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NAIS - What It Is, and How to Opt Out

For those of us who own livestock and depend on them for food and transportation, or who will be depending on them for food and transportation if/when the world’s economic system leaves us in the dust, here is a link that shows how to opt-out of the NAIS livestock identification system:  LINK

If you are not all that familiar with NAIS, then read the following exerpt from “The Lunatic National Animal Identification System,” then go to the site and read the whole article:

Advanced under the benign guise of protecting public health from outbreaks of animal-borne diseases, this program is intended to tag and track every farm animal in America from birth to death.

It is, to say the least, intrusive. NAIS would compel all owners of such animals to register their premises and personal information in a federal database, to buy microchip devices and attach them to every single one of their animals (each of which gets its very own 15-digit federal ID number), to log and report each and every “event” in the life of each animal, to pay fees for the privilege of having their location and animals registered, and to sit still for fines of up to $1,000 a day for any noncompliance.

The Lunatic National Animal Identification System