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Have It Your Way

Some economists are advocating that the best way out of our current economic dilemma is going to happen from the bottom-up instead of the top-down. Part of this approach is predicated on the notion that we should purposely buy local and fail to patronize the large multinational corporations. Some corporations, such as McDonald’s make this an easier and preferable alternative.


As of today, I have embarked on a new crusade in which I have entitled  “have it your way” and I will subsequently, in a manner similar to several of the beef growers, begin to boycott all McDonald’s restaurants until such time as their political and economic policies are more reflective of the population that has built them into one of the wealthiest corporations on the face of the planet. .


McDonald’s has falsely claimed that there is not enough quality beef in the United States to adequately supply the dining needs of its customers. However, as any of the American beef growers in this country will tell you that nothing could be further from the truth.

I know that some people will believe that American regulators will enforce American standards upon the South American cattle exporters. That may have been the case two decades ago. Unfortunately, American regulators will have their enforcement hands tied due to the free trade agreements in which the United States is a signatory.    

McDonald’s is on the long list of junk food stores because the vast majority of their menu is high in calories, fat intake and low on nutritional value. Now that more dangerous beef is being added to the menu, I would strongly suggest that health conscious Americans seek an alternative and safer dining establishment in which to patronize with their declining dollars.

Americans have built McDonald’s into the behemoth that it is today and we are being rewarded with dangerous menu alternatives all in the name furthering the bottom line.

For the betterment of my health and my waistline, I am adopting a McDonald’s free diet. As I watch with glee as I anecdotally observe the decreased number of cars waiting in the McDonald's drive thru, please know that …. Ba da da da da…. “I am loving it!”