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Got Seeds?

In my never-ending quest to put the Monsantos of this world up to public scrutiny for the barbaric way they treat people and the planet, I ran across an article by Linn Cohen-Cole titled "The Multiple Ways Monsanto is Putting Normal Seeds Out of Reach." 
Do you want to know if the people in your state are victims of Monsanto Seed Laws, or how it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain clean seeds because the Monsanto Gestapo is working on outlawing seed cleaning companies, or how Monsanto et al is forcing GMO products on people without their knowledge?
GMO is harmful to life, and Monsanto knows it but doesn't give a rat's hind end what happens to you or your kids as long as they can strongarm the public to submit to their highly profitable monopoly on life.
There is just too much stuff, and not enough time to do it for one person. Linn is right on track with her assessment of the situation, and I highly recommend reading her articles, starting with this one.
Read the article HERE.