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The True Face of Israel's Enemy

Many of you know I have handed down numerous criticisms of religion and it is abundantly clear that Islam is not a religion of peace anymore than Christianity or Judaism.
All religions have in them a philosophical basis which their followers could use to rationalize conducting acts of terror. Short of Islam, not all religions have supporting principles and customs that make terror very likely.
But criticism aside, one cannot overlook the abundant evidence of the militant and evil brand of Islam many Muslims subscribe to that countries that have sizeable amount of immigrants who adhere to radical strains of Islam, like Israel and in Europe, have to deal with.
Despite their victory against Arab countries in 1948 who went to war against the Jews in the region after the collapse of the U.N. Partition Plan, Israel is still not highly looked upon by Muslim countries and is constantly attacked by militant Islamist organizations, like Hamas and Hezbollah, in and around the region.
I think its time to clear the air about the true nature and intent of the enemy Israel is combatting and how it and the people who follow militant forms of Islam are a threat to the freedoms we in the West all enjoy.
The best sources in print I have found that describe in detail the mentality of Islamic militants is best described in two books: Ayaan Hirsi Ali's Infidel and Peter Bawer's While Europe Slept. Both books are based on each author's first hand experiences with people who follow radical strains of Islam.
Bawer as a gay man living with his partner in Europe experienced the atrocities many Muslim militants would committ toward non-Muslims.
Ayaan Hirsi Ali as a victim of genital mutulation as a child while being brought up in a strict Muslim household who escaped an arranged marriage, and is now in hiding for fear of her life for speaking out against and urging the government of Holland to investigate cases of abuse against women on the part of their husbands who are in Islamic households.
The New York Times recently reported how Hamas is using the platform of power they have been given in Gaza to indoctrinate people, especially children, in propaganda specifically geared to convince people of the evilness of Israel and the Jews.
The article points out:
Another children’s program, “Tomorrow’s Pioneers,” has become infamous for its puppet characters — a kind of Mickey Mouse, a bee and a rabbit — who speak, like Assud the rabbit, of conquering the Jews to the young hostess, Saraa Barhoum, 11. “We will liberate Al Aksa mosque from the Zionists’ filth,” Assud said recently. “We will liberate Jaffa and Acre,” cities now in Israel proper. “We will liberate the whole homeland.”
The mouse, Farfour, was murdered by an Israeli interrogator and replaced by Nahoul, the bee, who died “a martyr’s death” from lack of health care because of Gaza’s closed borders. He has been supplanted by Assud, the rabbit, who vows “to get rid of the Jews, God willing, and I will eat them up, God willing.”
When Assud first made his appearance, he said to Saraa: “We are all martyrdom-seekers, are we not, Saraa?” She responded: “Of course we are. We are all ready to sacrifice ourselves for the sake of our homeland. We will sacrifice our souls and everything we own for the homeland.
The deaths of hundreds of people since Israel's Gaza operation began is highly regretable. However, if Hamas hadn't been firing their rockets from residential areas into Israeli cities, the invasion and death toll would not have even happened.
But Hamas has placed the missle sites and located its officers in civilian areas deliberately, so they can portray any Israeli response in a negative light. It is clear many Gazans are taking Hamas's atruistic, self-sacrificial teachings to the point where they are remaining in Gaza by choice to face death or harm in hopes that the western press will report it resulting in bad publicity and then the world will turn against Israel resulting in underming the country's credibility in the court of public opinion.
Hamas is also denying medical care to its own people as well. Recently, BBC reported on December 28th that, to even Egypt's surprise, the group is not even allowing ambulances in to Gaza to treat the injured.
I am sure there are many Gazans, if given the opportunity, would leave of their own accord. But if the history of authoritarian movements, like Hamas, is any indication those who would want to leave would be forcibly prevented from doing so or killed.
In Israel's case, what the country is dealing with is another form of Jihad and, while I still think that U.S. government foreign policy is a major factor in many Muslim's radicalization and it needs to stay out of the Middle East's affairs, it would be wrong to ignore the overall evidence of the love of death and destruction representative of Islamic militants.
It would be fundamentally naive to think that Israel should not be able to respond militarily or defend itself since the demise of the State of Israel and extermination of the Jews is the true intent of Hamas and like-minded groups and countries.
By endorsing Israel's campaign in Gaza or its existence as a sovreign nation does not mean that I will support it without question. However, what Israel's retaliation is all about is this: Either Israel has a right to defend itself or it doesn't.
I am saying she does.
With the Gaza campaign Israel can establish a policy it should have insisted upon three years ago: no rockets, no mortar fire, no more kidnappings, and no acts of war. If this fighting ends with anything less than that, Israel will have lost yet another war and public-relations campaign.
I hope she prevails in both categories and still retains the spine to do so.

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Comment by Mike Renzulli
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The 1st and only ethnic cleansing of "Palestine" occurred in Hebron, against native Jews in August of 1929 and resulted in the deaths of hundreds, if not thousands, of Jews, including the expulsion of hundreds from their homes and neighborhoods.

People, like Ilan Pappe and (possibly Stephen Lendman), will not even admit that Arab leaders started the war in 1948 in which they called for the destruction of Israel, and even sent out warnings over the radio and in print media announcing their intention to do this.

No scholar, like Pappe, ever ask the question of why 160,000 Arabs were allowed to "stay" in Israel after the war of 1948.

As to the Gazans and Palestinians being "slaughtered", as I have argued, many (not all) are obviously doing it willingly in order to help undermine Israel's reputation in the court of public opinion.

Comment by Harvie Branscomb
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"Many of the groups have the direct or indirect backing of Arab states, such as Iran. "

Has Iran somehow become an Arab state?

Mike, maybe you mixed Muslim with Arab. That is a blooper if you want your advice to sound credible on the Middle East...

I have read Ayaan Hirsi Ali's book and actually spoken to her. But I have also read another book which it seems you, Mike, might not have read yet: The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine by Israeli historian Ilan Pappe. You might find a picture of the "true face of Israel's enemy" in that history, It might surprise you like Ali's book surprised me.

To be overly fair, it was embarrassingly less clear in the mid-late 1940s whom the terrorists were in the Middle East and which side fought the good fight and which failed to do so. While really not that much changed on the ground since then, the story heard most often in the USA seems to have become unrealistically clarified, you could almost say laundered, thanks to some truly excellent PR from the one side of this conflict which really does it's media well. The nukes and the huge stockpiles of American conventional armaments and a really friendly US Congress help make that voice louder too.

Objectively speaking, it might be good to hear more from those with the more pathetic voices, the ones with the rocks and home crafted rockets and not only when we know they are being slaughtered by billions of dollars of American weapons. Even the distinction between "civilians" and "militants" is embarrassing. If they were Americans, we would call them "freedom fighters" and "resistance".

4409 pathetic? 4409 is probably wrong about the intentions of the Israeli Government but that does not help bolster Mike Renzulli's objectivity.

Perhaps I can look forward to being called pathetic too. Speak truth to power.

Find the Real News here:

Comment by Mike Renzulli
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Oh I have read Ron Paul's speech and he can be wrong too.

Its obvious either Paul does now know about nor does he realize the kind of show Gazans put on in order to satisfy the needs of Hamas and the mullahs who guarantee them a place in Nirvana for doing the will of Allah in their war against the infidels.

I think it is the other way around in terms of who "gets it" when it comes to Gaza and the Israeli invasion.

Your accusation that Israel funds both sides to their advantage is not only dumb it is also telling about the low IQ you have.

If you wish to remain a dupe while buying into the altruistic propaganda and anti-Jew filth spewed by groups, like Hamas, then by all means do so.

You need to take off the blinder because its obvious when faced with facts, you only want to stick to your comfort zone and sacrifice you time, effort and, possibly, your life for people who, deep down inside, could care less about your existence.

You are pathetic.

Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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You just don't seem to get it. The Israeli government could care less about the Jewish people. They are funding ALL of it both sides and it is 2 there advantage 2 do so.

Turn your TV off because the brain washing you've had is down right amazing!

Please listen to Ron Paul's speech on the Gaza concentration camp!