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A Taboo that will Kill America’s Future!

Every week, I carry my recycling to the curb in Westminster, Colorado.  At the same time, I look out over the city bristling with light rail, RTD, bicycles and everyone pretending to move with ‘green’ actions.  Denver’s good citizens recycle and care about our environment just like me!  Wrong! Only 30 percent of Coloradans recycle.  Peter Coors made sure of that by his  successful efforts to kill our bottle, can and plastic recycling laws, not once, but twice!


But no matter how much progress we make on ‘green’ anything with media hype, our out-of-control population growth wipes out any gains by the most compelling recycling and conservation programs—in the nation and across the planet.  America grows by 3.1 million annually.  It expects to add 100 million in 35 years as that growth explodes exponentially.

Therefore, plans fall behind the harsh reality of population growth, car growth, housing growth and habitat destruction.  Have we solved our ‘carbon footprint’ impact or our ‘ecological footprint’ magnification?  NOT!


As Jack Hart said in Portland, Oregon said, “Every day we dump more planet-threatening gas into the atmosphere. Why? Because at the same time Portland's metro-area population has grown by 42 percent! We cancel out every reduction in CO2 emissions with a gain in CO2 emitters.  Projections say the metro population will grow by another million by 2030 -- even double to 3.85 million by 2060. Do you really think anything we can do will meet the goal of actually reducing total CO2 emissions?”


Guess what folks!  Denver follows right down the path of self-destruction!

Hart continued, “A strange taboo keeps us from talking about the actual cause of global warming and a deadly smorgasbord of other environmental problems. In this supposedly plain-talking era, a former presidential candidate will tell us how Viagra cured his ED, but hardly anybody will talk about what's trashing the Earth. Erectile dysfunction's a bummer. But the fate of our planet is a little more worrisome.

”The taboo afflicts most media, including this newspaper. The Oregonian's Earth Day editorial urged support for politicians who back energy-efficient buildings, wind power, public transportation and so on. Everything but population stabilization!

”When it comes to global warming, we're ignoring one simple truth: The Earth doesn't care about per-capita greenhouse-gas production. It's the total amount of CO2 in the air that matters.”


Back to Colorado!  We spend another $121 million on the Gross Reservoir expansion.  We add another $421 million to dam the Cashe Poudre River!  Therefore, we add another million people to Colorado in ten years!  More impact, more growth, more disaster facing future generations.

Fellow Coloradans, this problem runs planet-wide.  The USA expects an added 100 million in 30 years—driven by legal and illegal immigration.  The planet grows by one billion people every 13 years—but no one wants to talk about that—least of all the Catholic Church or Islam or any of them! 

As Hart said, “We fixate on global warming, while our rampaging population mows down the rest of the planet's inhabitants behind our backs. When Oregon's offshore salmon stocks collapsed this spring, the blame fell on the Sacramento Delta, where many of the fish originate. A former oceanography professor who works in the area said, "If you want to blame something, it's the increasing population of California."

Fellow citizens, Jack Hart gets it!  When are you going to ‘get it’?

Hart continued, “Population drives immigration, too. Consider Mexico, which quadrupled in population between 1933 and 1980. The only way it could avoid collapse was by flooding the United States with the excess. Projections call for countries such as El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua to double their populations every 20 years, and many of those people will inevitably find their way to the United States. Ninety-one percent of our population growth over the next 40 years will come from post-2000 immigrants and their descendants.”

The non-Anglo nature of that immigration may explain why some Americans think it's racist to mention it. But a sane discussion of immigration's impact on the environment has nothing to do with race. The quality of American life will be forever damaged by the arrival of 100 million immigrants, whether they're Mexican or English or French.

Again, let’s quit pretending that technology will save our civilization.  It won’t!

Hart continued, “If you want to help, don't waste your time on inconsequential environmental work that treats the symptoms while ignoring the disease. A carpooling project saved -- according to its own chest-thumping claims -- 3,000 tons of CO2 over five years. That's pathetic -- we could have accomplished the same thing by slowing metro-area population growth by 30 people a year.”

Five ways to help the planet

1. Eliminate the taboo that keeps us from talking about the root cause of our environmental -- and many other -- problems. Concern about overpopulation is not racist, communist, sexist or biased against the Third World. We all have a stake in this.

2. Quit mistaking per-capita pollution numbers as a sign of progress. Let's track the totals, of carbon dioxide and every other human pollutant.

3. Reward politicians who support population control with your votes. Eliminate tax breaks for more than two children. Focus foreign aid on population-control programs. Campaign for a new worldwide ethic in favor of small families.

4. Keep your own family small. World population will eventually level off only if we hold average births per woman to 2.06. We'll reduce the world population to a sustainable size only if women average no more than 1.7 children.

5. Stop treating growth as not only inevitable, but also positive. Despite recent reports, a slowdown in metro-area housing starts is not bad news.

-- Jack Hart

As I write each week, more and more Americans understand that ALL our problems stem from overpopulation.  Now, more and more writers stand up with the guts to address what we face.   Since we maintain a stable population, we must stop immigrating 200,000 people into this country every 30 days. That's two Rose Bowl stadiums filled every month, then emptied into the USA, then filled again and emptied--month after month, year after year.  As I provoke the discussion, I urge you to take action on behalf of your children and future generations—both human as well as plant and animal.


Bob Woodruff of ABC asked input from all citizens concerning the future of our planet.  Go to www.earth2100.tv for a sobering reality check as to what we face and to what I have been writing about for the past 20 years.  Our ‘window’ to change to a balanced population and non-polluting energy diminishes every day we ignore the symptoms manifesting all over America and the planet.

To take action: www.numbersusa.com