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Israel is Right

After Israeli cities were pummeled with rockets fired by Hamas in the Gaza Strip despite a six month cease-fire, Israel retaliated with air strikes and artillery fire and has now followed up with a full scale invasion of the region.
The Israelis have shown remarkable restraint and concern for civilians, including Palestinian civilians, during periods of armed conflict.
For example, the Associated Press reported on December 27th that, despite the risk of militants being informed, thousands of Gazans recieved pre-recorded cell phone messages in Arabic from the Israeli military prior to their air strikes urging them to leave their homes since they might be near militant weapons caches.
The Israeli military also gave similar warnings to Southern Lebanese villagers prior to the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 2006 as well.
The Palestinians have done very little with Gaza since the region was turned over to them and Gaza has literally been turned into a terrorist base.
Not only have Palestinian militants been armed with sophisticated weapons which Hamas uses constantly against Israel, such as firing its rockets and mortars against Israeli cities, but also they have been training terrorists and built tunnels which militants use to kidnap Israeli soldiers and smuggle weapons.
Hamas purposely positions weapons caches near civilian targets hoping such defacto human shields will prevent their positions from being destroyed by Israeli precision fire weapons.
However, despite their best efforts at warning the populace and when Palestinian civilians are killed or wounded as a result of Israeli retaliation, the world turns against Israel.
The fundamental difference between Hamas and Israel lies in the Israelis' general respect for man's life and radical Islamists of Hamas virtual worship of death - a difference that Hamas leaders loudly proclaim.
It is obvious in Hamas's leader's perverse minds, the only good Jew is a dead Jew. Even at the cost of Palestinian civilian's lives to accomplish this goal with the end result hopefully being the destruction of the Israel itself and the extermination of its Jewish population.
It is clear that Hamas is purposely targeting not only the civilians of their neighbor, but the Gazan civilian population as well; and Israel is doing their best to protect the lives of the innocent on both sides while combatting the enemy, in this case Hamas.
I abhor the manner in which Israel receives much of its aid from the United States government and all taxpayer financed aid to foreign countries, like Israel and Egypt, and entities, like Fatah, should be ended.
However, the Israeli response to Hamas's rocket attacks against its population is being done for purely defensive purposes. Israel is doing what a free nation's government should do when its citizens' lives are threatened with force: respond with force.
Despite a cease fire agreed to by both parties during June of last year, Hamas still continued to bomb Israeli cities with rockets and mortars.
With this action, hopefully, Israel will be able to de-fang or deal Hamas a serious blow from which it can never recover. I am sure that Hamas's rival, Fatah, will not be any better if it were to regain power since, despite the group's renunciation of terrorism, Fatah is still made up of militant groups, like Black September, that have been a part of it since its founding and it has been the recipient of U.S. military assistance which it can use to attack Israel too.
Israel is in the right and preserving peace in the region is clearly the goal of the Israeli's actions. Whether they can pull it off is another matter but it is my hope they can since no nation should have to endure constant barrages of missle fire or terrorist activities against its people.

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Comment by Mike Renzulli
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I didn't answer your points because you are coming across like an obnoxious jerk like you are now.

Your line of thinking in your posts leads me to believe you are like-minded with Immanuel Kant.

You seem to think facts are subjective, no one can know reality and that there is a conspiracy to keep the populace stupid on the part of these planners in the shadows working in conjuction to keep us all poor and stupid.

I pointed you to Ayan Hirsi Ali's book "Infidel" because it is based on her experience. She escaped an arranged marriage, was brought up in a strict Islamic household and is no in hiding for fear of her life for wanting the government of Holland to investigate cases of abuse against women on the part of their husband who are in Islamic households.

I am not "foxed in my head" you need to think outside the box.

Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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Mike you completely avoided all my points.

You just instructed me to go look at some New York Times article like they are the truth tellers. Or telling me to read some book because it has to be truth because it's a best seller. Talk about indocrinating people.

Isn't that why the people are here on FreedomsPhoenix instead of the New York Times because all we read are lies on publications like the NYT?

You are Foxed in your head man. Turn the TV OFF.

Comment by Mike Renzulli
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Any questions you may have about my opinion about aid to Israel or any group are spelled out in my opinion piece.

Comment by Mike Renzulli
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No what I am saying is that Hamas is the one indoctrinating Palestinians in the region to be soldiers in their Jihad against Israel and the west. I am sure there are many, if given the opportunity, would leave of their own accord.

However, if the history of authoritarian movements, like Hamas, is any example many who want to leave would be hindered or would kill those who would want to.

Simultaneously, religion is a central part of the Gaza Palestinian's culture and if the mullahs and government officials are assuring the populace that they will go to Nirvana if they die for the cause of Allah which is to kill the infidels, in this case Israelis, Jews, Americans, etc. they will have very little incentive to leave.

I would suggest you and others not only read the NY Times article I linked to above and Ayan Hirsi Ali's book "Infidel" but also Bruce Bawer's book "While Europe Slept".

Bawer gives a very insightful look into the enclaves of Islamic militants who migrate to European countries and then committ acts of violence and death against non-Muslims while refusing to assimilate in the country.

Ali also talks about this in her book, but Bawer's work is very comprehensive on this subject.

What we are dealing with is another form of Jihad and, while U.S. foreign policy is a factor in many muslim's radicalization, we cannot ignore the overall evidence of the love of death and destruction representative of Islamic militants and countries, like Israel, or non-Muslims being attacked or killed should defend themselves.

Comment by Allan Hampton
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Do support the U.S. Congress funding and arming Israel for 60 years?


Comment by Rocky Frisco
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More biased bullshit. Both sides are behaving execrably, but Israel has all the real power. Nobody is innocent there.

Comment by Mike Renzulli
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Obviously my commentary must have been worth your time or you wouldn't have taken the time to leave, albeit obnoxious, comments about it.

Either Israel has a right to defend itself or it doesn't. The control of aid into Gaza by Israel is the result of continuous terrorist attacks eminanting from Gaza.

The Israelis did shut down Gaza's border but did allow humanitarian aid into the region. However, if you read up on this you would know that Amnesty International reports that aid workers dare not go into Gaza for fear of harrassment or harm of some kind. Potentially even death.

Furthermore, you should also read the Hew York Times article I point to (link below) where you will clearly see that Hamas is seeing to it that armies of people, including children, will be used for self-sacrificial fodder for their war against Israel.

The head honchos of Hamas are telling their population that they must sacrifice themselves in order to destroy Israel and I am sure many are taking it to the point where they are remaining to face death or harm in hopes the western press will report the images and then the world will turn against Israel.

This culture of death among Muslims in the region isn't just limited to Gaza it is also being practiced in many parts of the middle east, like Somalia. Read Ayan Hirsi Ali's book "Infidel". She saw this first hand and wrote a book about it that is a best seller.

It is Hamas and other radical Islamists, not Israel, that are using their civilians by indoctrinating them in the morality of self sacrifice in hopes of undermining Israel and slaughtering the Jews and other non-Muslims, like Christians.

Do the research. You will see that I am right.


Comment by Tom Westbrook
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I'm not following your logic. So it was Hamas' responsibility to get all of the civilians out of the way before Israel dropped bombs on them? It's one thing to say that it's okay to kill Palestinian civilians if it means protecting the security of Israeli citizens and call it collateral damage, but Israel still has to accept the responsibility for their own actions.

This is like the man who beats his wife blaming the beating on her for aggravating him.

Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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Objectively Speaking are you on drugs?

Sophisticated rockets? LOL You mean those rockets they "LET" Hamas have. Yes I said "LET" them have. Isreal has control over everything that enters gaza they know where the rockets are coming from. In as much those rockets are no more than fire crackers in the grand scheme of things. It would not suprise me if the Isreali government was the ones funding those rockets to Hamas. What better way for you as a government to stay in power than to have "Hamas" launch those fire crackers over and scare the Isrealis citezens.

Next you say Isreal warned the Palestinians to leave before they dropped 2000 pound bombs on their heads. Ohhh how noble of them. You may have overlooked the palestinians live in a police state! Where the hell are they going to go? They have a desert one way and the ocean the other way. They have No food or water because that is controlled by Isreal.

Basically Isreal treats the Palestinians like rats in a cage. They constantly beat the rat then get pissed when the rat tries to bite them. Just like the Palestinians throwing rocks at the isreali tanks the rat has no teeth and could not possibly hurt Isreal.

The Isreali government is behind ALLLLLL of this. This is how the justify staying in power!

I could go on and on about this article but it is not worth my time.

Comment by Mike Renzulli
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It is Hamas, not Israel, that is murdering Palestinians and Gazans and it is Hamas, not Israel, you should be directing your anger and condemnations towards.

If you read my essay, you will see that I cite 2 prior occasions, out of many, where the IDF sent warnings to people to leave their homes since they might be near locations where Hamas weapons caches or terrorist suspects are located.

Hamas, not Israel, is using civilians as human shields to protect its weapons and even its officials from Israeli precision-fire weapons.

I am not saying that Israel's human rights record is stellar nor that the country is beyond criticism. But, like I said in my essay, Israel is doing what a free nation's government should do when its citizens' lives are threatened with force: respond with force.

Comment by Allan Hampton
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Whether Israel is right in murdering Palestinians may be debatable but Congress funding and arming Israel for 60 years is without doubt criminal, unconstitutional. Therefore a crime committed by Congress against every American and the world.