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John Stuart's life and Rights must be preserved

Freedom's Phoenix has taken interest in the Arizona v. Stuart case to insure Mr. Stuart is availed of all his Rights and receives a fair trial -- if it comes to that -- for the shooting death of Orville Beasley in January.  While we have several questions regarding the circumstances that went on that night, we want to make it clear we will be following this case and expect Mr. Stuart to receive the treatment an innocent man is supposed to be accorded.  Mr. Stuart has yet to be convicted of anything.  Yet we hear disturbing accounts of his mistreatment at the Maricopa County detention center operated under the direct responsibility of Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Ernie received information as to credible threats earlier this morning and asked his good friend Sheriff Joe to look in on Mr. Stuart.  Mr. Stuart has since been removed to protective custody.  We would not want to see anything happen to Mr. Stuart before his trial, and will continue to monitor the situation.

I received this from Ed Vallejo earlier:

I got a call this morning that there was a rumor going around that John is going to be killed by the Mexican Mafia this afternoon because the inmate who was recently beaten to death by 'another inmate' was actually killed by a guard, and it was witnessed by many other inmates, including John.  That coupled with the fact that John has written complaints about the torture and abuse the inmates are suffering, and it makes the police look bad, so he needs to be silenced.  I am putting this information out in the hopes that it won't happen if enough people are aware of the plot (it would make them look even worse).  Maybe if some of you out there could make a few well-placed phone calls to let them know we are watching, or even to get John put into some kind of 'protective custody', that would be marvelous.

I received this a few minutes ago from John Stuart's fiancée, Cindy Cantrell.  It is the affidavit filed by John Stuart alleging threats on his life:

PDF of Affidavit  (2.7Mb)

Accompanying this was a statement that John Stuart had been moved to protective custody
We at Freedom's Phoenix applaud the Sheriff for following the process and making sure no harm comes to Mr. Stuart while in his custody.  We expect the judicial process to be completely followed ensuring justice for Mr. Stuart and the late Mr. Beasley. 
Let the evidence come forward, and the truth be seen by all.