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Colorado's Perfect Storm: ICE, Ritter, Voorhis--Selective Persecution



Lawbreaking behaviors and Malfeasance at the highest levels

Crucifixion of DHS-ICE Agent Cory Voorhis; replay of  Ramos & Compean circus

These days Colorado Governor Bill Ritter sweats bullets in his sleep as KHOW 630 AM radio talk show host Peter Boyles drills into a scandal, deepening by the minute.

This 'wag-the-dog' saga revolves around 15 year decorated ICE agent Cory Voorhis being charged with three misdemeanors for obtaining information from the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) for political purposes.  Well within his assigned duties and responsibilities, Voorhis listened to gubernatorial candidate Bill Ritter – former district attorney for Denver, Colorado – telling lies about his strict treatment of illegal aliens who broke the law.   Not true! 

Ritter repeatedly gave illegal alien heroin smugglers, like perp "Walter Ramo," bogus plea bargains that allowed freedom instead of proper adjudication, prison and subsequent deportation.  After gaining his freedom, Ramo moved on to rape a young girl in California.  It turns out that Ritter's ADAs routinely doled out irrational plea-bargains to avoid doing the appropriate due-diligence and laborious prosecutions.  

Does any reader out there that believes it is appropriate to give privileges such as plea-bargains and bail-bond to foreign national criminals who are here illegally – the definition of a flight risk? What the heck were Ritter, and his hand-picked successor – Mitch Morrissey – thinking?  Shall we go over this mess again – more slowly this time?

One Illegal Alien with three aliases, or more; "Walter Ramo" and "Eugene Estrada" and "Carlos Roberto Estrada-Medina"

"In September of 2006, Voorhis noticed Denver newspaper accounts of statements by Bill Ritter, then a candidate for Governor of Colorado and now the incumbent in that office, claiming to have been a strong prosecutor of illegal alien criminals when he was Denver's District Attorney from 1994 to 2004.  Voorhis knew, from his personal experience with the Denver police and courts, that this was not the case – that hundreds of illegal alien criminals had been released – avoiding punishment and deportation through dangerous and risky plea bargaining agreements.  Such practices are consistent with Denver's "sanctuary city" status, inaugurated by Mayor Wellington Webb in the mid-1990s, and continued by Mayor John Hickenlooper today."

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As Peter Boyles digs deeper and deeper – and interviews more people in the Denver area involved with ICE, such as Michael Riebau, 33 year DHS-ICE agent (now retired), the full story boils to the surface.  Within minutes of one-another, two others (in addition to Agent Voorhis) accessed the same NCIC data, linked to the three-alias Mexican national perp.   

Someone in Morrisey's office accessed the same data base with impunity, as did someone in the Houston ( Harris County), Texas district attorney's office.  The plot thickens with the unveiling of a miscarriage of justice – a selective, politically motivated prosecution.  The Denver DA's office told Ritter's campaign team about the Ramo situation, and the Ritter campaign team IMMEMDIATELY pressed for Voorhis' scalp – so someone in D.A. Morrissey's office and a person in Harris County, TX must be charged with the same misdemeanors.  But that hasn't happened!

"Any reasonable person will conclude that there can be only one reason for the selective prosecution of this courageous law enforcement officer: political retaliation. 

Only Cory Voorhis has been charged.  Why is that? 

"The only conclusion to be reached is that it was not the "unauthorized access" to the information on this criminal alien that upset candidate Ritter – it was the act of making it public – and that is why Cory Voorhis was targeted for prosecution.

The success of the Ritter campaign was more important to Bill Ritter than the public's right to know the facts about the crimes of a man he had enabled to escape a serious felony prosecution – and likely deportation.  Ritter's staff, and Morrissey after him --  was under the mistaken impression that deportation is punishment – which is NOT true.  It seems that Ritter's staff, and the majority of folks in his political party, fervently believe that open borders and more illegal aliens are good things.”

The Mexican connection

What creates an even greater stink in this steaming pile of dung stems from a Mexican gang lord, Pedro Castorena-Ibarra, awaiting extradition to Denver to stand trial.

Guess who investigated and fingered Castorena in a five-years-in-the-planning fraudulent-ID sting?  Agent Cory Voorhis lead the joint task-force!  If Voorhis languishes under indictment, he cannot testify against the gang lord.  That means a major fraudulent-ID cartel operator goes free.

10 year old Auralia Cisneros

Fast forward to the death of 10 year old Auralia Cisneros in Denver this week.  That little girl's parent, Amanda Salas along with Auralia, flashed gang signs in a "" photo.  As to continued politically-correct facades, the Denver Police Department, DPO and DRMN (local newspapers) did not and would not publish whether or not the girl and her family constitute illegal aliens.  If not for the Peter Boyles Show, this growing crime wave would not surface until it affected more Coloradans.

However, because of the polices by former Governor Owens and present Governor Ritter – with their lack of law enforcement of immigration laws, such as recent law 1023 – in excess of 500,000 illegal aliens live, work and operate in Colorado.   In Greeley, they prove so plentiful that "hit and run" accidents constitute the greatest number of vehicular police reports.  

Bill Ritter played fast-and-loose with the law

As court records validate, former District Attorney Bill Ritter played fast-and-loose with the law by allowing over 100 illegal aliens (with drug records, sexual malfeasance and violent behavior) off with "agricultural trespass" which placed them back on the streets.

At the same time, the Denver Post published a piece on 12,000 gang members making Denver their home – many of them MS-13 gang members! 

Why did these crooks find Denver so comfortable? 

During the Clinton presidency, Mayor Wellington Web created a 'Sanctuary Policy" for illegal aliens – which Mayor John Hickenlooper continues today.  What does that mean?  Simple: if you're caught in Denver for any infraction whatsoever, no police officer is allowed to determine your immigration status.  Thus, gang members remain immune to arrest and deportation – and 12,000 made Denver their base of operations.

That's why Denver became the "Drug Smuggling Capitol of the West" as well as the "Fraudulent-ID Capital and the "People Smuggling Crossroads," with I-25 and I-70.    It's why illegal alien Garcia Gomez, interdicted three times and let go, enjoyed immunity until he executed Denver Police Officer Don Young. It's why police caught and let go Francisco Montero – 11 times before Montero killed Coloradan Dale Englerth.   It's why dozens of Coloradans suffered death at the hands of illegal aliens.  It's why drugs flow freely across the Front Range.   How do our elected and appointed "leaders" get away with such malfeasance?

Has the public's interest been served by Ritter as he presses for Voorhis' indictment? 

Why didn't Ritter's CBI (state police investigators) agents investigate the other two persons who accessed the NCIC data base?  Why haven't they been identified and charged?  What about the Trailhead Group (Republican 527) skullduggery?  Will Bill Ritter hold a press conference to explain "agricultural trespass" and why so many criminal aliens enjoyed that cream puff status?   

Why would Ritter work to put a decorated ICE agent in jail for something someone in his own campaign repeated?  Why do we allow a sitting governor in Colorado by the name of Bill Ritter to claim he is a victim (that garbage actually appears in the Voorhis prosecution documents) -- all because Cory Voorhis exposed the truth about Ritter giving agricultural trespass charges to over 151 illegal alien criminals?

This scandal may prove the undoing of a sitting governor – as well as make Denver Mayor Hickenlooper think twice about continuing his sanctuary policy that allows death and drug crimes against Colorado citizens.

Pandora's Box opens wider! 

The donkey party plans to coronate Hillary in Denver in August 2008.  Any connections here?





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