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I am very happy to inform readers that we are finally ready to begin live-streaming my Sunday morning messages. This Sunday, March 15, at approximately 10:35am (Central Daylight Time), we will live-stream my morning address. For quite some time now, we have put edited messages on our archive page, but now we are ready to begin live-streaming these messages. People across the country have been asking when we would start live-streaming my Sunday morning messages. Well, this Sunday, we will begin doing just that.

The url to access the live stream program is:


After launching the page, simply follow the instructions, and you will be able to watch the program LIVE. Please note that the stream is designed to work best with those computers that have at least a 300 Kbps Internet connection (high speed Cable or DSL capability). Those with slower connections can still view this stream, but, perhaps, with a reduced video quality. Audio quality should still be more than adequate, however.

Another feature that I am excited about is the ability for viewers to instantly communicate with us--even as I am delivering the address. So, we very much invite you to watch and give us your feedback. Obviously, your words of encouragement and appreciation are especially welcome.

The people of Crossroad Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida are making this programming available, as they are very desirous to share my pulpit ministry with folks throughout America (and the world, for that matter).

This is a new venture for us, and I'm sure that we will have much to learn at the outset; but we are excited about the potential that live-streaming my Sunday morning messages affords.

Therefore, I invite you to watch "Chuck Baldwin, Live from Crossroad Baptist Church" this Sunday, March 15 (and each Sunday), at approximately 10:35am (Central Daylight Time). Again, the url for this broadcast is:


Thank you in advance for watching. And, as always, thanks for reading my columns.

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Yay pastor Chuck! One of my favorite Christians!

Much respect, pastor.