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Our New Dictator

According to the United States Constitution, “all legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States.”  The President, on the other hand, is vested with executive power, meaning that his office is supposed to enforce, not write, laws.  Ah, the separation of powers; what a quaint concept. The Left excoriated former president George W. Bush for writing laws via executive orders.  Where are those voices now that President Obama is issuing executive orders with alacrity?

The New Dictator Signs an Edict

In a ceremony Monday, Obama signed memoranda to further his environmental agenda.  With no debate in Congress or in the public, Obama issues the new law of the land.  It reminds one of Paul Begala’s statement, “stoke of the pen.  Law of the Land.  Kinda cool.”

Let's face it.  Instead of the weak figure that the Founder's envisioned, the President of the United States is now a dictator with very few limitations on his power.
Unfortunately, the lessons of consolidated power seem lost on the Left.  Politicians build on their predecessors’ expansions of power.  Libertarians often remind the Right and the Left as they cheerlead their champions’ aggrandisements that it is only a matter of time before your political enemies gain control of the levers.  Yeah, it’s “kinda cool” when it was Clinton running roughshod over the Constitution, but liberals howled when W. did the same thing.
With Obama in the White House, the Left is at it again.
For example, leftist author and trenchant Bush critic Naomi Wolf  positively swooned at Obama’s inauguration speech:
The second [thing Obama did well] was that he reasserted the primacy of the constitution and the rule of law. With Bush sitting behind him, that was like showtime at the OK Corral. I have written in the past that it is going to take a grassroots movement to support him in reasserting the rule of law, because there are so many vested interests that stand opposed to it. But that was a shot across the bows.
It’s funny, but the Constitution makes no provision for “redistribution of wealth” (in fact, it is quite clear that the Founders believed that the government was established to protect property, and not to engage in legal plunder) and specifically prohibits government intervention in private contracts—both of which are centerpieces of Obama’s “recovery” plan.
Obama, just like Bush, will spew platitudes about Constitution when it suits his purpose, but will creatively circumvent the Constitution when it does not.  The result will be a more powerful government and less individual liberty.

The fact that the Left objected to the Bush administration’s abuses of civil liberties isn’t evidence of a libertarian awakening among leftist elites.  Now that the Left is back in power, we can expect them to further their agenda at the expense of our liberties.  The Left has no concept of the inter-related nature of personal liberty, property rights, and economic freedom (to be fair, neither does the Right).  Without private property, there is no personal liberty.  How can you expect to mold your life when you are prohibited from using the tools—private property—which make that possible?  What is economic freedom than simply the ability to dispose of your property in the manner you wish?

No, the Left is giddy because it’s now their turn to use the hammer that is government to shape the world as they wish.  It doesn’t matter that Obama’s edicts on the environment will lead to further regulation just at the time when the free market’s ability to produce wealth is so sorely needed.  What matters is that the Left is back in charge.

Meanwhile we can expect the Right to start sounding more like libertarians now that they are out of power.  Don’t be fooled, the Left and Right only care about individual liberty when it suits their purpose.  They don’t care that the machine steamrolls over us; only that they are the ones at the wheel.


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To the Obama supporters " I'll keep my freedoms, my guns and my money, you keep the change"