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Pelosi in Italy - A vacation crasher

A friend of mine just returned from a vacation in Italy.  Below is an excerpt from an email of his to me, giving his experience of running into Queen Pelosi over there.  I wonder if she visited the location where Mussolini and his mistress were hanged.  I sense that Americans, including Democrats, are fed up enough to buy rope. 
We were also in Florence, which we loved.  We were about to stand in line at the Uffizi Museum, when about 8 police cars with sirens and flashing lights, surrounding a couple of minivans, pulled up to the entrance.  Coming out of the van, I see a couple of U.S. politicians I recognize come out and walk right by me (I later found out it was Ed Markey of MA and George Miller of CA).  Following them was Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut, who without a doubt is the ugliest congress-critter ever. Then standing about ten feet away from me I see Nancy Pelosi!  I start booing.  The Italian police fortunately didn't shoot me, but the looks on their faces suggested that I might want to stop.  They of course went right into the museum.  We ended up waiting in line in the cold for 90 minutes, while they were transacting their important government business inside the museum. 
When we were in Rome a few days later, our shuttle bus from our hotel into town was delayed an hour, due to the police blocking the streets because Nancy Pelosi was meeting with the Pope!  That's twice she almost ruined my vacation.  Do you have any extra pikes?
Craig J. Cantoni

The Paucity of Hope

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Thanks Mike....had to look it up.

Va Fongul ("Va Fon-gool") = GFY (and I don't mean good for you).

Short for Italian "va faire in culo" or vaffanculo.

Another alternate spelling: Bah Fongool. This one is used in the script for "The Producers."

Comment by Mike Renzulli
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I am surprised he didn't yell "Bah Fongouhl" to her.