,000 such children, but could be many more. The DREAM Act also allows illegal aliens ages 18 to 29 to legalize if they claim to have arrived prior to age 16.  CIS estimate more than 1.3 million meet this requirement.  There are a total of more than 4.4 million illegal aliens in this age group.

Thus the total number of potential amnesty beneficiaries is at least 2.1 million (assuming no fraud, and accurate head-counts).  This does not include 1.4 million siblings and parents of qualifying illegals who may end up receiving a de facto amnesty.  Based upon our direct experience in the outrageous 1986 IRCA immigration fiasco, we could easily see as many as three times more who receive amnesty – due to gross underestimates.   And, there's more;

*      Prior legalization programs have been plagued by fraud.  One-fourth (more than 800,000) of those legalized in the 1986 amnesty are estimated to have done so fraudulently, based upon detailed audits that followed the travesty.

*      Given the difficulty in determining whether an applicant meets the DREAM Act's amnesty requirements, coupled with the overworked nature of the immigration bureaucracy, fraud could be a significant problem.  

If the U.S. Senate had passed the bill, it would have given a "you can't deport me" card to at least 2.1 million illegals – and could have granted amnesty to more than six million, after family members were added in.  Do you think the feds will then deport their illegal relatives and leave the amnestied teenagers without adult supervision?   

Harry, give me a break.

At some point, we must adhere to our U.S. Constitution by securing our borders.  We must enforce the rule of law – by enforcing the perfectly good immigration laws now in force.  We must sustain our society by the rules that made it successful for 231 years.  We must NOT abandon the principles of honor, honesty and country.

In each state, we must demand that our federal senators, Members of the U.S. House, state government legislators, governors and judges stand up to enforce the anti-illegal alien laws. It's time for the unlawful "immigrants" to return to their own countries, correct their own problems, work for change in their countries – and make their nation stronger.

No, we're not wild about Harry.  We're sick of his trying to slash our U.S. Constitution to pieces while facilitating this invasion of our homeland. It's time for Americans to stand up, speak out and defend our nation, our language and our civilization.  Unlimited population growth is foolhardy – especially when illegal aliens are granted amnesty.  

Frosty Wooldridge has bicycled across six continents – from the Arctic to the South Pole – as well as six times across the USA, coast to coast and border to border.  In 2005, he bicycled from the Arctic Circle, Norway to Athens, Greece.  He presents “The Coming Population Crisis in America: and what you can do about it” to civic clubs, church groups, high schools and colleges.  He works to bring about sensible world population balance at his website



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Reid`s wife tells him what to do,and not to do.
If we were going to have a **QQ**Pic-Up**QQ** Football game,who would pick Harry?..........NOBODY!!
Anyway! his wife would not let him play.

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