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Had Enough? Change Your Leaders, Change Your Life

I went to high school and college in the 1970’s and in 30 short years, the America that I grew up in, bears little resemblance to the great country that I once knew and loved.

I am a disaffected American citizen who is willing to give our government one more election to begin to, once again, to fulfill their fiduciary duty to the United States citizens who elect them and pay their collective salaries to begin, once again, to serve the people. However, our elected representatives are overwhelmingly beholding to global corporate interests who seek to destroy our once great country and merge the United States with socialist Canada and the narco-terrorist state of Mexico into a political entity called the North American Union.

Everyone of our major social, political and economic woes which beset our teetering nation are traceable to the globalists’ desire to create a one-world government and economic system that they totally control. This new global system will promise to be a system devoid of constitutionally protected civil liberties and will play host to an economic system which will rival the worst that the practice of feudalism, emanating from the Middle Ages, had to offer. If you doubt the voracity of my claims, I would refer you to the book “Between Two Ages” written by globalist author Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was the coincidentally the co-founder of the Trilateral Commission and President Carter’s National Security Advisor, where he clearly laid out the globalist agenda. His 1970’s Orwellian version of our America’s future has mostly been realized.  

The creation of the North American Union, the European Union, the African Union, et al, is merely a pit stop on the way to total control of our way of life and the subsequent institution of modern day fascism through the installation of global government achieved trough regionalized, piecemeal construction. The once proud and powerful American economic and political system, once the envy of all freedom loving persons, has degenerated into a political whorehouse in which government officials are bought and paid for through a series of bribes which are both legal and illegal. The legal bribes take the form of campaign contributions which are designed to get favorable legislation passed (e.g., free trade agreements) and to block the passage of laws which would limit the power of global corporations and which would preserve the sovereignty of the United States (e.g., the failure to fund a secure border fence).

Every negative social, political and economic malady (e.g., outrageous energy costs, exorbitant health care costs, unsafe prescription medications, totally open borders in an age of nuclear and biological terrorism, the rampant drug trade, the declining value of the dollar, free trade agreements, etc) which besets our country has its roots in the corporate mentality which seeks to control everything.

We have been sold out by the very leaders that we have entrusted to serve us. From the President to the newest elected member of Congress, American interests, American needs and American values are repeatedly ignored in favor of the global corporate agenda.

Despite Obama’s and McCain’s promises of change, the 2008 Presidential election will bring us of more the same in the way of the fulfillment of the global corporate agenda. It does not matter who will win the election. McCain promises more war which benefits the likes of Halliburton and Martin Lockheed, while Obama has pledged the “donatation” of nearly a trillion dollars of United States taxpayer money to the United Nations in order to eradicate world hunber. To hell with the American poor, correct Mr. Obama?

In the near term, American citizen interests will never be served by the office of the President. After all, the 2008 Presidential election will take an estimated 1 billion dollars to capture the highest elected office in the nation. Are we naïve enough to believe that the lion’s share of this campaign blood money is actually coming from Mr. and Mrs. America? Of course it is not and it would be foolish to think that politicians that take hefty campaign contributions from the likes of Eli Lilly, Chase Manhattan Bank, Exxon Mobile, Haliburton and KBR don’t come with a price tag. There is one axiom that you count on; the longer that a politician is in office, the more they are owned by the global corporate interests.

In the next several installments of “Change Your Leaders, Change Your Life,” I hope you will come to the same conclusion that I have come to: We cannot afford to return one incumbent back to the Senate or the House of Representatives. The American people may have lost control of its own presidency; however, we can regain control over the Congress. IF the American people can regain control over the Congress, by unelecting the scoundrels who have betrayed us, we can effectively block the globalist agenda.

America is slowly awakening from its deep slumber of ignorance and, as soon as the sleep disappears from America's collective eyes, the masses are going to demand real change. Unfortunately, change, in the form that Americans will demand, will be out of reach unless we can become re-committed to the process of good government by controlling both houses of government. Unashamedly, I predict that if the American people cannot regain control of the legislative branch by voting out every incumbent, we will soon be reaching for the pitchforks in the beginning stages of civil unrest which will ultimately culminate in a full scale revolution.

It is my sincere hope that as you, the reader, digest the next several installments of “Change Your Leaders, Change Your Life,” that you will join the efforts of like-minded Americans in replacing every member of the United States Congress in effort to restore constitutional democracy and subsequently provide the political CPR that our country so desperately needs.

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Comment by Jim Lorenz (14422)
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Mr. Hodges; As a writer you should know how to avoid sweeping and all inclusive generalizations, which one exception can invalidate.
There are a few, very few to be sure, but there are some patriots in Congress, such as Ron Paul & his few congressional friends.
Such notable exceptions should be lauded, not ignored; they could be used to illustrate their principles vs. the majority views of the House & the Senate.
It is good that the incumbent Dr. Paul was returned to his House seat. So defeating most incumbents is better than defeating all incumbents? True or false?