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Interesting Results so far on 'Time 100' Poll

Time Magazine is polling the public for it's 'Time 100' issue, and I just voted for my man Ron.  View the complete list, and vote for your favorites here:
Here is the top 10 so far (as of this morning):
646,232     Moot (?)
237,642     John Stewart (no surprise there)
181,125     Ron Paul 
134,250     Vladimir Putin
126,990     Steven Colbert
116,297     Rain (Korean Rock Star - I had to look it up)
 74,571      The View (you gotta be kidding me! LOL)
 74,271      Shigeru Miyamoto (Nintendo Video Game Designer)
 60,383      Barack Obama
 55,319      Robert Mugabe
Thrown in for perspective:
 50,844     Dalai Lama
 25,248     George Bush
 16,724     Pope Benedict XVI
What the hell is 'Moot' is what you may be asking at this point?  I asked the same thing, and found to my surprise that he is the founder of a neat little website called '4chan' - "a bare-bones, id-liberating and reliably profane image board whose Droogish users have hatched everything from Rickrolling to LOLcats" according to Time. 
Find it here

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