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Religion and Government - The Two Dirty Hands of the Body of Control

Religion and Government - The Two Dirty Hands of the Body of Control


I am writing this opinion piece in response to critical comments and a private email I received from a Freedom’s Phoenix member regarding my post citing the Church of Satan website.  Personally, I find the site to be ridiculously hilarious in a Monty Python-esque sort of way.  Nevertheless, I would like to ask; is a Satanist’s point of view any less valid than anyone else’s?  Has my rebuker ever read the Satanic Bible?  I have, and Anton LaVey, as weird and kooky as he was, modeled it after Ayn Rand’s seminal tome Atlas Shrugged more than anything else.  The essence of the message found within the pages of the Satanic Bible is “if it feels good, and you are willing to accept the consequences of your actions, then do it.”  The Satanic Bible is far more anti-religion than it is Anti-God.  In fact, LaVeyan Satanism is an atheistic religion in the sense that followers believe that humans are Gods unto themselves, owing allegiance to no one.   

If the truth be told, and truthfully it’s nobody’s business, I see the spiritual side of life much as Thomas Jefferson did.  I’m a Deist who believes in one Creator, and I choose not to suppose much of what God’s intentions are, including the concepts of heaven and hell.  To me, life is a journey, the essence of which is the figuring out of why we’re here; that is the true mystery. 

We are born with freedom of choice, which is also what Freedom’s Phoenix is all about.  In no way, shape, or form would I ever tell someone what to post or what not to post, and any inference of what my intentions were or are originate from the recesses and pre-conceived notions of that person's own mind, not mine.  I simply chose to exercise my right to post an alternative point of view; to act as the Devil’s Advocate (no pun intended).     

However, throughout its 2000 year history, it has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that typical Christian modi operandi has been to deride, castigate, and in many cases murder those with differing views than their own. How soon we forget the 350 years of the Spanish Inquisition, the 200 years of the Crusades, or the aptly named 30 Years War.  How many lives have been taken in the name of Jesus?  The answer is untold millions.  Whole civilizations, like the Aztecs and the Mayans, have been erased from the face of the earth in Christianity’s name.    

In fact, isn’t the current war in the Middle East, while mostly being about oil, just a little bit about because they’re Muslims?  In the news it’s always Muslim Terrorists, or Muslim Jihadists.

If you really want to be a Christian, and live as Jesus did, do what Jesus did; forgive, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, judge not lest ye be judged, and love thy neighbor as thyself. In my estimation there is precious little of any of that going on. 

Similarly, when Muhammad Ali said “Ain’t no Viet Cong ever called me a nigger”, no Muslim, Jew, Rastafarian, Zoroastrian, or Pagan ever told me I was going to hell, but quite a few Christians have felt it well within their rights to do so.    

There is a reason that people are leaving the many Churches in droves, and it’s not because “This world is becoming evil.”  There have been far wickeder times in the history of Mankind, and almost all of them have occurred as a direct result of the actions of government, religion, or both.  It is because, like government, Christianianity and other “organized” religions have been preaching one thing, all the while doing the complete opposite.  Large portions of the masses have recognized this, and they are fed up with the endless parade of lies and misinformation that are used solely to gain control over one’s God-given right to self-determination.  A perfect and notable example is Pat Robertson’s recent ‘conversion’ to Obama and Socialism, because “God told me.”  It’s sickening, really. 

The advent of scientific discovery has debunked many of the myths that have been actively propagated by the Churches in order to maintain control over their followers.  That is why there is such an attack on further scientific discovery to this day. The pursuit of Science is a pursuit that, in its purest sense, searches for the true light of life and its origins, and that is why so many scientists have been labeled, and often put to death as heretics. 

Why do religious scholars rarely, if ever, speak of reason?  It is because there is a direct contradiction between the concepts of faith and reason. In fact, hope and faith are extremely destructive words, in that they serve to externalize one’s direction in life by wishing and hoping away their inherent right to determine their own course. 

In my humble opinion, hope and faith are for suckers.  For me, I choose reason.       


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Comment by Luther Hafner
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 You are going to hell! Good points

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I have felt that way since I was forced to go to "Sunday School" as a kid. So very well said Jet!

Comment by Vinny Paul
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excellent response!

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Good job, Jet.