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Ron Paul and the 9/11 Truthers

Kent Van Cleave was kind enough to bring a July 13th missive to our attention regarding Ron Paul -- taking umbrage with the good Congressman's appearance on Alex Jones' Radio show.  The blogger was taken aback by the Congressman's conspiratorial suggestion that a wag the dog, false flag operation may soon occur to consolidate our government's tyranny.  And the linkage to 9/11 Truthers.

There truly are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

I understand not believing in the plethora of conspiracy theories. I too have a hard time believing the government, our government, any government can keep secrets, thoroughly plan and successfully execute plots in a manner that is not quickly obvious...because they get caught screwing up so often.  But even a broken clock is right twice a day in the USA.

People want to dismiss the 9/11 Truthers for many reasons, a few even have merit.  Mainly because the nay-sayers  cannot believe their government is so evil as to calculatingly murder thousands of Americans to gain control of our pocketbooks and our liberties.  They forget that they are asked by that same government to believe a foreign government (actually a terrorist gang) plotted the same thing.  And our own government plots and executes the same thing upon the citizens of other nations. So why the big leap from doing unto others as they would do onto you?

Still those who dismiss 9/11 Truthers don't like the crackpot theories concocted to explain the facts of 9/11.  Fine by me.  The shortest distance between two points is a strait line.  Let us make point A the 9/11 attack and point B is the 9/11 Truthers explanations.  Lets ignore point B.  After all their explanations are speculation, conjecture, tales told to point at the government's complicity.  A premature ejaculation of speculation.  So lets go back and question the actual rape. Let us discuss point A: The evidence.  The attack.

Those who ridicule the 9/11 Truthers -- and you know who you are -- should at least feel obligated to explain the hard physical facts of what took place on 9/11.  Then you can move on to point B, who is responsible and why did they do it?  But it is six years later and we are still awaiting credible answers to questions regarding point A.

Why were all military planes in the eastern half of the US otherwise engaged?

How did three buildings completely collapse after two of three were struck by separate aircraft?

How was molten metal pouring out of the remains of the buildings after the collapse and found in the basement area weeks later?

If an passenger jet hit the Pentagon at close to 600MPH, where is the impact marks of, or even the remains of, the outboard engines?

How did a poorly trained hijacker fly a passenger jet at those speeds at ground level into the Pentagon?

Why are 96% of the video tapes seized from the Pentagon and surrounding area still classified?  Especially when the vast majority of the tapes are unlikely to show anything relevant to the attack.  And especially because the government's "investigation" has ended.

Why was an elaborate lie concocted and produced almost immediately by the US government regarding Flight 93? [Subsequently the movie scripted lie was made into a movie--go figure.]

There are thousands of questions.  And no official answers.  In the absence of a government investigation have sprung alternative investigations.  These are done as best as can be conducted by private individuals of limited means, with zero access to evidence.  Indeed, acquiring evidence can bring an immediate arrest.  And the government has destroyed the vast amount of evidence (sold as scrap or used as landfill) or shipped it to the 50 states to be used in '9/11 rally around the flag memorials.' (propaganda)

The greatest, most successful and damaging attack on the United States in our history since 1812, and no investigation.  Oh, there was the 9/11 Commission.  That was created ONLY after much stonewalling and obfuscation, and only when it became clear to the Bush Administration that they could not forestall such an investigation any longer.  Through their Congress they controlled the Commission's formation, supplied the staff who controlled the "investigation" and had its members wined and dined in style, trotted out on occasion before the press to produce a circus for the masses, and to eventually rubber stamp a report on what the staff produced.  A best seller in more ways than one. 

MANY avenues of obvious investigation were blocked, curtailed, censored or ignored.  And in the end, a whitewash report of known lies (PDF) was published and gobbled up by a grateful press and a gullible nation.  How do we know this?  Because the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the commission published a book to that fact two years after they issued the 9/11 Commission Report.  Which meant there has never been a credible investigation.  So the 9/11 Truthers may be kooks, may have a liberal agenda, may have other ulterior motives, but that doesn't mean they are wrong in saying something stinks in the official explanation, in the official response and in the official investigation such as it was.

So make fun of the loonies all you like, but I am still awaiting answers to questions.  Questions posed by loonies.  Questions based upon fact.  A few questions are found above, and you are welcome to start there.  Or just accept the official explanations, kick back and watch a nice reality show.  Ummmm, pablum.  Quite tasty once you accept it is the best you are going to get without exerting yourself.

[P.S.: I find it equally interesting the lengths organizations such as Popular Mechanics and Purdue University have gone to to deliberately lie about the facts in order to explain the facts.  Harsh?  No obvious, way too obvious IMHO.]

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
Entered on:

This question is for Mike Renzulli.
Please tell me why their were no bodies,no airplane parts,no baggage,no blood,and no **QQ**Black Box**QQ** found at the
so called **QQ**Crash Site**QQ**.
Maybe you can tell all of America why the **QQ**NTSB**QQ** called back and ask **QQ**Why are we here**QQ**.
While your at it,please tell me why engines weighing tons traveling at 400 or so mph, did not leave some kind of mark on the wall at the pentagon.The glass on the wall was still intact.
Also! Why were all of the security cameras around the Pentagon taken by the Government,locked up and everyone that ask to see them is denied permission?
Just answering the first question will be enough for me,I`m waiting;everyone is waiting for you answer.

Comment by Jerry Alexander
Entered on:

I can not understand why **QQ**Americans**QQ** are so stupid.
This one crash should tell the whole story.The jet that crashed in PA was non existent.No bodies were found,no trash,no baggage,no blood was found at the so called crash site...how much evidence does one need to prove that the so called **QQ**crash**QQ** did not happen?
Yet **QQ**Americans**QQ** still think a crash did indeed happen.
Where are the families of the phantom victims?
Where there funerals for the phantom victims?
Did insurance pay the next of kin for their losses?
Why did the NTSB call back and ask **QQ**Why are we here**QQ**?
I have found not one person that can answer these questions-Not One,yet the stupid **QQ**Americans**QQ** believe the Governments story....WHY?...God help **QQ**America**QQ**.
But wait!! God has been turned away by the **QQ**Stupid Americans**QQ** so I don`t think it would do much good to consult with God..he dosn`t live here anymore.

Comment by Lisa Cate
Entered on:

Ask yourselves who had anything to gain from this attack & follow the money trail. Who wasn**Q**t in the buildings the day of the attack? More likely trace it to New York City than to Washington DC. Didn**Q**t the buildings owners carry massive insurance on those towers? Weren**Q**t they absent from their work on 9/11? Some people had previous info, but they were based in NYC, not in DC. (Follow the Money)

Comment by Mike Renzulli
Entered on:
As near as I can tell, the stuff being floated around by the so-called 9/11 conspiracy theorists doesn**Q**t make any sense. If there was a false flag operation or some sort of cover up we would have heard something by now.

My suggestion would be to check the websites 911myths.com and debunking911.com. Both of these websites have ALOT of information and well written and researched pieces responding to many (if not all) of the claims being made by the so-called 911truth movement.

Its clear Bush had knowledge of the 9/11 attacks prior to them occurring and decided to do nothing like FDR decided to do nothing to protect Pearl Harbor from being attacked by the Japanese even though FDR knew Pearl was going to be attacked. Bush obviously got lessons for FDR on this.

Bush and company are dumb but they are not stupid.

Comment by Frosty Wooldridge
Entered on:
Dear Powell,

Great to read your excellent works, sir! As Paul gains more steam, I**Q**m going to throw my hat into his ring and write about him and endorse him. He**Q**s fantastic! His integrity promises an enlightened era in the White House. I**Q**d love to see a Tancredo/Paul ticket whichever way it works. Possibly Duncan Hunter. Thank you for all your great work. Best to you my friend, Frosty

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