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Congress Should Quit.

Everyone is calling for the bonus recipients at AIG to have their heads on a stick.  Sure, these folks received stolen property.  But they aren't the thieves.  The thieves are in Congress and the White House.
Congress should quit.  I mean that literally.  Every congressperson who voted "yea" on any of the bailouts going back to the Bush administration should resign immediately.  In addition, they should return their salaries for their tenure in office and withdraw from the congressional pension fund (which, by the way, is two to three times as generous as prive pension funds).
These folks just don't seem to get it.  They take an oath to support and defend the Constitution.  Archaic, I know, but true none the less.  Yet they violate this oath every time we turn around.  First, they tax some (us) so they can subsidize others (AIG, et. al.).  Then when the public discovers that they've been had, they write ex post facto laws and bills of attainder, both of which the Constitution specifically prohibits.
Oh, and don't forget that the folks in the executive branch, either.  Treasury Secretary Geitner designed the AIG bailout.  He should be gone as well.  Meanwhile, George W. Bush is pocketing $125,000 per speech.  Maybe he should consider giving up his $160,000 pension plus travel perks as well as the $1.6 million he received while he was president.  And President Obama urged Congress not to delay passing the TARP program when he was a senator.  See ya.  Bye.
Now you might argue that that wouldn't leave many folks to in Washington, DC to run our lives.  The way things are going, I see that as nothing but a positive.

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Comment by William Klepzig
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What has been forgotten are the American people. I agree that the two party system is a failure. I agree that the education of the brains in wall street and Washington leaves something to be desired, no a lot to be desired. However, the blame will not change the future. Although tar and feathering a few would make me feel good.
I suggest that WE THE People go on a War Footing. Instead of billions being bought from China, each person who recieves a paycheck in any form has to buy American Savings bonds at a rate equal to 3% of their gross amount. The bonds will be set to mature in ten years. Now, instead of China getting billions of interest, Americans will. Now to refinance the government it will come from Americans. Scarry, we may not need the world to protect what is ours.
I also have a few radical ideas for the banks, home loans and interest that would/will make more real changes then the Oman's ideas. But that would only be right as I recieved an education at a State instution not a University that teaches stealing and double book keeping!