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18 Reasons Why I Will Vote For Ron Paul




18 Reasons Why I Will Vote for Ron Paul


1.               He is a Statesman, and not just a politician.

2.               He is honest.

3.               He believes that life begins at conception.

4.               He is opposed to euthanasia.

5.               He is a Constitutionalist.

6.               He was the only one in Congress to speak up for the Indianapolis  Baptist  Temple when we were attacked by the IRS.

7.               He wants to eliminate the Federal Reserve and return to an honest monetary system.

8.               He wants to eliminate the IRS.

9.               He wants to reduce government spending and balance the federal budget.

10.          He opposes the Iraq War.

11.          He opposes President Bush's scheme to merge the United States into a North American Union (NAU) with Mexico and Canada.

12.          He will fight the Bush administration efforts to make illegal aliens who have returned to Mexico eligible for U.S. Social Security benefits and oppose amnesty.

13.          He opposes the United Nations Law of the Sea Treaty (UNLOST).

14.          He is a medical doctor and opposes socialized medicine.

15.          He is not a member of the Council on Foreign Relations or the Trilateral Commission.

16.          He is a proven money raiser at over $20 Million.

17.          He has a clear testimony as a born again believer and has lived a life of Christian service to exemplify his faith.

18.          He doesn't insult us by using his religious faith to pander for votes.

Ron Paul would be the first to tell you that he is not some miracle worker and that he can only do so much even if elected, and we all know that it will be a miracle if some one with his convictions would win in the present political climate. But folks, this may be the only chance in our life time for a candidate like this, so let's give it all we've got. We owe it to our families, neighbors, friends, churches, and nation. Go Ron Paul!

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