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In Bed Together

In Bed Together
When will we come to realize that the "heads" of terrorist entities and our elitist leaders are in bed together? An elitist cabal composed of people so rich we the people cannot even comprehend it, have been busily creating terrorists for years. And why is that? I submit that this collusion on the part of elitist world rulers is for one purpose, and that is to help bring chaos to the world in order to birth the New World Order.
There is a scientific theory that espouses, “out of chaos comes order.”
In certain experiments, “When you introduce disorder… the chaos that was present before disappears and there is order,” said Sebastian F. Brandt, a physics graduate student at Washington University in St. Louis. (LINK) But first, you must have chaos.
So, for order to be created in the fashion the elitists have planned, we the people must be thrown into chaos as an attempt to start over and create the desired order. According to the article linked above, this is represented by several pendulums, which are thrown out of sync:
The scientists found that the pendulums, when pushed by forces according to a regular rhythm, behaved chaotically and swung out of sync. Yet, when the researchers introduced disorder—applying forces at random intervals to each oscillator—they began to swing in synch. The “forces” were applied along the rods of the “pendulums” to make them swing.  
Can you see where this is going? The pendulums are swinging in sync. When certain forces are applied to the pendulums in order, they become out of sync, or chaotic. Certain forces are then applied in a disorderly fashion, to the chaotically swinging pendulums, and they start swinging in sync. The “out of chaos comes order” theory seems to be proven in the case of pendulums. What our leaders do not understand or care to understand, is that people are not pendulums.
If a person, or group of people are so intent on creating their own New World Order, and are so corrupt that they do not care in the least how many people get killed or maimed in the chaos phase of the experiment, you have what we are beginning to experience now as Americans, and earlier as third world countries.
Out of chaos comes the New World Order. Makes you kind of sick to your stomach, doesn't it? Orderly forces are applied to create disorder or chaos, then a disordered sequence of pressures are applied to create the new order. This set of events is only logical if one realizes that the final order, or end result that is desired, is according to elitist designs that do not include the nicest of circumstances for you and me, but the best of circumstances for them.
Copyright 2008, Barbara H. Peterson
References: NWO picture. Chris Foley. http://www.geocities.com/ChrisFoley484/


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Comment by Farm Wars
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Hi William,

Yes, I believe you are correct. I think that another consideration is inbreeding. When a class of people is separated from the rest of the world and believes that they possess the only valuable gene pool, they will only breed within that class of people. Considering that the results of this class specific inbreeding can generate a rather limited gene pool, and that the smaller the gene pool the better the chances of genetic deformities and mental impairdness, the future looks rosy for the elitists, doesn't it? In fact, I think we are seeing some of the results of inbreeding right now in our current government leadership.

Comment by William Patriot
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Well said, however what the elitist,have not taken in to consideration is the fact they are insane. Insane people cannot be trusted, which means they do not trust one another, which leads to chaos, who will rule at the top ? A struggle for # 1 will be fought over & over again creating an unstable elite new world DISORDER.
Always a self distructive force !